Nichijou – 02

Nichijou - 02

Just what is Keima doing in Nichijou?

Note: If the subs aren’t displaying, press “S” in your player.

Holo edit: v2 patch coming up to fix certain :issues: in this script. Also, to ensure this fiasco does not repeat itself, we delay release for 12-18 hours as of next week. Nichijou is tough and more time needs to be spent to make sure that the release is done to the best of our ability. Thanks for your continued support.

[Doki] Nichijou – 02v2 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [C253763C].mkv PATCH

[Doki] Nichijou – 02v2 (848×480 h264 AAC) [CF280D2B].mkv PATCH

  1. Unrar the patch.
  2. Place v1 into the folder.
  3. Double click on “Apply Patch.bat”.
  4. ???
  5. Profit

HD (h264): [Doki] Nichijou – 02 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [834A96B6].mkv

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SD (h264): [Doki] Nichijou – 02 (848×480 h264 AAC) [FB2F94FB].mkv

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83 comments to Nichijou – 02

  • kurohane

    what about patch for *NIX system users (MacOS, Linux, etc)?
    can we get shell script patch too?

    • Zdm321

      For *nix systems, all you need to do is install xdelta from your repos, place the v1 and the patch.xdelta in the same directory, open a console in that directory, and type: xdelta -d patch.xdelta
      If your system doesn’t recognize “xdelta”, try using the “xdelta3” command instead. (And I’m assuming something similar can be done for OSX systems.)

      • Jukey

        On OS X you need to install xdelta from a repository like macports or compile it manually because I’m pretty sure there’s no pre-compiled binaries.

        with macports installed, it’s just sudo port install xdelta

    • Monkey D. Fluffy

      The script will even run under Linux if you have xdelta installed. The only awkward thing is that it will append a Carriage Return character to the file name, but so what.

  • Gaff

    Yeah! Thx for the patch v2 (^-^)

  • random

    Thank you for changing the way you’re doing this show.

    Quality > Speed


  • Gaff

    Yeah, Quality > Speed
    You will do a patch for episode 1?

  • animenyo

    Tried the 720p for windows seven.
    And doesnt work.
    Any suggestion?

  • weaver

    need help with the v2 patch
    I did as instructed i.e clicking “apply batch” after inserting v1 in the folder..
    I get a Nichijou v2 which is only 32MB?
    Video plays well until the OP..
    I just stops there…like its the end of the video
    Any help?

    • Kyogissun

      Chances are you didn’t let it patch all the wait. You need to wait for the CMD to finish until it says press any key to continue.

      Once it’s done, you should have an exact copy of either format of the vidya, same filesize and all.

  • Oddone

    I always find it humorous how, with a spotless translation, you may be lucky to get 10 comments expressing thanks. On the other hand, for any show remotely requiring a v2, 32, 3, or even 4 times as many people will comment telling you how much it sucked and that you should do better, When technically we are all benefiting from your’s, and every other fansubber’s, benevolence.
    I could write more, but I end this while it is merely a medium-sized rant.
    (on a related note, though, thanks for translating this show, and for the v2. Though my aptitude for Japanese is such that I would not have noticed any mistakes were there any)

  • Monkey D. Fluffy

    Doing thing you made the patch. The v1 script contained enough glaring mistakes to give you the second strike before dropping Doki in favor of UW-Commie. But the diff between the .ass files shows you’re on the right track.

    I hope that you will fix most of the fuck-ups of ep1 as well. The Principal’s tanka about the present could also be edited to actually convey that it’s a poem.

  • Spincast

    Thanks a lot for the release!
    This anime is funny as heck!! xD

  • Meep.

    For some reason the patch isn’t working for me. I’ve checked it over and over and the file name is correct and in the same folder as the .bat, but whenever I try to start the patch…it says that it can’t find the file needed.

    Any suggestions anyone? This isn’t my first time using a patch, so this kind of caught me by surprise. Should I just re-download the V1 and see if the patch works then?

  • shiroverse

    episode 1 patch?

  • a

    12-18 hours delay ?.. WHAAAAA

  • buff

    can some one translate what mai said during the beginning of the show while going up the stairs if there is one…

  • s0p

    I’m getting xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT for 720p. Any help would be appreciated.

    And while I’m at it, thanks for the release.

  • At 3:47 she talks about a battery (denchi) not the power. And when she says ‘warn in advance’ she means something like a battery indicator, not a warning for a power outage. Yes, I watched v2.

  • VinceNoir

    I have never had to patch anything and am having trouble with xdelta, on osx. Could someone tell me what I must enter into the CLI to make this work, I have been trying for hours and cannot figure out a valid way to do this.
    much thanks

    • Have you installed xdelta? (I hear you need to do it from macports).

      • VinceNoir

        Yes, I have xdelta, obtained through macports. The part I cannot get right is how to properly phrase the command to decompress, if that is what I should be doing.

        xdelta3.exe -d -s old_file delta_file decoded_new_file

        The examples show three filenames, as above, which file is which, and do I create the third “decoded_new_file”? I continually get a message stating invalidity.

  • CapitalistFag

    I really like this show. Apologies for the problems at my end this week. Looking forward to the next episode πŸ™‚


  • Storrm

    xdelta -d patch.xdelta
    xdelta: unrecognized command
    xdelta: usage: xdelta COMMAND [OPTIONS] [ARG1 …]
    xdelta: COMMAND is one of:
    xdelta: delta Produce a delta from ARG1 to ARG2 producing ARG3
    xdelta: info List details about delta ARG1
    xdelta: patch Apply patch ARG1 using file ARG2 producing ARG3
    xdelta: OPTIONS are:
    xdelta: -v, –version Print version information
    xdelta: -V, –verbose Print verbose error messages
    xdelta: -h, –help Print this summary
    xdelta: -n, –noverify Disable automatic MD5 verification
    xdelta: -p, –pristine Disable automatic GZIP decompression
    xdelta: -m, –maxmem=SIZE Set the buffer size limit, e.g. 640K, 16M
    xdelta: -[0-9] ZLIB compress level: 0=none, 1=fast, 6=default, 9=best
    xdelta: -s=BLOCK_SIZE Sets block size (power of 2), minimum match length
    xdelta: In-core memory requirement is (FROM_LEN * 8) / BLOCK_SIZE
    its 7am and i didn’t just get up… so what am i missing, i feel like im missing something.

  • HelpUs

    Possible pun translation correction (at 5:30):

    Sometimes, I am a bear. (kuma)
    And sometimes…
    …I’am a b-ea-r… (ku-ma) (as she push the money down her pocket)

    “kuma” (english:bear, malay:beruang)
    “ku-ma” = “ber-uang”
    “uang” in malay means money
    “ber-uang” means have money

    This is an old pun used in malay language (Indonesia, Malaysia, etc)

    Btw thanks for the sub πŸ™‚ (Heh i am soo late)

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