Japanese Earthquake

As I am sure you have heard, an earthquake measuring a record 8.9 on the Richter scale struck off the cost of North-East Japan earlier today. The resulting tsunami has devastated coastal towns.

Our thoughts go to Japan in these very difficult moments. And to help them, along with you, we invite you to donate to our fund raise on GlobalGiving that will go to International Medical Corps, Save the Children and other organizations on the ground to providing support.

Mirko Muresan, President of Kesenai Non-Governmental Organization

As we have reached our donation goal for this month, I am going to open up donations for the rest of the month, and all proceeds will go to the Red Cross. If you are from a fansub group, you should consider posting the donation link on your blog too.

Donation link:

34 comments to Japanese Earthquake

  • Dae-kun

    Really scary events. I have a few friends who were just deployed from Cali to go to Japan and assist. I hope everyone recovers swiftly.

  • CJ

    It just goes to show how scary nature can be, my thoughts are with everyone in Japan.

  • CelestIndigo

    The same for me, and all those who could not avoid the following Tsunami that spanned the Pacific Ocean, including in China, Russia, Hawaii, and places along the West Coast of North America.

  • Serenity

    Holo, thanks for posting the donation link. After catching this on the US news (CA coast tsunami warning) I started streaming global news…it’s frustrating to see the devastation in Japan and all the surfers gawking here. It was truly wrenching watching one youtube video where you hear a boy yelling “ka, ka-san”.

  • […] [17:00]EDIT: Doki Fansubs has joined this cause. […]

  • Mr Alpha Rogue

    To think that I was in Sendai myself, not so long ago… It breaks my heart to know that the many people that I have met are now dealing with this hard struggle. I wish I could be there with them to show my support.
    But because I can’t, I really appreciate the chance to do at least something. Thank you for posting the donations link.

  • Akashic

    It’s a terrible disaster. Let’s hope the aftermath can be dealt with quickly and that too many lives weren’t lost. I hope other countries send in aid. I know some European countries are/have already scrambling/scrambled.

  • Mother Nature sure is pissed in the last six months.

    Floods in most of Australia (bushfires elsewhere), blizzards in America and Canada, floods and landslides in South America, earthquakes in New Zealand, China, Indonesia and Japan…
    Yep, she’s pissed.

  • jonnie

    My friends’ Japanese friends and therefore, they are my friends too, were so worried. They couldn’t even do phone calls to their relatives there. This is a horrible event. I hope more people find a way help those who were devastated by this event.

  • Me

    Must say, this was a horrible surprise to wake up to this on the news. Those poor people, my thoughts go out to the victims, and hope no one else dies. So sad T.T

    By the way, if you have Sky TV, or Freesat in the UK, the most indepth coverage is on NHK World TV. You can get on both those providers.


    Very disheartening news when I heard about it. Thoughts and prays go out to the Japanese and those providing humanitarian aid.

  • Peebs

    I hope the little bit we can donate will help Japan through the Red Cross. My thoughts and feelings go out to them.

  • Nanakoto

    May all those in Japan be safe.

  • Kami Kara Okurimono


  • sora

    There’s a new post on Satomi Satou’s personal blog:

    I don’t know nihongo that well, so unfortunately I have no idea what’s written there. Can’t be anything happy, I’m sure.

    My condolences go to all who have lost someone in that disaster. Let’s hope there aren’t any more deaths. I’m still waiting to hear from friends over there, too.

  • Someone

    Oi, possible trouble right here:
    Go to, and read their post called ‘Re: Nastiness’. Do it ASAP, Doki. This donation pool might be a scam.

  • Rokudaime

    I sure hope no artists or voice actors that are important die… 🙁 Man, my feelings go out to you Japan. I sure hope they get all the help they need, and get through this crisis.

    • OniSamurai

      “I sure hope no artists or voice actors that are important die… :-(”

      Yeah, lets hope it was some less important commoner that died.

      Seriously, your comment is selfish and moronic.

      • Rokudaime

        What the fuck dude!? I was just saying that I hope no voice actors or artists died; That doesn’t mean I don’t hope that other people haven’t died as well, or that I think it’s ok so long as no-one I personally know of die. Did you miss the part where I said: “Man, my feelings go out to you Japan. I sure hope they get all the help they need, and get through this crisis”? I’m planning on moving to Japan in the future, and I absolutely love the country, it’s people, culture, and everything about it, and this disaster is really getting to me, you prick! And then I find you spouting out crap like that when I visit this site again…Seriously, you fucking asshole!

        • OniSamurai

          It’s more like, the FIRST thing your post said was “I hope no one important died” instead of something like “What an awful tragedy, my heart goes out to the families who have lost loved ones”, which you see in all the other posts.

          I thought it made you sound kind of like an asshole. I’m just saying.

          • Me

            O.O, what is this? Clearly Rokudaime meant no ill will towards anyone, you didn’t have a right to jump on him and flame like that, okay he flamed you too but this arguement you both are having is incredibly small minded. =/

  • Alcyone

    You people do not know that the website that suggested that this thing is a scam is actually a well known troll himself in the fansubbing community.

    You people also do not know that Kesenai NGO is an NGO in itself that is registered and they hold anime functions/activities.

    You people also do not know that Kesenai Subs is already dead, and majority of its members have migrated over to other sub groups leaving the ones behind pissed off and thus going hand in hand with said troll.

    You people also do not know that GlobalGiving and International Medical Corps has contacted Kesenai NGO and is supporting them, and now they work hand in hand.

    There are so many things that you people do not know, and yet you act like you know a whole lot because of one trolling website, and your own so called “research”.

    • IronSand-G

      ^you seem to know about them so I’ll ask you something.
      how come their slogan says “bringing japan closer to europe”?
      what does that supposed to mean?

      -I know it’s off-topic but I couldn’t help but feel that the slogan’s racist.

      • The NGO goal is to promote both Japanese cultural and diplomatic relationships in EUROPE. Whats racist for a National NGO to work on EU level?
        We do not have the resources to work on global scale. And our purpose is to build a bridge between Europe and Japan.

        • Iron Sand-G

          Thanks for giving the explanation yourself Mirko.
          the reason why I said that about the slogan is because it made me think that it meant wanting Japan to distance itself more from it’s Asian neighbors so it’ll be closer to european countries.

          Pardon me if what I said was offending.

  • zaio

    i donet 25$ it is not much but it is something i holp that thay can help with something

  • Schmidty

    I am living 120 miles from the epicenter of this earthquake (as an English teacher from the US). Luckily I am about 20 miles inland from Sendai (and by “inland” I mean “up in the friggin mountains”). My town was not damaged too badly by the quake, and we were spared any injuries or deaths. I just got internet back today, power was yesterday, and I had water from the start. Now that I am seeing the news my departure date of 3/25 is looking difficult to make, and my mom is pressuring me to come back home earlier.

    The latest update I have heard is over 5000 dead and 9000+ still missing; I have friend in the area around the reactor that the Japanese gov’t says is safe, but the US gov’t has said to get the heck out. There are still many people without power, gas, or drinkable water, and recovery will take a long time. Meanwhile, in my backwater town, life continues and school will start back up for the last 2 days of the semester before the spring break.

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