Recruiting Editors v1 (Closed)

Following the successful mass recruitment of timers last month, I am now doing the same for Editors/QCers.

QCs: Your job is to check the script for spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax. Your attention to detail should be second to none. I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect near perfection.

Editors: Your job is to take a translated script and change the awkward/literal English into smooth, natural English. The level of your English should be akin to that of a native speaker, preferrably better than my English. (English is my second language.)
Your attention to detail should also be very good.

I will give guidance, but ultimately, editing isn’t something that I can teach, unlike timing, because it is a subjective thing.

I have not decided how many people I will recruit for this. Recruitment will be open for 24-48 hours, depending on how spammed my inbox is, lol.
As an estimate, I left the timer recruitment up for 12 hours and about 20 people applied, lol.

Email me at

Applications received: Too many.

Not taking any more applications for the time being.

33 comments to Recruiting Editors v1 (Closed)

  • Stef-san

    is for QCs important to have english as native language? xD
    Coming from Germany and my english is not that bad, but not perfect as well ;P

    well… I will write a mail… πŸ˜€

    • Holo

      Well, having English as a native language is not a requirement. But your English should be at least high school level. No one’s English is perfect, lol.

      I’ll email you.

  • LonerPrime

    Is the process time consuming? I am pretty much trying to teach myself some of the ABC of Aegisub, part of which is to edit scripts itself but i do so in my free time which can be anywhere between 4 to 6 hours randomly. If its manageable i would like to give it a shot myself.

    • Holo

      Qcing will not take more than 1hour for a standard length ep. It depends on if the editor has done his job properly of course. If, at the qc stage, you are doing more editing than qcing, it means the editor has done a bad job. it also depends on how fast you work.

      for editing, it varies depending how good the tl/tlc’s English is.

  • Saito

    Holo what is your first language?

  • Cool Little Busters screen πŸ˜‰

  • kevin

    im surprised you guys are looking for QCers and editors, i would expect that these positions are the most easily filled

  • Aachi

    I’ve fired off an e-mail, I’ll get myself in the recruitment channel on IRC too, I guess.

  • DarkDays

    My question:

    Do we also need to know Japanese in order to become an editor?

  • Logix

    Mmmm I sent an email. Let me know what’s up, Holo.

  • Cruel-Viper

    I’m not sure how sophisticated (brag brag) my english is to you guys, I’m personaly from the Netherlands so english is a second language for me too.

    And after you spend enough time on difrent community’s (MSN, WOW, Forums…you name it), then you get enough skills to pick up what they are trying to tell you.

    Although I wonder how youre editor/QC test will go.
    Did many for multiple fansubbers (there all; rubish/ make no sense).

    BTW, when are you guys gona look for Typesetters? =D
    I’ts harder then it looks, but it got my intrests. =P

    • Me

      Considering you(Cruel Viper) write in engrish, it would be pointless for anyone to make you a QC or translator or anything like that.

    • Well, editing goes beyond just “getting” what people say. It’s often our job to translate illegible Engrishy hybrid-language gibberish to smooth, transparent scripts which are comfortable to read without being awkward in any sense.

      We often need very specific vocabulary/lexica and certain jobs are simply impossible without knowledge at hand – for example Mahjong experience when editing Saki or historic knowledge when editing one of the many anime that refer to Japan’s rich cultural history. Contemporary knowledge of Japan also is much needed but this comes naturally when you’re interested with Japan.

      It’s also imperative one knows the language’s grammar perfectly, including stuff that most of us don’t care about in common life. Just ask anyone that speaks English the difference between an “em dash”, “en dash” and “hyphen”. They’re all horizontal lines, but with different lengths (and uses) – – β€”. They won’t know.

      Leuk om een noorderbuur te zien, trouwens :p

  • Would have sent one in if I saw this earlier. Would have done both. Texas grad.

  • Kaionlriu

    Wafu~! Kudo da! I had to say this

  • Spinarakk

    Would have applied, but I’m from Australia, so I’d be using British English lol.

    Good luck finding competent people and I hope none of your new editors hail from the land of gg.

    Localization sucks.

  • ryuu_zer0

    Dammit…looks like I missed the boat πŸ™

  • konflakes

    ouch looks like i missed the boat too lol. Im a Singaporean so English is my native language (or first language, w/e u want to call it) and in the last major examinations i took, which was about 2 years ago, I placed within the top 5% of my cohort, nation-wide. So, yea, I guess one could say my native language is English and yes my English is way up there. Just in case you want to take me into consideration. Its ok if you dont want to I’ll just apply the next time I guess =/

    • Spinarakk

      Lol I’m also a Singaporean and English is my native language too O.O Though it’s funny how lots of people think Chinese is our native language or something. (Well it is my second language so…)

      And I somewhat consider myself being pro at English, or at least I know more big words than my friends, probably cause i read visual novels a bloody lot.

      I actually think it’ll be funnier if people translate into Singlish, the ultimate trolling language.

  • Shawn-kun

    Wafu~! Like KaionIriu I HAD TO SAY THIS WHEN I SAW Noumi-chwan~ =w=

  • Narru

    I want to apply for the odd job TLC position, is it still available?

  • Keine

    Damn, I just missed it as well :
    I can’t believe I actually considered the QC Role O__O
    Anyway, I’m game if you’re still in need of one : )

  • SystemiChaos

    what I can’t apply I am disappoint

  • Little Busters for the win. πŸ˜€

    Still need to finish that off. I guess that’s what summer’s for though… :p

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