Shuffle! (BD) – 01

Shuffle! (BD) - 01

Check out the screenshot. I’ve filtered the 720p and made it acceptable, despite being upscaled. Similar quality to Seto no Hanayome 720p.

I am only doing the first (and perhaps second) ep. Shinisaki will be Project Leader for the rest of the series, and therefore Shuffle! won’t be subject the usual bottlenecking affecting my shows. I am still encoding though.


HD (h264): [Doki] Shuffle! – 01 (1280×720 h264 BD FLAC) [AE5ADD5E].mkv


SD (h264): [Doki] Shuffle! – 01 (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [A26F31DE].mkv


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  • Thanx was waiting for this, wanted to re-watch it, look forward until Doki finishes this series.

  • chimichanga

    Don’t see how eng dub viewers are the minority…anyways only part that shouldnt have a dub would be Shuffle Memories that was included in the BDs.

    • Rokudaime

      Read all the comments posted in the announcement post about SHUFFLE (not this one, the other, first one), and you’l see that it’s pretty clear that the majority of people who want this show from Doki don’t care about dubs. Also, I’m surprised you didn’t already know this, but, having watched a lot of anime now from various fansubbers for 8+ years, and having been in many different communities, I can tell you for sure, that in general, when it comes to anime-fans who prefer to download fansubs (as opposed to buying the licensed DVD’s legally, for those that are available), the majority of them prefer japanese speech with english subtitles, and not english dubs. In addition, the majority of those that prefer to have english dubs are Americans and Canadians. The reason for these being two things:

      1.First off, while there is a real, booming market for anime-DVD’s in the US and Canada, this is not the case for Europe (though certain countries like France and England have a better offer than many others. France also has a pretty decent ammount of manga available for sale). As such, many European anime-fans’s first exposure to anime is through fansubs, and so that’s what they prefer. In my country, there is no real market for anime. Anime-DVD’s are not sold in general movie stores at all, and there are no licensing rules for anime here (nor do the American licenses apply here). There is one store chain that has one store in each big city in the country over here, that sells US-imported anime. That’s it. So fansubs is the natural way to go for most people.

      2.Second, and most importantly, unlike in the US and Canada, the majority of Europe (obviously Great Britain is a clear exception), does not have english as the first spoken language. It usually comes in second. As such, while english dubs may be a completely natural thing, and a better alternative, to an American who is used to hear anime in his own language, this is not the case at all for, say, like me, a Norwegian. Since english is not my first language, like most of Europe, I have no reason to prefer english over japanese when it is not the original language. This applies to all movies and series to me. Whether it be French, English, or Japanese, the orginal language is always better for a movie/series if you ask me. Frankly, I find American-english dubs to be fairly bad compared to the original speech most of the time. It doesn’t convey the important cultural aspect of japanese either.

      Having said that, it’s not like I think it’s bad that dubs excist, I just find it suprising that so many people (in particular, to my experience, many Americans) don’t realize these simple things: That english dubs are not the best, nor the most natural, choice for anime-fans that don’t have english as their first language, and that there isn’t a market for anime in Europe in the same way as in the US.

      Thank you, I’l stop my overly long post-rant now…

      • Leon-Gun

        Very well said there. I’m one of those non-english speakers so I can agree a lot with your position. While yes I do write and speak english fairly well I have particular trouble at time understanding lines and could easily get lost at points. Sure that gets solved by adding the subtitles along with the english dub but why the hell would I keep the english dub if I need the subs to be able to fully catch on to the dialogue?

      • tenacious

        Cool story bro!

      • blah

        You say it as though the entire anime community who download fansubs are from Europe and America. You have to take note that the bulk of downloaders actually are from Asia. Needless to say, the situation of anime is as worse as that in your region. We do not have specific licensors to distribute titles here, take for example Singapore and Malaysia. To make things worst, US imported anime DVDs cost too much to be shipped over to Asia and the region code is different. So we end up with Region 3 DVDs which are from Taiwan. You can imagine just how shitty they are compared to your shitty ones.

        • Rokudaime

          Ah man, that sucks. I feel for you bro. 😉 That said, I didn’t mean to sound like the anime community who download fansubs come from just Europe and the US, I just used Europe as an example, since that’s where I’m from. Was easier. I agree with everything you said. Ofcourse there is a huge anime community in Asia as well.

    • Anonanon

      Besides, if it’s the Funimation dub, why would you want that anyway? The previews alone made me cringe horribly. Seemed in line to be one of the most painful dubs since Love Hina.

      • OtakuAnthony

        It’s not that bad of a dub. I liked Love Hina’s even though I will admit it’s not that great. I’ve heard worse.

        • Rokudaime

          It’s pretty darn bad. Though you’re right, there are many that are a lot worse. Not that that is any comfort…And Love Hina’s dub…was BAD..seriously…

          • Anonanon

            Yeah, I couldn’t even make it through the complete first episode of Love Hina before switching it to the sub track. Not all of the voices were bad, but the bad ones seriously outweighed the good.
            As for Shuffle!, like I said, the preview did it in for me. A friend of mine actually watched a dubbed ep, and it hit him pretty hard. He’s quite a bit more tolerant when it comes to dubs, so I can only imagine it.

  • ano

    Well said?

    Maybe if it were TRUE.

  • ano

    not a single european country have ever dubbed anything…

    anime have never been popular in europe especially not in the 80s-90s.

    have abslutely not been more popular than in the states.

    oh wait………

    But it sure was a nice wall of text Roku

    • Rokudaime

      Stop trolling dude. I never said Europe doesn’t dub anything, where the hell did you get that impression lol? I hate dubs in general. And that anime doesn’t have a market in the majority of Europe like it does in the U.S is a godamn fact. Why don’t you try and do some research, and look it up? The 80’s and 90’s? Dude, I am FROM the 80’s! In the 80’s and 90’s we were watching Ducktales and Chip and Dale from Disney over here in Norway for god’s sake! Closest we’d ever get to anime over here back then. Good luck trying to find any DBZ over here in the 80’s lol. Just because some countries, like Britain and France, have had a certain level of market for anime, does not mean that is the case for Europe in general, and the US most certainly has always had a bigger market for it than Europe as a whole. This is as much a truth now as before.

  • oyh

    The image looks so bad. You nuked all the detail.

  • oyh

    Then why don’t release a 480p BD? It would look so much better.

  • Not sure if I’ll download it (already bought the DVDs), but I wanted to say thanks in principle for the 480p version. Forgot to say that in my comment on the previous post.

    • ochi

      I have the R1 DVDs and compared the video with the ep. 1 in 720p. Looking at the blu-ray quality I wasn’t really sure it was worth it but the blu-ray rip is really better, seriously.

      I also compared Doki release with the Kira 1080p as I personally don’t care if 1080p is not worth it and really don’t care about file size, I’ll always go for 1080p even with no noticeable difference. For video quality, Doki 720p is the better release so far.

  • Miih~

    Thank you, you made good a job with this =) I made some screenshot comparison between your BD release and KnKF’s TV release, the difference in quality is quite something^^ I resized the TV version’s windows to match the BD version. And btw I would’ve uploaded this to screenshot but the damn site didn’t work so I uploaded them to imageshack instead…

    I know that the BD release is bad upscale which is shame… but at least it’s much better than the TV release^^ I’ll stick on your releases for this series, like on couple other series too :p I know that Kira is making this too, but they just aren’t as good as you… Sorry about long talk but here are the comparisons:

    1 (Doki):
    1 (KnKF):
    2 (Doki):
    2 (KnKF):
    3 (Doki):
    3 (KnKF):
    4 (Doki):
    4 (KnKF):
    5 (Doki):
    5 (KnKF):
    6 (Doki):
    6 (KnKF):
    7 (Doki):
    7 (KnKF):

    Sorry for the long post. I would’ve made it shorter but these links take a lot space… well, there you go^^

  • Ma15

    LOL don’t ever compare Kira with Doki, that doesn’t even count as release

    Fixed. 1080 = DTV full screened gtgt

    • ochi

      I won’t deny Kira releases are relatively bad but they was the only group doing shuffle beside Doki and BitchSubs. As they did 1080p I had to check it out… Anyways, sorry, didn’t mean to be rude :p

  • ot4ku

    Thanks, Doki are my faforits, NOONE needs English DUB! Noone! This gueys gwo want to have dub should buy the US DVD/BR to support the company hwo releases them in US. Anime Fans are from all over the world, there are maybe 7 or 6 % who prefer Engl. Dub.

    By the way, when do come the othere BD releases? Its not dropped right?

    • And how do you presume to speak for everyone when you say that “no one” needs something? As I said on the other post, why should dub fans have to pay while sub fans get a free ride on the gravy train? Shouldn’t sub fans buy *some* legitimate release, like the US DVD or Japanese DVD/BR, to support the Japanese VAs they claim to love, not to mention all the Japanese writers/animators/composers/background artists/directors/etc. who worked on the series?

      Also, way to make up statistics — a BakaBT poll had 30% of responders saying they preferred English dubs or at least listen to them some of the time.

  • ik4u

    I think we all know that Kira Subs has started with some good releases but turned out to be same as gg or coalsgirls lately, just overloading the releases with retarted size due to bad encodes only to earn money with their fileserve downloads. Also they do upscales like crap and dont mention it, always saying bs like – buy bd and compare yourself or other crap. never answering question in the comments regarding upscale or not – kira-fansub is just a big NO go run buy some guys who just greed for money now. thats NOT what a fansub group is.
    (check out some of their releases, going from 500 MB for first episodes up to 1800 MB (!!) for the last ones which is just plain stupid from kira-subs aswell as from those guys downloading these and believing they dont laod upscales or bad encoded files.)

    tl;dr: dont load kira, they are upscales and say they are not. stick with doki where u at least know when it is upscale as they are honest enough to say.

    • Holo

      Thank you for your support. At Doki, quality:filesize ratio is an important thing that I consider when encoding. If I release huge filesizes, then I must have deemed it necessary. No unnecessary bloating here.

  • Slappymeat

    episode 2 fuking where??!!!

    • Sorry Slappy, but i no longer work at Doki, so Shuffle has been given to another staff member. Continue to expect the high quality that Doki is known for however.

      Many thanks


  • Mr.Megolodon

    I gotta know, are you guys planning to continue this anytime soon, or should I just go with Kira-Fansubs’ release?

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