Shuffle! (Blu-Ray) Announcement

Shuffle! (Blu-Ray)

Blu-Ray 1080p Quality
Blu-Ray 1080p Quality
Blu-Ray 1080p Quality

The Blu-Ray is a 480p -> 1080p upscale it seems, and therefore, no 1080p.

Blu-Ray comes with dubs too. Opinion on the dub?

Looks like no dubs. I will release the dubs on its own (seperately) for the minority who are interested.

Subs: Froth-Bite
1280×720 h264 BD FLAC
848×480 h264 BD AAC

Project Leader: Shinisaki

35 comments to Shuffle! (Blu-Ray) Announcement

  • apocalipse369

    dubbs please
    patches are fine thk

  • Index

    patch is fine…. please…i need its dub for the sake of archiving!!!!!! 😮

  • anon

    That upscale looks terrible, blame the damn companies that release this. Just like haruhi S1.

  • I don’t know, if you’re using fansubs, AnimeUniverse was better… Froth-Bite had numerous shoddy mistranslations on the level of putting “I still love Rin” when the actual line was “I love Rin too.” (That line is somewhere around ep 10-11 iirc.) R1 subs with slight delocalizations would turn out better imo.

    And although I know I’m a minority, I liked the dub far more than the Japanese track for this show. The dialogue was funnier, it flowed better, and some voices like Sia’s were much more bearable. Plus Carrie Savage (Kaede) is epic win in any role.

    @JackBassV “No dubs^_^ If people want dubs, then buy the series.”

    What kind of logic is that? Sub fans should have a free ride on the gravy train, while dub fans should have to pay? Surely the time and effort logged by the Japanese VAs is no less worthy of compensation than the English VAs.

    @choco – I thought multi-TB HDDs were cheap and file size didn’t matter here in 2011?

  • manueltheq

    yes on the dubs.

    really like the dubs.


  • skyjedi

    Do the actual blu rays look as bad as the screen caps.

    If they do people were ripped off. Unless the audio upgrade was worth it to them.

    When you could get the American boxset for 40 dollars why would you pay 400 dollars or whatever this set is going for ?

  • Bodhi

    hi there, the links are dead, could you reupload them please,
    thank you

  • MrKimiko

    I would love the dubs

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