Senkou no Night Raid (BD) – Batches

Senkou no Night Raid - 01

Sup faggots. Final volume and official batches below.


  • Hologfx for making this joint possible.
  • masat & BB_96 for timing.
  • Blacky for translating.
  • Shadow8820, Nezumi, Velorien, FullMetal-Guitarist, User1975623 for editing and keeping it consistent.
  • kokus and MegamanXGold for encoding.
  • ZeroYuki for checking up the random mandarin lines.
  • You for waiting and watching our release.

720p: Senkou no Night Raid (2010) [SGKK-Doki][1280×720 H264 BD FLAC]

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480p: Senkou no Night Raid (2010) [SGKK-Doki][848×480 XviD BD MP3]

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