Motto To LOVE-Ru – 12 [END]

Motto To LOVE-Ru - 12

And so this concludes Motto To Love-Ru, the first airing show that I have ever translated.

Note about this episode: Like previous episodes, a tiny bit of the start is cut off due to capping issues. This issue will not affect the uncensored AT-X release (due on Tuesday) nor will it affect the Blu-Ray releases. Since this is censored, I’m not going to worry over it, and neither should you.

A batch of the 720p releases will be coming.

Many thanks to the following:

  • Kristen – For making this joint possible
  • Kanade – For checking/correcting my iffy translations πŸ˜›
  • masat – For timing the majority of the show
  • gamma – For editing the majority of the show
  • kokus – For encoding every episode
  • anon1 – For occassionally QCing πŸ˜›
  • And lastly, you – For watching our release.

The random blue screen and text on is just an earthquake warning or something, it is irrelevant to the show, hence why it was not translated.

HD (h264): [Doki-Chihiro] Motto To LOVE-Ru – 12 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [C0390223].mkv


SD (h264): [Doki-Chihiro] Motto To LOVE-Ru – 12 (848×480 h264 AT-X AAC) [87FB05E0].mkv


24 comments to Motto To LOVE-Ru – 12 [END]

  • Elvin21

    MTLR Complete… Thanks again! Now you can work on the “backlogs” if you will not plan to get a show for this season…

  • kevin

    will TLR Darkness even continue? wasnt there some retarded law that was passed recently?
    oh and what did the blue screen say near the end of the episode? something happening in february?

    anyway, great job. love to see more work from yall!

  • FattyBucha1080

    Supposedly on June and July the law goes into effect so I guess some shows will be censored a lot and maybe Blurays and DVD’s not. Time will tell, but this series was short it could have been longer but heck as long as I have some To Love-Ru then that’s all I care about. Thank you very much Doki Subs and Chihiro and merry Christmas.

  • It’s about episode 12. Can you tell me, what meaning anoucement text in after credit things?

  • Meep.

    I can’t believe it’s already done T__T

  • Yoru

    Thank you sooooo much DOKI! for subbing this awesome series as soon as it was out ^-^ if there is a third season you guys must sub it! (looking forward to the following BD releases~)

  • keiji09

    is it just me
    but when i finished downloading the video
    somehow the video was voice only
    i can only hear their voice but i cant watch~

    • Holo

      1. Make sure you have downloaded the file properly. Either re-check your torrent using your torrent client or hash your file using hashmyfiles.exe to generate a CRC32 checksum and see if it matches the checksum stated on the file.

      2. If you have downloaded the file properly, get rid of whatever player you are using and install KLite Codec Pack or CCCP and use Media Player Classic.

  • Index

    Finally, MTLR AT-X finish πŸ˜€

    good works, guys πŸ˜‰

  • Index

    Who’s the best girl?

    Of course Kotegawa Yui! πŸ˜€

  • Geese1

    Thanks, as always, for the AT-X version!

  • jonnie

    Thank you, Doki and friends! It was fun!
    Of course Yui is the best. It’s because of the incident with the author, so poor Haruna. But, still, I like Yui’s personality and also Nana’s as well.

  • HRBM

    Is there a 720p for the uncensored version?

    • Home_Despot

      720p uncensored will be BD, ep 1-4 of which I believe is already available. The uncensored broadcast was at 480p. It was milk, not cream. Churn it all you want but you’ll get no butter. In other words, 480p = 480p, trickery aside.

  • Home_Despot

    All thanks to Holo, the foremost interpreter of Ru of our time, and one of the few people who knows the death threats that Haruna and Lala are actually making to each other behind smiling faces, politely converting them to better thoughts:

    TR: β€œI’m glad you like Rito too.”
    Raw: β€œI’m glad you’ll soon be dead.”

    TR: β€œIs it fine that we both love Rito?”
    Raw: β€œIs it fine that I pull out your pink hair by its purple roots?”

    TR: β€œI’m glad that you told me you love Rito.”
    Raw: β€œI’m glad that no one will ever find your body.”

    Those girly smiles while they say such things send chills right through me. For more shocking revelations, head over to Google Translates. For example, did you know that all haikus were death threats, or that sushi was raw human flesh? Japan is a scary place. Thanks Holo, for shielding us from the worst of it. I look forward to next season, β€œTo Love Ru –Revenge is Mine!”

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