Seto no Hanayome (BD) – 01

Seto no Hanayome - 01

So with Air complete, here is my next Blu-Ray project.

This is one of my favourite comedies ever. No group has completed the Blu-Ray of this show, so I have picked it up. This show will be released between now and November. I intend to complete this before Haruhi Blu-Rays come out. You can guess what my next Blu-Ray project will be XD.

There will be no 1080p because this was a terrible upscale from 480p. Original translation was done by [gg].

HD (h264): [Doki] Seto no Hanayome – 01 (1280×720 h264 BD FLAC) [9302D936].mkv


SD (XviD): [Doki] Seto no Hanayome – 01 (848×480 XviD BD MP3) [CB7DE369].avi


130 comments to Seto no Hanayome (BD) – 01

  • Mr.Anderson

    I must say, it’s been a while since I saw a release emit so much verbal diarrhoea.

    Well I’ll be watching this to see how it turns out (the anime, not the comments :P)

  • Me

    I don’t laugh much often while watching comedies, but this series is really special, this makes me laugh really hard, I love it ^^

  • tech

    maybe you should work with yabai on this since there doing it to…just a bit slow..but they do very good subs

  • Krozam

    Hmm… Not a bad choice, though personally I don’t think Seto no Hanayome is all that funny. There are a few chillingly well dramatized scenes and many the great songs, and I’m certainly happy to finally get the whole series from the same group, but the comedy doesn’t really strike me. Most of it is way too exaggerated for my taste.

  • Mr. Gay Men Watch

    So yeah, I guess it’s time I rewatched this.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Sigma

    so when the estimated date for the release of the next episodes?

  • fruant

    I wholly support this project.

    Lot of thanks.

  • Guy

    You are now officially my favorite sub group. Seto no Hanayome is one of my all time favorites. Great to see someone doing it. Thanks a lot for this and all previous releases.

  • mehrun

    havnt problem with audio but Xvid compares to h264 (848 to 1280)!!???
    don know!!Xvid isnt cool!but i dont have a choice!!

    mine is 15 kb/s no 512 kb/s!!!
    do you feel me?

    • Like I said, the XviD is in 480p. The blu-rays are actually an upscale from 480p, so your loss in video quality is minimal. You’ll only lose the ability to turn of the subs (it’s hardsubbed) and you’ll have to deal with mp3 audio.

      The amount of quality drop is not like with the Xvids for Clannad, which were actually downscaled from real full 1080p HD.

      But yeah at 15 kB/s I recommend getting the Xvids or (I don’t condone this behaviour) hacking into someone’s faster connection.

    • martinez

      when my ISP block my speed to 15 kB/s, i could download anime 1,3 GB in 15 hours….no te preocupes, chicos….:D

  • UnlimitedSky

    I have a question since I heard the BD video quality wasn’t that good. Are the DVD’s recently released by Funi better (video quality speaking)?

    • Holo

      The source was not that good, but I have applied some strong filtering to it and now it looks pretty decent. Click on screenshot to see 720p version.

  • mehrun

    so let’s go for Xvid!!!
    hacking?i even dont know how to spell it:-))
    and another question,why there isnt any DDL for the releases?
    i don mean upload sites(like MU FS),mean direct servers,like before!!those was awesome!!

  • Vlazz

    This is one of the best romantic comedy anime available. I’m glad you guys are doing the blurays

  • Jose

    Great show! Thanks for posting it. I’d never heard of it before and I’m glad to have seen it.

  • Rashkae

    There’s something about the first subtitle (Summer – Seto Inland) that gives Mplayer fits. (Is it supposed to have a fade-out effect? perhaps?). I know subbers are generally not concerned with software compatibility outside of CCCP, but the more you know…..

  • kojika

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Setouchi (瀬戸内) the name of a city/region, as opposed to Setonaikai (瀬戸内海) which is the Seto Inland Sea.

  • Rashkae

    My mistake,, the problem I was reporting earlier has nothing to do with the subtitle formatting, but the audio. For some reason beyond my understanding, the audio track starts with a negative time stamp.

    • Rashkae

      *sigh*,, actually, it seems current mplayer has issues syncing video/audio with any file that has flac audio.. I’m very sorry for all the noise.. please feel free to delete my posts.. and thanks for all the work.

  • moonkill2010

    Finally~~M.3.3.w only finished at ep 21 and no more….

    Hope you guys finish this series~~

  • smoked bakon

    I love this series!! as soon as I learned you will be subbing the BD release, I deleted my old batches to replace with yours!

    Also, the manga is great and is still publishing, so I hope the series continues past the OVAs to a full new season!
    I’ll wait patiently for upcoming eps, THANKS!!!

  • mehrun

    are you sure?
    i remember that i get B Gata H key from that!!
    something like,a direct server!!

    • That’s not Doki’s OWN direct server. There are lots of websites (well, okay, not lots, but more than one in any case) that provide DDL’s to fansubbed anime, but that doesn’t mean the groups they got it from know about it let alone condone/recommend it.

      The only “official” Doki server is Holo’s own service he recently set up. That’s it.

    • Rashkae is independent from any sub group. There are several similar sites on the net where you can find direct anime download. Some are benevolent community driven, others are viewed more as a leach making money from other people’s fansubs (unless you benefit from such if you need good direct download service, for whatever reason, then they are valuable service provider, ymmv) Either way, nothing to do with anyone here.

  • Vlazz

    Why were there no sub groups dedicated to this show? You have to download from 2-3 different sub groups just to get the whole season. You would think a good show would get more love.

    • Soukyuu

      That’s because SnH is very dialogue heavy, lots of lines to translate and some people (gg) got tired of it or stopped for other reasons. As for why no one attempted to finish the DVDs… i don’t know. Now that Doki is doing the BDs, i don’t care 😛

  • mehrun

    aha!!!but hope to see those links again:-)

  • Zeronic

    Thank so much for doing the BD of these. I so look forward to watching them, TY AGAIN o/ <3

  • philip

    m.3.3.w might finish S.N.H. 23-26. Would you consider using that if they are done with it?

  • AceD

    Best comedy ever, lookin forward to the bds

  • Vlaeghe

    Am kind of bummed out… wanted to watch this release… got it… and found out I can’t get the audio to play/work … it sucks.

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