Air (BD) – 12

Air (BD) – 12

That’s it for Air until next week.

Air on the surface has a sad ending, but if you think about it (long enough), there is actually a happy ending to it.

A batch torrent won’t be made until I finish Air in Summer and rip the various bits and pieces worth archiving from the Blu-Ray Disks.

In response to someone’s question earlier (I can’t seem to find your comment): No I am not doing the Air Movie cos it is animated by Toei and it sucks. Same goes for Kanon 2002 and Clannad movie.

TL Notes

720p (h264): [Doki] Air – 12 (1280×720 h264 BD FLAC) [78BA29B3].mkv


480p (XviD): [Doki] Air – 12 (848×480 XviD BD MP3) [49911DA8].avi


43 comments to Air (BD) – 12

  • martinez

    i know it already…but i dunno about…HOW….

    so i don’t care

  • JackBassV

    The whole series (Air) is about reincarnation and the circle of existence. The series always shows the view from either Misuzu or Yukito (or their other incarnations.) Therefore the boy and girl at the end are their reincarnations.

    Have to agree with you, compared to the series, both the movies were rather pathetic (don’t have the Kanon movie.) But I still like having them for completeness.

    Episode 13 of Air is even more of a waste than either movie. It really is nothing more than reused footage from the series, with little if any new animation. If the series had run for 26 episodes, this would have been the recap one in the middle.

    Talking of Kanon, wish they did the original in Bluray. Especially the Kazahana special.

    BTW:I was the one who asked if you were going to do the Clannad movie. It wasn’t a request though, just an enquiry.


  • dna423

    ohh . i was complaining about how clannad movie spoils while spoiling myself and now i got a people might wanna kill you notice :'( . does kanon even have a movie ? are u gonna do the air movie to ? even tho it is mostly recap but it is focused on mizusu and yukito only and about 30 % differences

  • deadFreak


  • LMN

    What about the summer special episodes?

  • namednoob

    Kannon 2006 is all you need !!! no regrets, it will make your tears flow in no time lol !

    • dna423

      yeh i started crying at episode 8 . im so glad i watched kannon 2006 before the kannon 2002 . the kannon 2006 had double episodes and the animation was great . when i watched an ep of kannon 2002 after it i was thinking if it was even the same anime .

  • Azerik

    Toei animation is indeed a gay. They ruined Clannad (I am one of few Canadians who played the Clannad game before seeing the anime :D) and I didn’t even bother watching their Kanon series and their Air movie.

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