Shukufuku no Campanella – 01

Shukufuku no Campanella - 01

As promised, here is episode 1 in SD. This replaces the 720p version.

All mistakes have been corrected, and names of places now have the official spelling.

SD (h264): [Doki] Shukufuku no Campanella – 01 (848×480 h264 AAC) [3584A91A].mkv


SD (XviD): [Doki] Shukufuku no Campanella – 01 (848×480 XviD MP3) [08E49408].avi


65 comments to Shukufuku no Campanella – 01

  • ZeroYuki

    Precisely because it’s not popular, that’s why I picked it. Other groups shall sub those popular shows, and I will do my own thing.

    But of course I can’t force anyone to watch. Whether an anime is good is or not is still pretty subjective, according to personal preferences.

  • Marmalade

    Aha man i saw this and downloaded it cause ZeroYuki subbed it and i’ve decided its awesome

    do want more

  • CSJ

    You added the 720p thing to the FAQ, but you should be aware that there actually is some anime aired in Japan in HD that is _not_ upscaled. It’s less than 10% in a season currently, so chances are that the 720p you’re downloading _is_ an upscale, but it’s not a 100% certainty.

    This show in particular _is_ a SD Upscale

  • martinez

    @ChaelMi…..who cares? as long as it’s MOE!

    @ZeroYuki….don’t worry…this is one of my top Summer Anime….of course i decide to follow this series 🙂

  • Aggressive

    The first episode did seem boring, but it was probably due to the fact that it was spent mostly introducing the whole harem. The most important part was probably the end which I can see interesting things sprouting from. I say give it a few episodes before knocking it down, definitely has potential and the moe+lolis.

  • This show = lolis everywhere

    They’ve even got a MILF loli

  • ZeroYuki

    Both the tl error and the sign mixup will be fixed in the batch. Sorry about the errors.

  • ZeroYuki

    The tl error and the sign mixup will be fixed in the batch. Sorry for the errors.

  • UnKn0Wn809

    holy cow is it loli? moe? moe? and more moe??? im not into lolis but i’ll watch some bits online if worth dowloading just a change of pace..

    and BTW.. i wonder what a milf loli looks like?? is it..



  • UnKn0Wn809: Basically, it’s an adult loli. Don’t ask me how they’ve managed to do this, just watch the anime.

  • Hi!
    I’m have one question.
    Were I are get timings and translation op, ed?

    Exellent subs…

  • raki

    thank god, I’m also not the only one thinking that I going to watch this series simply becuz doki was doing it.

    But after watching the first ep, I kinda like the atmosphere and theme of the story plus the moe moe lolis!!!!!

    beside, now i have something to neutralize myself after watching HoTD or mistudomoe… xD

  • Holo

    This is a light and relaxing series lol… what’s not to like?

  • thewizardninja

    This is a show all about earrings. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this yet but all of the high class citizens have crazy earings while the peasants have none (Hammer’s mother seems to have lost her’s though). This, combined with the fact that their names are stupid and annoying to remember, has made me decided that we should all start calling the characters by their earrings.

    From the left in the release picture we have: Tetra (for Tetrahedron), Blade, ???, Sex (for Sextant), Kitty and Hammer. Not shown are Triangle #1 and #2 as well as Mysterious Girl X.

  • thewizardninja

    1. Nothing happened. There was no conflict, no problem to solve, nothing interesting happened whatsoever. We had to wait for the last few minutes for the plot to actually MOVE a few inches.

    2. The writers of this show don’t understand that when you introduce terminology that’s specifically for the world you created, an explanation of what it is should be required quite early on if not as soon as it’s mentioned. I mean what the crap is an “items engineer” supposed to be?

    3. The characters are bland and uninteresting. Apart from maybe the mother everybody is just a boring character archetype we’ve seen a million times before.

    Nothing happened, nothing is explained and nobody’s interesting.

  • Reimu

    ahhh, what can i say… the characters all looked so fun, but the first ep was just on eof those ‘get to know everyone’ deals. my first opinion was that it’s kinda boring. im not going to watch this anytime soon, but will pick it up when its all done for my collection. i’d rather watch Aria, honestly.

  • DarkDays

    I don’t know, I think this episode was all to help set up the feel for the show. Like Zero said, it’s harem. The one guy living with all of these women for no explainable reason.

    I just love how obvious they are with the characters.
    The Acrobat.
    The Holy Knight.
    The Beautiful Mage.
    The Brilliant Engineer.
    The Loyal Maid.
    The Risque Mother.

    RPGs, here we come!

  • Marmalade

    Jeez you guys, am i the only one who sees some serious plot potential here? All you moe moe people, honestly.

    • Lazy

      Lol, as much as I like a loli, moe and somehow milf all put in one I’ve been wondering about the plot and that mysterious girl.

  • PurpleRain

    This show reminds of folktales. I’m aware that it’s a typical harem, but the artstyle is so pretty. The episode was relaxing, so I’ll be following this as lons as subs will be available.

  • noob

    Hi, if you do the Blu-Ray, will you release the 3D version of the “Issho ni Bath Time” specials?

  • Sister of Scarlet

    Hellos! Thanks for the release, good to see a more light-hearted anime this season so I’ll be watching this.
    Only got one thing to say about this episode, the joke the girls were going on about them marrying Leicester. Wasn’t they saying they were going to make him their bride? Why did you change it to “marry”? That Killed the tsukkomis made by Anges.

    Yeah, they were saying about being Leicester’s bride. But somehow I was unable to make it flow, so I changed it to marry. I have to admit it sounds weird using “marry”.

    Regarding the owarai, specifically Agnes’ role as tsukkomi, correcting the Boke, which is essentially the other girls. I doubt people will be able to catch the joke because it is almost impossible to phrase it in a manner in english that can be caught on. That is, unless a tl note is made.

  • Sister of Scarlet

    Ah ok, gotcha! Yeah, if it’s hard to phrase changing it would be the better option.

  • SvenVolfeid

    did anyone else notice the spelling mistake at 17:07, Agnes says; “Im the beat puppeteer in the wold”. instead of world

    This was pointed out a few days ago, a few hours after the release. Like I have mentioned before, all errors will be corrected in the batch release. Thanks for pointing out, though.

  • Marmalade

    Hell i think there is more errors in Sven’s recount of it than the error in the subs themselves.

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