Air (BD) - 06

Air (BD) – 06

I will be releasing the NCOP’s in 1080p.

720p (h264): [Doki] Air – 06 (1280×720 h264 BD FLAC) [9017D341].mkv


480p (XviD): [Doki] Air – 06 (848×480 XviD BD MP3) [F8B4A0F6].avi


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  • Invisiblemoose

    Awesome, thanks!

  • ChrissSpirit

    Which leads me to the question, dunno if you answered it yet, why dont you do the whole show in 1080p?

  • Mr.Anderson

    I agree with ChrissSpirit, I’d like real HD 😛
    Though this is mostly because I find 720p for indecisive pricks I recently found out my old laptop had degraded to where it starts to have trouble playing 720p (and HD obviously) and my PC is ‘Full HD’ ready/compatible/capable, what you want to call it.

    (Yes I know 720p is also HD, but I refuse to call it such, at best I’ll call it ‘Half HD’)

  • Mr.Anderson

    Erhm, yeah, so I had quickly glanced at all the Air posts, but not read the comments. To answer my own and ChrissSpirit’s question; no. As I understood it the 720p is an up-scale (of good quality for an up-scale) but the 1080p is/would be dreadful.

  • Holo

    Trust me, I chose not to do 1080p for good reason. It is a terrible upscale and absolute eyecancer. B-G only encoded 720p for the same reason.

    If you DLed my 720p and stretched it to 1080p. it will probably be better than the native 1080p

    Uguu~subs have released 1080p, I’ll make comparison shots to show you that 1080p is redundant when you have the 720p.

  • ZeroYuki

    Downloading all these will be troublesome. It took me like 2 months to finish dling Kanon and a few weeks for Clannad.

  • martinez

    do you know? i spend approx. 7 hours just to download 1 eps….XD

    and….i’m glad XD

  • martinez

    nooo…it’s 4 hours….XD

  • newy

    Something’s fishy with the fileserve link. Going to fileserve works but clicking any link on this site for fileserve doesn’t. Saying no server found.

  • Then why the NCOP will be in 1080p? It’ll be an upscale too. So try releasing it in 720p along with 1080p.
    Btw, I really wanna see the comparison since everyone is talking about 1080p so much. Doki’s 600mb episodes in 720p is just perfect for me.

  • Air was released before a lot of people knew what 1080p was, so naturally it wasn’t drawn for it, and having a 720p of it itself is a bit of a stretch. Its rare you can get a decent upscale to 1080p off a 720p video, and Air’s BD wasn’t a very good upscale from what I know.

    Key added in a few things like anyone else would do with a DVD release, but they redid the OP in HD.

    • Holo

      I believe the OP was redrawn in 720p, and upscaled for 1080p in the Blu-Ray. It is a really nice upscale job, comparable to Clannad and Kanon.

  • Paulchen

    Holo, on the Air Blu Ray set available in Japan they have an interview of some 2hours with the cast members. It looks to be interesting and as far as I can find no other groups made the effort to sub this part. I don’t suppose you can be persuaded to do even some of the interview. Perhaps you could ask for some feedback about this? Regards.

  • Paulchen

    Just FOUND where I posted my last question to you… Thanks! Point taken. If I could translate it then I would be only too happy to get involved. Hey ho! Would Chinese be any good for this? Regards.

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