Black Rock Shooter - OVA (DVD)

Black Rock Shooter – OVA (DVD)

Hey. Well I think this makes us the last ones to release eh? Joint Doki-SGKK, translator wasn’t tony-san, who knows where the hell he is… Not much to add I guess. We’ll be releasing the BD version when the BDMV comes out. Death to the ones that thought that we wouldn’t sub this X’)

Edit: Something went wrong on the muxing, which is odd because mkvmerge didn’t show up any errors after it finished. There is no subtitle track. Wait a little, I will make a patch.

Edit 2: Bug with v.4.2.0 of mkvmerge. Corrected, made patch. Download link below. Make sure to read the “README.txt”. Sorry about line 1) of the .txt file, seems I was still sleeping >.<

480p (h264): [Doki-SGKK] Black Rock Shooter – OVA (848×480 h264 DVD AAC) [14ACBB16].mkv

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47 comments to Black Rock Shooter – OVA (DVD)

  • Jecht

    AniDB fails then. The V2 file is perfectly fine.

  • “I recommend KLite Codec Pack. Uninstall everything you got and install that.” from Holo.

    Many thanks for your sage advice. It works like a dream! Seems my download folder had so much in it that the patch file went astray. Ahem.

    • “See? This is one of our testimonials that have dropped using VLC player and started using codecs.It’s simple.
      There are three recommended codec packs that you can use to play our videos. Install one of them today!
      1. CCCP
      2. K-lite Codec Pack
      3. Shark007 (recommended for Windows 7)”

      Geez, I feel like an advertiser of codecs now…XD


      • How about doing some little articles about video codecs and whatnot for the less knowledgeable among us? I for one would like to learn more about the technical side; just don’t know where to start, nor where to get the info. Comments?

  • Rhaplanca1001

    mplayer crashes when I try to play this, just saying things like

    [h264 @ 0x7f5d6cda48a0]AVC: nal size 113665
    [h264 @ 0x7f5d6cda48a0]no frame!
    Error while decoding frame!

    until it gives up. Any suggestions? This happens with both the original download [14ACBB16] and the patched version [A43E52A5]. It’s never happened with any other release I’ve downloaded from here.

  • mynameisb1984

    Thanks as always for the release, but I was wondering if this could released as a xvid which would be easier to run on my older pc.

  • yumemi

    What the fuck! Ending is hardsubbed… Please Doki, don’t start hardsubbing. I love your releases because there are no ordered chapters or stupid hardsubbed karaoke like Coalgirls/Thora’s stuff.

  • Jecht

    As long as I am around and if possible the karaokes will have effects and eventually be hardsubbed.

  • yumemi

    I don’t understand why doing karaoke, it’s just wrong. Who cares about kanji/romaji and effects that “mask” the video, English translation of the songs is enough. Man, “special effects” are so childish. Think about people who hate karaoke and want to be able to delete them in the ass file, or french native speakers like me who somtimes want to use french subs (grabbed somewhere else) to enjoy the show with some friends. Hardsubbing just sucks.

    • We respect your opinions, but we ask that you please keep them to yourself. As a group, we will consider our fans’ opinions if we think they are valid and majority of the fans agree with it. We think that problems such as video glitches are of more importance than personal opinions such as hardsubbed karaoke.


  • yumemi

    Well, for some people (at least me), hardsubs are video glitches. Anyway, you’re the boss here and I respect your work so I won’t complain further. I didn’t want to be rude, I just wanted you to know that I think Doki should not change its way of fansubbing.

  • Did everyone in the fricken world decide to learn Japanese and sub this? Dear god :

  • Blackuya

    Any other links to the patch file?
    I can’t access megaupload 🙁

  • Blackuya

    Never mind my request, got help through IRC :3

  • LynX974

    @yumemi suck my dick if you don’t like my karaokes.

  • shineek

    the file is too corrupt , even the patch cant help it , the subs are there but there are too many AVC: nal size errors .
    ive tried mplayer and didnt work at all on vlc it starts but the video has to many glitches .
    also dont give one of those lines to use cccp or other codecs . mplayer plays matroska files better than any other player that need codecs will . i wait for a while and see if anyone here can help if not than ive gotta watch it from one of the other subbers , but with much more lower quality .

  • someone

    why cant you just sub your shows with normal sub like all the other funsub teams do? it not the first time that i download one of your show just to see that some eps not have subs and start to wonder if something worng with my pc or with the cccp codec

    i know it not easy for you to sub shows and i really love your release but what the point to release ep that 90% of the viewers cant see without installing patchs or without change codec pack that ONLY in YOURS videos are needed, i saw alot animes in my life and i was never needed to change my codec pack for it. plz think about what i say

  • freshless

    soo i cant see the subs i dled the klite codec pack but theres no subs, i have no idea what im doing any help would be spiffy, it just tells me there are no subs

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