Doki is Recruiting!

Once again I am looking for more staff.

I am looking for a typesetter, who will be in charge of all typesetting for shows which have a lot of signs (Seitokai). Experience is necessary – please show me examples of things you have worked on before.

I am also looking for a translator who is capable of reading Kanji. You will be responsible for translating/helping with signs this season. You can also translate a show in future seasons 🙂

Email me if you are interested in either position (

2 comments to Doki is Recruiting!

  • problemsolver

    what do u mean by typesetter whats the kind of work involved there
    i mean i know abt fonts and scripting languages like c,c++,java,sql
    and m interested to know more abt the post and the type of work i got to do in it.


  • Monir

    Here also you should mention which anime the picture was taken from. I wonder where………

    You should notice that this post is posted by “Holo” which is essentially different from me who is “ZeroYuki”. So “you should mention” is technically incorrectly because I always mention where I get my pics from, if you take note of my posts. But nevertheless, a kind soul like me has found out this answer to be that this pic is a random google image and is not part of any anime.

    On second thought, it looks like Fumino from Mayoi Neko Overrun, but i’m sure it’s not her.

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