Seikon no Qwaser – 16v0 (Uncensored)

Seikon no Qwaser - 16

Still called v0 because we didn’t make karaoke for the ED2 yet.

This will be the final Qwaser LQ Uncensored DC episode that we are going to release. The BDs are now out, and we are doing them as we speak. Also, due to exams last few weeks and now tony being on holiday, there is simply no point in continuing the LQ uncensored version.

If you want to carry on watching the LQ Uncensored DC version, subdesu are still releasing them. I suggest waiting for the BDs because they’re worth waiting for. (extra uncensored and stuff)

396p (XviD): [chibi-Doki] Seikon no Qwaser – 16v0 (Uncensored Director’s Cut) [D4FE89A5].avi


24 comments to Seikon no Qwaser – 16v0 (Uncensored)

  • grave

    Does the avi have a torrent or not, since the filename is posted I dont see the torrent?

  • paeses

    good decision, waiting the BD’s from you

  • Olja

    Thank you. For those wondering about the BD release date schedule in Japan, I took the liberties and found that out:

    Vol.1(Eps1-3), April 21 RELEASED
    Vol.2(Eps4-6), May 26 RELEASED
    Vol.3(Eps7-9), June 23
    Vol.4(Eps10-12), July 21
    Vol.5(Eps13-15), August 25
    Vol.6(Eps16-18), September 22
    Vol.7(Eps19-21), October 20
    Vol.8(Eps22-24end), November 24

  • nippah

    that’s some nice info Olja
    nice to see ur catching up on stuff ^.^

  • HaloGuy

    Nice decision….now u can fully concentrate on BDs.

  • No thanks. I’ll wait for the BluRay releases.

  • Xavier

    Thanks for the LQ releases so far. I think I’m going to switch to Subdesu for Qwaser though as I’d like to finish most things off before I start Uni in september.

    Keep up the good work with everything though =D

  • Smoki

    Cant wait for the extra uncensored stuff. You guys/girls are awesome!

  • Azerik

    Might as well wait for the BD’s then…I will continue to resist the temptation to watch the SubDESU releases…my mind needs Qwaser O_o

  • Phillangees

    After watching episode 21 I’ll finish with “The other guys” but pull down the Blu-rays ’cause they are deffinitely worth watching. And hey, I don’t mind rewatching it the funny episodes are damned funny and the action ain’t too shabby either.

  • CherryHawk

    I second this decision. According to Olja we’ll be caught up around the end of september. For as ridiculously perverted as this anime is, it does have a respectable level of “substance”. I think it deserves better than LQ web rips. : )

  • aniluv

    Hope what u stated still stand. I’ll be waiting.. Don’t make me wait too long though.

    PS: Nothing is dropped.

  • Thank you Holo. been waiting a while for a new Ep. Also waiting for B Gata and Kiss x Sis. Any idea when new eps will be out for those?

  • AlienGamer

    Umm..where’s the Bleach..Its been 2 weeks since the announcement..

  • Holo

    look on sgkk site.

  • Schmole

    Is there any chance of a 720p version of Qwaser being done with non-FLAC audio? AAC/AC3… I don’t really care… just something with the crisp video without a bunch of extra and (imo) unnecessary file padding would be great ^_^

    That aside, greatly appreciate your work, please keep it up 🙂

  • bestnone

    waiting for BD is still the best option
    keep up the good work.XD

  • @ Schmole.

    I took the FLAC audio (which btw is around 250 MB, half the full file size), and encoded it to AAC. It comes out at about 30 MB. Reducing the 450+ MB file to around 280 MB. xD

    You can demux the audio yourself, and encode it, then mux it back. Takes only a couple minutes to encode it.

  • So you are only doing the Blu-rays? How unfortunate… I was hoping to have this show done before November… that’s a long time away to wait for new episodes. SubDESU sucks though, their translation is horrible and they don’t translate some lines in past videos I’ve checked out.. Guess I might have to grab their releases though to finish it.. then grab the Blu-rays as you release em.

  • Schmole

    @Koby, for me it’s not a matter of HDD space (which I have enough of), but rather I feel my measly Australian monthly DL limit could be better spend on series I’m more intent on watching… plus I like having official releases without my own tampering xDD

  • FattyBucha1080

    Nice choice on focusing on BD since the more uncensored the more times I will watch it and is this show dropped or not just wondering. Oh and keep up the good work.

  • PLH

    Damn. [SubDESU] does a horrible job.
    Oh well, guess I’ll wait on your BD releases. Thanks for this one, guys.

  • gogeta94

    the torrent not have any seed or pears

    i want link from hotfile

    I want a loli to fall into my arms.

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