Air (BD) - 01

Air (BD) – 01


I said I was going to do Air a long time ago, because I love this show. It was one of the very first anime I watched, and nothing beat it until Clannad After Story came along. Many a tear was shed.

I didn’t plan on releasing Air yet, but it was a spur of the moment thing. So here’s a little something to keep you occupied until Thursday! I don’t plan on releasing any more Air until I finish Clannad.

Video: 1280×720 h264. Encoded by [B-G], so all credit for the video goes to them! They did a very good job of fixing up a very poor upscale.
Audio: FLAC. I downloaded the BDISOs and extracted and converted the audio for this release. [B-G] included a DTS track, but I don’t like lossy codecs. Also DTS sucks.
Subtitles: Modified DVD subs.
Karaoke: Softsubbed.

Credits: Encoding: [B-G], Karaoke: Jecht, everything else: Holo.

720p (h264): [Doki] Air – 01 (1280×720 h264 BD FLAC) [4297E7A6].mkv


93 comments to Air (BD) – 01

  • thewizardninja

    Have fun with that retard.

  • Jigsy

    I’d be kind of willing to type out Koi’s fansubs line by line if you’re interested (seeing as I do nothing all day as it is. :D), though I won’t time them or anything.

    (I wouldn’t be able to do the Japanese part of the Kara either.)

    Lol really? If you are willing to type it out line by line and give it to me, I will use Koi’s.

  • Philip

    So, this is basically a joint with [B-G]? Seeing as how they already did 6 episodes… It would appear you are just making it better by changing the audio with FLAC, and actually finishing the project. (lol, [B-G] took too long :[)

  • The ORz

    Just wonder if you’re planning on doing the summer specials too? I didn’t know if they were on the bluray or not.


  • martinez

    @The ORz….and the movie, too?……XD

  • Jigsy

    Isn’t the movie just a retelling and animated by a crappy (imo) studio?

    Urgh, Toei. *retches*

    Yea, the movie sux

  • Pleo

    @The ORz
    BG-GuY answered before
    “Uh, check the torrent, it has 12 episodes and 2 in summer episodes, so that IS included already. Only ‘Episode 13 is missing’ which is a summary ep on the DVDs.”
    I would take it that the 2 Air in Summer specials are on BDs, except the Movie on DVD
    Hope it gets done too.

  • Halo Guy

    any plan on releasing 480p? since 720p is upscale, 480p will b much better, not to mention about 720p’s huge size!!

    If there is enough demand for XviD I will release it.

  • myztichydra

    i dont understand how to fix the audio i hear the background but i dont hear the voices talking is anyone else having this problem?

    Audio is 5.1. I have a feeling you are heaing some of the channels and not others. My advice is uninstall whatever player you are using, install KLite Codec Pack and it will definitely work.

    • CherryHawk

      I know It’s been a while, but I’m a mac user that stumbled across this problem and took me 2 hours to fix it so I thought I’d share my discovery. There’s no K lite for mac and perian doesn’t solve this problem. In my 2 hour search I discovered xbmc mediacenter. This player works beautifully and looks awesome.

  • martinez

    “[B-G] is better than all the other raws, because they did some really good filtering.”

    dammit……my hard work for week just to download it with my slow connection…..become a trash in just few hours !! >.<
    and i wasted 2 blank DVDs for burning it…

    anyway….I appreciate ur work …because now i get enlightment….

    AIR has to be download !!! whatever it cost !

  • Mr.Anderson

    Damm you Holo-dono,
    First you spice things up by saying this is the best show you’ve seen and then that you won’t release anything until another one is done. Stop teasing us xD

    Thanks for the wonderful ep ^^

  • Invisiblemoose

    Ah… Well… I copied out the first episode of Koi’s fansubs…

    With a couple courtesy grammar corrections… and a couple altered lines… used “Even if I could see the strings, I’d like it better if it were more interesting.” From Triad….since Koi’s didn’t make sense…Also “missus” to “old lady”.. Also, I swapped the naming convention back to last name, first name…

    Ultimately, though, I still prefer Triad overall, so I probably won’t be doing any more of these. But if someone else wants to give it a shot, this could be a helpful start.

    (I’m an insomniac.)

  • Soukyuu

    @Jigsy: please do. I could act as “backup”, or we could split the work. I’d take the first half xD

  • Soukyuu

    Oh and I can take care of typing the (jp) karaoke too.

  • Invisiblemoose

    @Soukyuu: It takes longer than you’d expect… >.>

    …but if you get a few people to spread the workload around, it wouldn’t be too bad…

    I might even do another one, if it looks like there’s any momentum…

  • Abvcbnninon

    thanks for everthing. you guys introduced me to watch air. I was scared first because the art was too ugly but the story is nice, or that’s what the first episode tries to show.

    btw, is the sound already quiet? I watch this after K-on, which was loud or at least loud enough and in comparison this was very subdued.

  • Soukyuu

    @Invisiblemoose: I know how long it takes. I’m doing exactly the same for crystalnova’s Aria subs for my own use. It will be a lot less work since we only have to type off the subs, not timing. Timing is what is most time consuming.

  • Halo Guy

    @myztichydra: try using k-lite as said by Holo, and of course install the mega pack. i’ve used every codec pack but all turned into shits, except this one.

  • General_Nic

    thk god Doki is doing this!!! thx!!!!!
    was recently searching high n low for sites to dl Air
    finally found the koi subs ver
    but found out got BD ver, n there goes my search again…
    then today enter Doki site n wat i saw??
    Air (BD)!!! OH YEAH

  • XD

    @Halo Guy: I’m Going With The Xvid too 🙂

  • Soukyuu

    Ok, I did the 2nd ep as well as OP/ED (romaji/kanji/translation) .txts
    Going to work on episodes 3&4 😛


    I’ve been waiting for Air ever since [B-G] said he was going to do it! Also, thanks for using FLAC! Lossy audio is….. lossy.

    Will be downloading ASAP. Good thing I bought another external HDD recently!

  • Halo Guy

    @XD: i hope we can get enough people on our side 😀

  • johnishida

    Great Release! AIR is still my fav. KEY anime. Looking forward to the other releases!

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