Clannad (Blu Ray)

Clannad (BD)

Update: The BDMV has been put on torrent, and I am downloading right now. It will take a week or so, as it is 173 GBs lol.

Like Kanon, I will release Clannad in 3 sizes: 1080p, 720p and 480p. The plan is:
1080p: h264 + FLAC 5.1 (~1 GB)
720p: h264 + AAC 5.1 (~400 MB)
480p: XviD + MP3 2.0 (~300 MB)

Ordered chapters: None. (Download Coalgirls if you want OC)
Softsubbed karaoke. (Identical to Kanon karaoke)

212 comments to Clannad (BD)

  • Christos

    about the karaoke thing : you don’t have to spend much time on it. a simple one seems a better idea to me.

  • kewlmyc

    Do whatever you did with Kanon for karaoke. It’s perfect, which is why I prefer you guys to Coalgirls.

  • Phillangees

    This excites me. In a way that is probably not proper.

  • Anon.

    i 2nd what Christos said…

    and i prefer the 720p as the 1080p is 2 mux for me LOL…

    but do as u like xD

    PS: Doki 4 EVER!

  • Makahi

    I agree with Christos, a simple karaoke would be ok, and hardsubbed as well, as it usually consume a lot of CPU. The normal subtitles can be softsub.

    I’m really looking forward to 1080p version of Clannad, I really loved this anime ^^

  • Sad Muslim

    600 x 26 = jesus christ that’s a shit load of space! I’ll stick to the visual novel.

  • Jeffrey

    I would like softsubbed, don’t have to get all fancy.
    Now if you’ve got FLAC for the 720p, I might stick with that.

  • Holo

    24, not 26. Clannad is one of the few anime where it is never a “waste of space”.

  • Phillangees

    Don’t be sad, Sad Muslim. Costco has 2tb external drives for 149 monies. I bet the internets might even have them cheaper than that.
    Perfect for files of this size.

  • Holo

    Lol you think that is big? Think of me. To download and encode Clannad, I need to download all 5 disks. Each BD disk is like 30GB. At least 150GB lol.

    HDDs are dirt cheap these days. I saw a 2TB internal HDD fall to £100 last week. I ordered a couple but was too late, all sold out lol. Lucky I still have some space left for Clannad.

  • Phillangees

    Indeed we are all, very lucky.

  • shinji

    For karaoke only I would sugget do Hardsubbed.

  • xeron

    I may be asking for way too much, but I really liked the karaoke that SS-Eclipse used. If you do hardsub it, I would love to see that reproduced.

    idk about FLAC for the 720p, though…

  • Front

    Yes, me think hardsubbed kara too. And, are nogizaka dropped?

  • plau

    I’d definitely prefer softsubs for the karaoke. It’s much cleaner (Just do what you did for Kanon, but change the font) and that I can turn it off if when I want to watch the OP/ED raw.

    The only problem is that I can’t decide whether to download the 720p or the 1080p…

  • I’m in favor of FLAC for the audio codec. I also want the hardsubbed prettier karaoke.

    Can’t wait for this. CLANNAD in 4 days!

  • Sad Muslim

    For those who wish to play clannad VN and own psps:

  • w4ka

    actually I believe clannad is 25 episodes plus the afterstory, I don’t remember well as I watched it when it aired from SS-Eclipse, are yo doing After story too?

  • Anon

    You guys should sub the Higurashi Kai specials since no one is or going too. 🙁

  • DolphinBoy

    95% of the time flac is just a placebo. The other 5% is for people who’ve replaced their human ears with those from a dolphin. I don’t care either way though, not like I’m missing out on anything if you do use flac. File size isn’t an issue for me.

  • Maniac

    I <3 the FLAC.

    Also, I prefer softsubs for the Karaoke. Thanks for you work!

  • rds

    if you release softsubs and someone wants hardsubbed kara, he can add it himself,

    but if you release hardsubs and someone doesn’t want hardsubbed kara, he can do … nothing. one cannot undo hardsubs.

    thus: NO HARDSUBBED KARAOKE, please.

    And, for those who (claim they do) sing anime songs, pls release OP/EDs with hardsubbed kara as separate files.


    same with FLAC. if you like it – just do it, those who don’t want it can always transcode it down to AAC, or MP3 and save space … 5 min of work per episode.


    i like hardsubs better it brings out the subbing flavor.
    softsubs is ok, but it will make it look boring.
    so please make it hardsubs holo im begging u.



    clannad deserves the royal treatment

  • Perfect Chaos

    To w4ka: Clannad is 24 episodes (23+OVA) and After Story is 25 (24+OVA). And they can’t do After Story, yet, since the blu-ray release of Clannad that’s coming on the 30th is only season 1. So we’ll have to wait longer for After Story to be out in blu-ray.

    Anyway, as for the karaoke, I don’t care whether it is hardsubbed fancy-karaoke or softsubbed simple-karaoke, just as long as it’s NOT hardsubbed AND simple karaoke (that one or two people have suggested).
    Also, if you choose to go the hardsubbed fancy-karaoke route, then I would suggest having the English translation of the lyrics softsubbed; that way, one can still have the option to turn off the translations and still have the pretty karaoke effects for the rōmaji & kanji. If anything, I would prefer this option slightly over the softsubbed simple-karaoke route.

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