Seikon no Qwaser – 14v0 (Uncensored)

Seikon no Qwaser - 14

The delay on this episode was because of the crazy ass OP2. We waited for lyrics to come out first. No ED2 because the lyrics are still not out yet, hence the v0.

The bad news is that due to my constraints with time, I have not had the chance to QC this ep myself. I trust that my timer (masat) and editor (Aesyl) have done the best they can. If you DO catch any mistakes, DO post in the comments, so that when I release v1, I can include the changes.

Good news is that tonight is a double release. Episode 15v0 coming right up.

396p (XviD): [chibi-Doki] Seikon no Qwaser – 14v0 (Uncensored Director’s Cut) [DDA7C80F].avi


23 comments to Seikon no Qwaser – 14v0 (Uncensored)

  • slapalot

    Torrent link seems to be incomplete. Get the following error when click on the torrent link
    You have specified a wrong ID number for the torrent to download !

  • tony-san

    Holo fail at link he left out id

    😛 Where are thou thank yous

  • Anon

    CoalGirls is doing the BluRays with your subs, so are you still going to be doing them?

  • qwertyuiop

    lol..are u blind or cant read?..just read the announcement…
    btw..thx for the update..

  • Anon

    Well, I just wasn’t sure if they saw that CoalGirls were using their subs for the BluRay, and two very nearly identical releases are sort of pointless.

  • tony-san

    They use a horrible raw that’s a huge difference

  • Holo

    And they used our v1 subs, which have issues with accuracy.

  • Swaffelaer

    About the lyrics though, they were included with the single release last week. There’s various releases on the internet as well with scans included.

  • Sad Muslim

    You guys do the best quality subs. I’m sad that you dropped B gata H kei because Coalguys is an illiterate chinese terrorist.

  • tony-san

    ok ok -_- It’ll be cought up next week probably

  • Aplus

    hmm where is the AVI format one?? would love it if you upload on megaupload 🙂

  • Jay

    “You didn’t get hear that, did you?”
    It should be “you didn’t get hurt, did you?”

    “He’s already this experienced using it, and it’s not like I can get it back by force, either.”
    It sounds like Katja is talking about Miyuri here so “he” should be replaced with “she”

    You referred to the airplane as “aeroplane.”
    Not really a complaint on my part if that was the intended word.

    “But you and Sasha… were hurt as a result.”
    Mafuyu is talking only about Sasha here.

    “Been able to endlessly fight against evil and win.”
    Should be “Being able to endlessly fight”

    “Why…? I’ve always… I’ve always thought us as comrades…”
    “Shouldn’t it be “I’ve always thought of us as comrades?”

    “I’m here to fulfil the promise between me the Great.”
    Should be “the promise between me and Great.” or “the promise with Great.”

    “As long as the sprite within me does not surrender,”
    Should be “as long as the spirit”

    “A unimportant person. Just a passing retired magician.”
    Should be “An unimportant person.”

    Even though you already have me… What the hell you doing?
    Proper grammar would be “What the hell are you doing?” no?

    Did I actually wrote you didn’t hear that O_o must’ve been distracted by boob canon anyway 13:12 idk what I was thinking and rest is editing errors 😐

  • Kaiza

    How long will it be until the avi is uploaded?

  • tony-san

    :p wow that’s a long list…

    but oh well I already knew there’d be a few errors considering I fell asleep half way translating this episode. (really I did it was that boring ._. it gets worse and worse as the episode goes)

  • Jade

    Can we get a mega upload please ? =D

  • HaloGuy

    Another v0?? Oh! crap! Hope to see v1 soon.

  • Holo

    Thank you jay, those fixes will be included in v1.

  • halo3roxas

    sweet, can tony-san put up an avi ddl for hotfile please

  • Hilario Birnell

    yea wonderful Work

  • halo3roxas

    hotfile ddl please thx

  • kojika

    You referred to the airplane as “aeroplane.”
    Not really a complaint on my part if that was the intended word.

    I think my dictionary sums it up nicely:

    aeroplane n, an aircraft that is heavier than air, has ronrotating wings from which it derives its lift, and is mechanically propelled

    airplane n, an aeroplane

  • egozi

    cant see sub@!@!!

    i dont know what you do that so diffrent from rest of your Releases but in eps 1 2 5 14 and 15 i cant see sub! i use this mpc and cccp for more then four years and everything allright in the other animes show i saw 🙁
    fix it dammit: O plz ….

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