Ladies versus Butlers! DVD Extra

According to ANN, the first volume of Ladies versus Butlers! Blu-Ray/DVD will include extra footage and a DVD special.  The extra footage will feature Tomomi and Selnia while the special DVD will include the special preview episode featuring the interviews with the respective seiyus. Specific details regarding the nature of the extra footage is unknown as of yet, but it should really be more ecchi stuffs.

I will most probably translate the extra footage as long as I have access to appropriate resources. If you are thinking about the seiyu interviews, they will obviously not be subbed since there is really no point in doing that. If we planned to do that, we would have released that along with the pre-release episode a few weeks ago.

3 comments to Ladies versus Butlers! DVD Extra

  • CDP5280

    what is Flameheart’s given name? Is it Selnia or Iori?

  • sotandem

    selnia should be her given name while iori is her father’s name. As for flameheart, it’s the family surname.

  • aonosora

    will doki release this episode extra?

    If you bothered to read what’s stated above, I believe you should have the answer. As to when? It will obviously be when the DVD is released. And if you are asking when the DVD is going to be released, I think it is VERY OBVIOUS that it won’t be anytime soon since the TV edition is still airing.

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