Chu-Bra!! - 02

Chu-Bra!! – 02

There will be no more HD version due to the eye cancerous upscale. Both h264 and XviD will be released in 480p. The black borders have been cropped off. Episode 1 will have a h264 480p version when the lyrics are done.

SD (h264): [Doki] Chu-Bra!! – 02 (848×480 h264 AAC) [0EDB37F0].mkv


SD (XviD): [Doki] Chu-Bra!! – 02 (848×480 XviD MP3) [9E636DD5].avi


24 comments to Chu-Bra!! – 02

  • Dimi

    No more HD wonderfull now where am I going to get this eps >_>

    At least give us 720p :S

  • Holo

    It looks terrible in 720, thats why… If you stretched the 480 to 720, it will look the same. No one else is releasing in 720 because of this.

  • james

    Any idea when we can expect the lyrics?

  • EVV

    is the tracker broken?

  • buff

    yahoo! will qwaser that will be release uncensored?

  • Holo

    I’ve hosted the torrent file in case you can’t connect to anirena.

    As for lyrics, I hope they are out by episode 4.

  • 1948 ford

    i noticed that a lot of anime are acually following the manga quite well

    and thank you for the release cant wait for the other shows form you guys

  • sage1210

    Could you make episode 1 in to 480p h264 ?

    It strange when see that only first episode only upscaled in h264.


    *I like your works man.

  • Holo

    “Episode 1 will have a h264 480p version when the lyrics are done.”

    The Qwaser that will be released is censored. The uncensored one has not aired yet. It will air in 2 weeks time.

  • sage1210

    Dear Holo.

    I am glad to hear that news and I can wait for uncensored of The Qwaser (I called it Holy Milk)with pleasure too.


  • Vocah

    Just a question: Why is the filesize of the h264 version bigger than the xvid? From the little I know, shouldn’t the h264 file be smaller because it’s the better stuff?

  • playerttt

    That mean from eps 4 when the lyris of Chuu-Bra!! are done, you will add to subs karaoke and working v2, right ? Like Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu 2 – Purezza, right ?

  • Loli moe mahjong!

    May i ask why 848×480 is in hardware player friendly condition? Because hardware player doesn’t support res bigger than 720×480… Don’t get the point of it.

  • Holo

    -Yes, karaoke will be included in v2.

    -I think the h264 is bigger than then XviD in this case because the raw is very shitty.

    -My phone can play 848×480 XviD (Samsung i8910). My XviD settings is just set in such a way that it is hardware compatible, by coincidence.

  • SurferDude

    What’s the point of doing Seikon no Qwaser censored ? There are other sub groups doing that already. Wouldn’t it be better to wait 2 weeks and do an uncensored version if AT-X airs it that way ?

  • Sandy Wich's Boy

    How come you don’t do DDL links for anything anymore?

  • Good job. Damn, seeing anime makes me wanting to translate more manga, but I’m a little loaded with work atm … Besides there is no way that I could be ahead of anime – in anime you have 2 chapters per episode.

    Also – biribiri approves of this version.

  • Holo

    I upload to torrent and to bot. No time to upload to DDL anymore. If animetake posts our releases, I’ll post their links.

  • 8-tails

    please tell me qwaser is gonna be uncensored

  • Holo

    Uncensored version airs on the 26th.

  • Psi

    Hi Holo, would you be so kind to host the SD version on another tracker as well?


  • Attobyte

    Sorry to ask but I’m really curious. Is there really a significative difference between eye cancerous upscale, non-eye cancerous upscale and true hd image/display formats. If you have picture examples would help. Thanks in advance.

  • CSJ

    Attrobyte: ask yourself this question: What has more pixels, 854×480 or 1280×720? If the native source is 480p (848-864×480 depending on who encodes it and what they encode it with), upscaling the picture to 1280×720 (720p) usually will not entail any better quality unless you use a hardware upscaled source and throw a huge bitrate at it, and even then it’s likely not going to look much better than the 480p original. If you have a flawed picture to begin with at 480p resolution, upscaling it to 720p will only make those flaws larger and more noticeable.

    If you really want to see the difference, get an HDTV, a Blu-ray player that can play DVD’s upscaled, and find a movie you enjoy that has both a DVD release and a true High Definition Blu-ray disc release. Play the Blu-ray disc and the DVD upscaled and see which one looks better yourself.

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