Mobamas Gekijou - 15

There’s a new Uzuki SSR. Unfortunately, that means I did a 300 gacha.

We will be releasing the TV version of Gekijou as “Main” from this point forward, so as not to make the BD releases confusing as hell.

You may also have noticed that we are now releasing both SideM and Gekijou under a new [Doki-S(mile)ING!] tag, the purpose of which should be obvious.

Also, kids, don’t gacha.

Mobamas Gekijou - 14

So, after a 3 month break, this show continues…

Btw, we will be picking up SideM, so look forward to it!


  • K-timing – Jocko
  • Karaoke – Kuzu

Mobamas Gekijou – 13

I did a 73 gacha and didn’t get my Miku SSR. Also, I blame AX for the delay.

Now that Mobamas Gekijou is over, perhaps it’ll finally be time that we get the Imas movie finished and released.

<Uzuki> any comments though, jocko?
<Jocko> Hmm
<Jocko> This is the hardest part of fansubbing.
<Jocko> Ehm
<Jocko> Nyowa~?
<Jocko> Wait
Jocko is now known as Kirarin
<Kirarin> Nyowa~

Mobamas Gekijou – 12

>tfw 1150000 isn’t enough to get me to tier 2 in “Yes! Loli Time!!”.

Mobamas Gekijou – 11

No song translation this episode because there’s no official lyrics and I could barely make anything out. It’s written by Psychic Lover, though, which brought us everyone’s favourite Key quote, “REWRITE OF ZA LIFE”.

Thanks to Kirarin (seen above) for typesetting all of this in one day so that I can spend tomorrow (or rather, today) playing FFXIV on its last day on PS3.

Mobamas Gekijou – 10

<Kirarin> When I grow up I want to be like Kawashima-san.
<Kirarin> Fuck I almost FC’d the event m+.
<Kirarin> Only 1 nice
<Anzu> Kawashima-san would have fced that
<Kirarin> That’s why I want to be like her.
<Anzu> wakaru wa

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Mobamas Gekijou – 09

<Jocko> where are your dead arisu memes now

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Mobamas Gekijou - 08


<Jocko> “No Katou release pic?!”

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