Girl Gaku ~Hijiri Girls Square Gakuin~ - 06 - 08

Girl Gaku ~Hijiri Girls Square Gakuin~ – 06 – 08


So I’ll say one thing, this show is kind of annoying to work on as each time they use this insert, they clip different lines out so I have to shift things multiple times. Also, they didn’t lazy the insert animation in ep8, not that there’s a lot of detail in the series, but at least it’s mostly animated… and not even 3dcg!

krymsun00: So we need to decide if we’re keeping 3d part
krymsun00: Why would I need to do the song if we aren’t?
jakeman95: It’s used as an insert
jakeman95: Well part of it
krymsun00: There’s an insert in a 2 minute episode? Fucking eh
jakeman95: 00:57
krymsun00: Well the 3d part is kind of redundant
jakeman95: I’ve seen lazier animation for inserts in other series.
jakeman95: Yeah
jakeman95: I don’t feel like a pedo watching these 3, though.
krymsun00: You’d still be put on flyers around town
jakeman95: Some of the other videos they have of them singing/dancing though…
jakeman95: Lol
jakeman95: I mean… I probably already am.
jakeman95: But yeah, can probably ax the 3d since it’s a repeat.
krymsun00: If 4chan has taught me anything, it’s that the presence of that black guy in the studio means they’ve all been defiled already anyway
jakeman95: HAHA
jakeman95: I mean being that all the hosts are male…
krymsun00: Just to be clear, that is not a racist comment. Jap idols just love black dick apparently

Ep 9 at encode. (My XDCC bot is broken, I might fix it tomorrow)

06: [Doki] Girl Gaku ~Hijiri Girls Square Gakuin~ – 06 (1280×720 HEVC AAC) [002EB154].mkv
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07: [Doki] Girl Gaku ~Hijiri Girls Square Gakuin~ – 07 (1280×720 HEVC AAC) [D5754DFB].mkv
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08: [Doki] Girl Gaku ~Hijiri Girls Square Gakuin~ – 08 (1280×720 HEVC AAC) [460E1D67].mkv
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