Petit Tomo 2

Petit Tomo 2

Here’s another one Ero wanted to do. Not a huge fan of imouto’s who aren’t loyal to their Onii-chan. But she has a nice figure, so I’ll forgive her.


  • TL/QC: Ero_Yatsu
  • Photoshoppy stuff: ixlone

Manga: [Doki] Petit Tomo 2 (Original) [A87E2C19].zip

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8 comments to Petit Tomo 2

  • StalkerFairy

    You know…I’ve been wondering for a while but have Doki given up on subbing?

    Was hoping you’d guys finish off the Nanoha movies in addition to other series, but have not seen any sub outputs within the past…year or so. Mostly manga in addition to (loli) hentai.

    • Ero_Yatsu

      The point of fan translation is to create translations for things that don’t have them, or at least don’t have a good one. The options for subs/dubs for anime these days are vast & mostly good, making it largely a pointless effort. Many manga & hentai go without translation, thus most efforts are focused there as a result.

      • Suki

        Agreed. Like you said most anime today are already have subs that good enough. I think it would be better to put effort on things that didn’t have translation for it. Like manga and hentai-anime/manga/game.

        Around 2000s probably the most active fansubs scene.
        Right now probably the most active scanlation scene.

      • purposelycryptic

        A little late, I know, but can I still be sad about this, even if I objectively agree with what you are saying?

        I’ve followed/collected Doki’s sub releases since the early days (initially discovered through the Chihiro connection, who started subbing right around when I started watching anime), and they have almost always been the ones I archive. Fansubs may be far less necessary today than a decade ago, but it doesn’t make it any less sad. I suppose I should stop stubbornly waiting on the Doki release of the rest of the Persona 5 anime…

        I am really glad you guys are still doing the Good Work, though, even if the format has changed – I wouldn’t have known about Bocchi until the anime without your releases (and life without Bocchi is a lesser life). Wish you guys all the best, and hope you keep doing your thing, even if the specific “thing” changes with time! 🙂

  • FireFish5000

    lol, Spring 2015 still listed as ongoing.
    Site missing most images since accidental deletion, but main page elements that use them haven’t been updated/removed (VN/patch).
    Cbox was allowed to die (a fan paid to keep it alive last year IIRC), but remains on page.
    Hentai toggle remains in use, but appears to be broken

    Do you guys plan to eventually let the site die? Leaving just anidex for anime archives, and mangadex as the doki legacy. Or are there plans to update it at some point in time? If nothing else, remove the dead elements and links.

    At this point in time, the only thing I come here for is to easily find some hentai manga. Though I am getting in the habit of visiting ixlone’s MD user profile page instead.

    • Fixed up most of the stuff 😡

      cbox is just the free version now, it still works though.

      • FireFish5000

        cbox works? ah…. FF problem. Well, I am on nightly, so I should have double checked that.

        I understand this site being a low priority compared to MD, but the difference was so vast that it was like looking at a neglected step daughter begging for help, while the heir is being pampered and fed grapes off the vine.

        From my point of view, the site used to be a showcase of what you had done, but it is slowly becoming a lifeless archive. Not much can be done about the lost data. But, sweeping the broken/dead things off the homepage, and making active projects not use broken elements makes it look much more alive.

        The main problem I had was probably the active projects, bc nothing says ‘dead group’ to me more than active projects on homepage from 2015. The date for which had a much larger font than the new uploads. Now the site doesn’t look dead at first glance anymore. thx!

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