New Game - Chapter 36

New Game – Chapter 36

Most boring chapter, yawn~

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10 comments to New Game – Chapter 36

  • Cezar

    Shit. Thanks for doing the spinoff as well, else this chapter would’ve been confusing.

  • Rokudaime

    Don’t listen to TheThing, this is a nice chapter. I enjoyed it. 🙂 And I agree, this chapter is definitely meant to be read after having read at least chapter 1 of the spinoff first, so thanks for doing that as well!

    • mogu

      (This chapter originally came out last year, while the spinoff came out last week.)

      • Mirage

        Ignoring the reality of timing, this chapter certainly seems far FAR more natural if it had indeed been released after we’d been seen the character introductions from “Volume 5”. Which I imagine is what Rokudaime was trying to convey.

        I imagine for first time readers back then it would have been a really dull chapter where Aoba met some girl that had never been introduced (and wasn’t even properly introduced in the chapter proper).

      • Rokudaime

        Huh, really? Well that’s odd…I mean, without having read any of the spinoff, we wouldn’t know who Hotaru is, right? In which case reading chapter 36 of the main series without having read the first chapter of the spinoff first would just leave us wondering who this Hotaru girl is when she just shows up like that. Unless I’m missing something? :-/ Strange choice by the author…

  • Hanover Fist

    A couple issues:
    Should this be in Volume 4 in the reader rather then volume 3?
    Many of Thingy’s releases skip XDCC – please post the chapter on Doki|Michiru.

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