New Game - Chapter 35

The above release pic was a joke page I made for jakeman95 to tease him. When I TSed it (and created it), it was many months ago before Political Warning: [Bernie left the race]. Unfortunately due to some stalling happening, that is no longer relevant.

As a personal opinion though, I think Political Warning: [I would vote for Trump. I think most of the negativity feedback on him has been due to systematic media smear campaign and I think he’s far better than Hillary].

<&jakeman95> So much New Game, so little time for Old Game…

Manga: [NFP-Doki] New Game – Chapter 35 [10B057D7].zip

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41 comments to New Game – Chapter 35

  • BingoNameo

    “I would vote for Trump.” LOL!!!
    “I think most of the negativity feedback on him has been due to systematic media smear campaign” ROFL!!!!!!!1!!!
    Nice troll! πŸ™‚

    • TheThing

      Care to come with a better suggestion?

      Update: Just saw a freaky video about Trump just now… welp, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      • A_Blind_Man

        kill both candidates, get some better ones…

      • Camera Man A2

        All the choices suck. I don’t like Hillary, but she at least seems sane. Don’t get me wrong, she is a crook at best, but her lies are all part of the game. Trump seems to hear voices and just goes with. And they are clearly racist and hateful. Most republicans I know are either voting for the libertarian, or just not voting. A few are voting Hillary out fear of what Trump will do to the United States and the world.

        • Camera Man A2

          Also, I should point out that Fox News and the Koch brothers, hate Trump is there has to been something seriously wrong with the man.

          • rhino36

            They hate him because he’s not the globalist puppet on the republican side.

          • BingoNameo

            “They hate him because he’s not the globalist puppet on the republican side.” LOL!!!
            The trolls here are so great. πŸ™‚

      • PokemanGogurt

        this whole election is just sad. makes we wonder why i decided to vote. I wish Bernie would come back. πŸ™

        • Meh, as long as Hilary doesn’t win we’ll come out in one piece.

          • Shiro

            As much as I hope and wish she won’t, I already know she will. The media has already done their best to make sure of that.

            The snowflakes and white/hetero/male apologists are out in full force too and will continue to erode any good left in this country until there’s nothing left but politically correct safe spaces.

          • ClubSoDuh

            Doki fans sure have an odd view of the world. I feel like some of you need to spend a little less time reading things on the web and darknet, and spending more time in reality.

          • tbo

            Not gonna lie, as a white hetero male, I’m not sure who Shiro expects me to vote for.

      • Eirik

        I am very glad I don’t live in the USA. Your election system is quite corrupt. You can complain about bad things there, but if you look at your own history, that has been happening since before you were a nation. The first fraudulent election was George Washington, and it just continued. You are not seeing anything new; it is just the same thing refined. Folks in my country [Norway] do not understand why Americans like Trump so much. My grandmother says Trump is a good match for Hitler. I know that like a troll thing to say, but she lived through that so I have to believe her. The man hates everyone, but he wants countries to have more nuclear weapons. That is a road to war, not peace. I can not tell you how to vote, but Clinton seems like the bettor of your choices. She can not be worse than what you had, but Trump is be the lowest point. The end of your country.

        • Rokudaime

          Wow, a fellow Norwegian! πŸ˜€ How rare to find one on Doki! Hei! Du har det samme (irl) navnet som meg til og med! πŸ˜€ But yeah, I wholeheartedly agree with you about Trump. It actually makes me pretty worried about the state of mind of most Americans if they want someone like Trump to rule their countrty… :-/

      • frescoreader

        Stop wearing a fedora you whiny fucktard. What are you trying to do, hide your pea-sized brain? With a post like this, everyone already knows you’re a vegetable.

        Does anyone realize they can actually vote for other party candidates?

      • tbo

        Hillary’s missteps seem to be out of carelessness or not thinking how they would seem from the outside. Trump’s missteps are because he thinks he’s an expert on everything, especially things he isn’t.

        The country’s gotten better in the past 8 years, so when Trump says Hillary would be four more years of the same, that sounds like an endorsement to me.

        Plus, you know, Trump’s an ass.

  • Phukkitt

    I only see up to Chapter 34 on the Reader.

  • Could you give us a status report on New Game (manga) instead of that political nonsense? There are 5 volumes out already.

    Oh god, I know it sounds rude but I swear it was not my intention. x_x

    • mogu

      There are 4 volumes and a prequel out. The author was going to number the prequel “Volume 0” or “Volume 4.5” but both of those could cause some issues so they ended up just calling it volume 5, despite being a completely separate and self-contained story. Volume 4 also had a release cycle half as long as every volume before it, being released six months after volume 3, with all past volumes having a year between releases.

      Volume 3 is almost complete, and volumes 4 and 5 both came out together a just over a week ago.

      Yes, progress has been slow, but we’re not nearly as badly stalled as that statement implies. (Yet…)

      That being said, I’m being told there should be more coming before too long. Whether or not that actually happens, though, remains to be seen.

  • Tenebrae

    Didn’t want to post this, but it really bugged me. Page 91, top right panel, there’s a spelling mistake in Aoba’s thoughts. Should read “affect”, not “effect” Not sure if you do v2 of manga or its possible to update the current release, but I don’t expect such a small error to be changed.

      • Femto Zeta

        what chapter and page is “page 91” anyway? I want to see the “mistake”

        • kojika

          Chapter 35, page 7.

          Whether to use ‘affect’ or ‘effect’ depends upon the specific meaning of the line in question. If she is saying her choice will influence or make a difference to their present relationship then it should be ‘affect’. Using ‘effect’ suggests that next year’s relationship will be brought about as a result of her choice.

          • Femto Zeta

            for some reason I never saw the page count at the bottom…

            the use of ‘effect’ seems very obscure to me in this case and on page 1 of this chapter; both don’t make logical sense to me.
            to me it sounds like depending on how the party goes it could cause an evaluation and that her restaurant choice will create the relationship with the two others in the next year.

          • Rokudaime

            I agree with this. I don’t care what Thing says, using “effect” instead of “affect” like that just sounds totally weird.

  • Hanover Fist

    Please put the pack on the XDCC bot?

  • woods

    Thanks for the release!
    And as for your opinion, we’re 100% in agreement πŸ™‚

  • rs

    TT, something something, cute girls are cute, trump is going to make anime great again :^)

    Glad we both don’t have to vote over there, right?

  • Ero_Yatsu

    Well that chapter went fucking nowhere!

  • Moe Blob

    If neither of the candidates seems appealing, then consider the party platform. What would an avatar of that party be reasonably expected to accomplish within that platform. Do these things align with your values.

    Another thing to consider is that there will be at least 1 and possibly up to 4 Supreme Court appointments during this time. The Supreme Court is generally responsible for the political direction of laws which exist/are created by setting precedent for the interpretation of those laws.

  • Rokudaime

    :-/ Really Thing? Trump? True, both choices are bad, and the American election system (and political system in general really) is broken and bad to begin with (only two sides, Republicans or Democrats, to really choose from, instead of multiple parties like in a lot of European countries, and also way too much power given to one person (the president) as opposed to an elected party as a whole), but still, you want Trump? For real? They guy is clearly not well in the head. And he makes one hateful statement after another, and he also keeps withdrawing and going back on things he has said whenever and wherever it suits him. He’s not willing to stand for his opinions at all. ( -_-‘)

    With that out of the way, thanks for the chapter as always. πŸ™‚ Though page 88 (4), in the top right frame should be “me neither”, not “me either”.

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