Koutetsujou no Kabaneri - 12

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – 12

Final episode brought to you by delays(tm).  I personally feel that the series was solid and had a solid ending.  Not to mention it had the best girl of Spring 2016.

And as this is the final episode of what I hope to be only the first season, we have some ending comments from a few staff:


«@krymsun00» Well I’d like to personally apologize for delaying it because of AX.
«@krymsun00» Hopefully there’s a season 2. Because this is way better than the Walking Dead and that has 6.
«@krymsun00» I ever mention how hot girls with guns are? Because they’re pretty great. If they know how to use them.

«&Uzuki» i’d like to personally apologize for delaying it by making krym go to AX

«@Jocko» For the first time I’m glad I wasn’t part of most of the release post quotes.

BDs to come soon, once a few logistics get worked out.

720p: [Doki] Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – 12 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [39BD374C].mkv

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480p: [Doki] Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – 12 (848×480 h264 AAC) [DC230EC9].mkv

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30 comments to Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – 12

  • hotcakes teamu

    > best girl of Spring 2016

    rank 3 in doki vote.
    Thanks for subbing this show

  • Dahkar

    Thanks, but ZERO Seeds for the 720p Version ?

  • Ali

    aye, no seed for 720p :p

  • Apologies, looks like the only person who has the final 720p mux has gone to bed. Will have to wait until the morning.

  • kal

    No seeds, rip watching this tonight.

  • rude

    Bibe was a mistake. Dunno who else will agree with me but show suffered when he came in the picture. It was better without ’em. Ends just like that? No more Mumei??? shaking my head… orz

  • Elvin21

    Good thing Mumei is fine… Thanks!

  • pikopika

    Thank you for completing the series!

  • My Wife * Is So Cute

    My Wife Mumei Is So Cute

    I had such high hopes for this series but the more I watched it the more boring it became. I just have no idea how it could have been so mediocre because this show just had about EVERYTHING that should make a legendary anime with that OST and amazing artwork and character design but I suppose its weakest points were the plot, the characters were generally nearly all unlikable or forgettable, and poor execution all around. But I will admit the ending was pretty good and even though Biba ruined a lot of things, he turned out to be a pretty deep and complex character at the very end of the series. The last episode also had some amazing direction so I hope to see that more in anime in the future. Hopefully any new anime WIT comes up with next time is done far better and they learn from their mistakes.

    • elmaton

      You know she is 12.

    • jakeman95

      It’s funny, cause while I agree with a few points, I really think they did a good job and made an anime that didn’t over-reach. Instead of trying to bombard you with background details, how certain things got to the way they are, and contextual background, it focused on the story and the bonds they built. I honeslty think it was rather well done, well paced, and well executed.

      I won’t say that the introduction of Biba’s character ruined it, but it didn’t really help the series. This type of character type and goal is rather overused in anime.

      And the liking of the characters is probably a personal twist as I liked all 6 main characters.

  • Tom

    CRC for files are swaped. 39BD374C is for 720p, DC230EC9 is for 480p

  • Mirai

    Good on the german part. Only mistake (besides bad structure of sentences and so on by the song itself) was that you used “Heimart” instead of “Heimat”.

    • jakeman95

      You’re not the first one to tell me that; however, it’s Heimart in the official lyrics. So, despite how wrong it is, that is what will be used.

  • 00SaS

    The worst show of spring 2016, and u guys are praising it???? U guys are funny in the head…. The best girls of spring 2016? That bitch…? My ass.
    Excuse my french but u guys really haven’t seen “good” anime if this crap is good in ur eyes…

    _bestgirl is Rem_

    • rude

      Troll or a moron, I can’t decide. Maybe both from reading your second post below. Don’t see anywhere of praising but personal opinions given for this show which includes yours.

      • 00SaS

        If ‘«@krymsun00» Hopefully there’s a season 2. Because this is way better than the Walking Dead and that has 6.” is not praising, then what is… I can’t believe he compared this crappy show to Walking Dead! And I’m not trolling neither am I a moron, it’s just ur taste sucks when it comes to good anime…. IF that IS an anime u guys really like… Im really disappointed in u guys… After being the best typsetters (or whatever term) for using British English instead of rubbish American… Which everyone uses….

        • 00SaS

          Plus. When chatting with another fansubs which also did this show, at least they saw the truth in my words and agreed that they hit the bottom with this crap, but the obligation of finishing the job they started, made them go on… I expected sth like that from u guys, but it seems that ur taste is really not good (I AM surprised, coz all ur other shows are good, but “liking” this? It’s like u say I really love Berserk 2016’s cgi, it’s amazing. Which people will say, there IS sth wrong with this guy, which is true. Tnx for paying attention to my humble and truthful comments.

    • anonymlol

      I agree with “bestgirl is Rem” and that after ep 2, the show was kind of a letdown.

      • 00SaS

        IKR? Finally some sense in here… Even the ending is soo predictable.

        My points for not liking it:

        1. It is like a rip off of Attack on Titans, with the art and the OST (I know it has the same director, but if that is the setting, u expect sth even better than AoT… Which was my thoughts that made me go through ep2, and as u agreed, we were betrayed.

        2. It’s characterization was non-existent… They just came to be, AALL the characters, even the zombies (well they did dig a little in the loli’s past?) Even Batman v Superman had a better characterization. Anyway, it didn’t pay any attention on building the characters, even the MC didn’t feel like one.

        2. The development of the story was as bad as Big Order, but big Order’s plot was waaay better.

        3.The whole anime is pointless, there is no goal. U just survive… And u don’t see their struggle to beat the infection, just survival. Which is not the point in this kina media (even in Walking Dead they tried to find out the reason… After surviving of course… Or Gakku Garashi…).

        4.They just happen to have two bottles of the virus and the anti, which made u crazY Zombie, and one that made u return from it… If they are that far ahead in the science, just cure the peasants instead of killing em…

        I have zillions of such truths that makes me mad about this crap… It’s pure nonsense and what makes me more mad is that some people actually like it, which makes go, whaaaat? Is wrong with the world…

        Ah… There u have it…

        Not related but:
        One Piece is such a legendary anime. Now that is what u call a bundle of exemplary awesomeness.(currently watching). So is Monogatari Series… That one is the love of life. Shinobu is best girl in whole wide world… She is a 400 years old loli…

  • 00SaS

    PS. Good riddance. Hope never see this shiity show anywhere ever… It was a huge let down from ep2 onwards…

    • Eh, at a certain point in time, it’s about enjoying something for what it is, cuz you’re not getting anything else out of it.

      You must of enjoyed it to some extent, seeing as you watched it all the way to the end. When I don’t enjoy a show, it gets dropped a couple episodes in.

      Another thing is you’re welcome to your opinion, and there’s nothing wrong with them liking it. Respect others’ opinions. In this case, it’s something like don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.
      What’s to be gained from trying to ridicule them for their likes?

      • 00SaS

        I watched it till the for the hope of a change for the better at the end… Coz I have encountered such things…
        And I have not ridiculed their opinion, just expressing my opinions… Which happens to sound that way… And seriously I didn’t enjoyed it that much, I had to keep going for various reasons… I rarely drop shows…
        About opinions… I am sure people who sorta liked this show was becoz of Mumei’s features… The anime holds no value what so ever…
        But still I may have gone too far with my previous comments, due to my disliking of this show, thus, I sincerely apologize here and now if I have hurt or offended anyone in anyway. Specially Doki staff who are trying hard to get us good stuff.

        All that being said, it doesn’t change the fact that this show is shit and does not worth a 2nd season… And it is “my” opinion, and everyone is welcome with theirs, as this comments part is for such blabbers.

  • grindshot

    Awaiting batch release 🙂

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