Koutetsujou no Kabaneri - 05

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – 05

Here’s the next episode of CHOO CHOO no Transcorpse. Lots of foreshadowing going on in this episode!  ED lyrics have been updated to official.

«&jakeman95|work» So, krym, if Mumei had my baby, would it be a Kabaneri, a Kabane, or human?
«@krymsun00» Well if it’s some form of disease present in the blood as the show has indicated, the baby definitely wouldn’t be human.
«@krymsun00» If it was pure Kabane it’d probably try and kill her from in the womb.
«@krymsun00» So hopefully Kabaneri.
«&jakeman95|work» Let’s go with that.

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23 comments to Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – 05

  • Lalalancelot

    Yay~ More CHOO CHOO no Transcorpse goodness subbed by Doki! Thank you very much!

    Thomas no Transcorpse… nahh.

  • Kaiser D

    I’m confused. Can someone explain the name of the short-haired girl for me. I notice every group called her differently. Nameless,No-name,Mumei. Which one is her real name?

    • Lalalancelot

      There are two possible answers… one is simple aaaand the other is a paradox… I think.
      1. Her name really is Mumei, which literally means “nameless”.

      2. She really doesn’t have a name which is why she is named/called Mumei, but wouldn’t that mean that she has a name and not nameless?

      In any case, one fact stands true… she’s called Mumei.

      Anyway, Mumei is cuter compared to Nameless so… Mumei>Nameless.

    • krymsun00

      Her name is Mumei. When she first said it Ikoma asked if that was her name and she said her brother gave it to her. She did not say she doesn’t have a name.

      There’s probably some meaning behind it meaning “nameless,” like her brother or whoever may just see her as a tool not worthy of a better name (which this episode may support based on a certain conversation). However, despite the meaning of the characters of her name, it is still Mumei.

      • Mirage

        ^Basically this. Far as I know the common practice is to NOT translate a name to it’s “meaning”. You can however put a little TLNote or something if you so want to so that people are aware of the connotation (or point out the meaning when it is important).

        • Kaiser D

          Thank you, everyone for explain it for me. After trying to figure it out for a while, now it’s quite clear for me that they really called her “Mumei” I can’t believe other groups translate a name just like that, worst idea ever. I’m so glad Doki still doing fansub professionally and never done something like that. You’re the best! Thank you 🙂

        • Kivaari

          “translate a name to it’s meaning”

          Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in this year.

          Thanks for ep 5.

  • christantoan

    Isn’t the “Shougunate” should be the “Shogunate”?

    • krymsun00

      It’s debatable. The original Japanese word is definitely spelled “shougun”, but English speakers tend to leave out that u. And since shogunate is a purely English word it typically doesn’t have the u either. Other examples of this phenomenon would include Tokyo actually being spelled Toukyou (but hey look, spell check thinks the first one is correct and the second one isn’t). So it could go either way. Jake chose to use the extra u.

      • jakeman95

        I always choose to use full character romanization over shortened. Another example in the series that differs on how it can be spelled is Kongoukaku (alt Kongokaku). Also why you’ll see wo/he in my song romanizations over the possible o/e.

        • Kyouma

          Though Doki doesn’t tend to use macrons for full romanization. But it doesn’t really make a big difference.

          And thanks for the work ^^

  • rifter

    Thanks for the release~

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