Overlord (BD) - Batches

Overlord (BD) – Batches

All right, here’s the batch.

There are some v2s, and the patches were made with my new patch script.

So what’s changed for you? Well, the new script patches everything in one go (no more patching every episode manually) and moves the old files into an “old” folder.

I have tested the patch scripts on windows and mac, so they should work. Let me know if they don’t.

Also, I won’t be doing the specials.


    Episode 01 (All): Dialogue fixes. Patchable.
    Episode 03 (All): Dialogue fixes. Patchable.
    Episode 04 (All): Dialogue fixes. Patchable.
    Episode 10 (All): Dialogue fixes. Patchable.
    Episode 12 (All): Dialogue fixes. Patchable.

Patches – Overlord

HD: Overlord (2015) [Doki][1920×1080 HEVC BD FLAC]

Torrent | XDCC

HD: Overlord (2015) [Doki][1280×720 HEVC BD AAC]

Torrent | XDCC

SD: Overlord (2015) [Doki][848×480 h264 BD AAC]

Torrent | XDCC

39 comments to Overlord (BD) – Batches

  • Dan.SGan

    Thanks for the patch and batch! One of the favourites for 2015.

  • darkiukas

    Thanks for batch, do you think you could finish TO Love-ru Darknes 2nd batch ? 🙂

  • Elvin21

    Its now complete… Thanks!

  • darkiukas

    This Overlord BD HEVC is same quality as normal BD ?

  • Do I need to patch the eps in the batch?

    • Guest

      Buddy, don’t hurt me.
      No more. 😀

    • Moogle

      HEVC is h265. Basically it’s the new encoding format to replace h264. It can do slightly better quality but with less file size space compared to it.

      The only downside is that h265 aka hevc uses more cpu when playing the video, but on pcs this is hardly a big issue. but maybe for mobile devices like smartphones maybe it will stress? i never tested that so not sure if it’s a problem or not.

      People been holding off on HEVC until it matured to have as many options as x265, but i reckon it’s been a long while, maybe the tech has already matured enough to have the settings to offer the quality level of x264 encodes perhaps ?

      Maybe an expert can elaborate on that :X

  • 123b

    video is not playing in both cccp and kcp . can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong

  • Cezar

    >using scripts

    Reported unskilled player

  • don juan

    Mpchc with lav filters can even play 12 bit encoded HEVC.

  • Guest

    Thank you Doki!
    I’m really happy that you finally use naked filenames (without path) inside *.delta files, so now you don’t need to specify input and output filenames. 🙂

    And why you didn’t use shorter batch file like this one (just curious)?
    [code]@echo off
    if not exist old md old
    for %%a in (*.delta) do xdelta3 -d -q “%%~a” & move “%%~na.*” .\old[/code]

    • anonymlol

      Tried your code, it doesn’t work. Also, the batch script (to patch all eps) was written by the other script automatically, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a little longer, it doesn’t take any more time to create.

      Btw, I don’t know if the other PLs will switch to my script, they might continue to use the old Doki Patch Creator TheThing made.

      • Guest

        Thanks for the reply!
        I wonder what’s wrong. Did you replace blogs fancy quotes to just simply double quotes (Alt+34 or Shift+’) before run? Because if you just copy’n’paste code from here it won’t work. BTW, what’s script output or what didn’t work as expected?
        And it’s not matter of longer or faster – with this script and naked filenames in *.delta you don’t need any other scripts or tools to generate batch file for each patch – you just can use this file without changes. Well, anyway it’s just a suggestion. 🙂

        %%~a – current filename without double qoutes (I add them manually)
        %%~na – filename without extension, so you can move *.delta and *.mkv (old one) with just one command.

        • anonymlol

          Right, it worked after fixing the “”.

          But I would need the code that does the same for linux and mac, and then either manually add the scripts to the patch folders (my current method is automated), or adjust the script so that it makes a copy (like with the xdelta3.exe).

          Do you by chance know the equivalent of the above code for linux/mac?

          • Guest

            Well, I can’t help with the Mac, but for Linux it should be something like this (don’t forget to fix the double quotes here too):

            mkdir -p old
            for a in *.delta; do
            xdelta3 -d -q “$a”
            mv “${a%.*}”.* ./old/

          • anonymlol

            Thanks, I had almost the same, but it wouldn’t work. Attaching .* to “${a%.*}” did the trick.

            edit: updated the scripts and the link in the post, have a look if you want.

          • Guest

            Yep! Everything looks fine. One minor fix though:
            echo Patching “%%~a”
            should be:
            echo Patching “%%~na.mkv”
            according one you did in Linux *.sh file.

            And just a side note for Windows script – you can split for() to multiple lines too (note the “(” and “)”):

            for %%a in (*.delta) do (
            echo Patching “%%~na.mkv”
            xdelta3 -d -q “%%~a”
            move “%%~na.*” .\old >nul

            I write it as a single line, because of my old habit. Some time ago (10 years from now) I had a lot of headache with one of my customer who can’t run any complicated batch files. In the end problem was with the software which “beautify” his Windows XP with a lot of color schemes and graphics, but also totally broke the commandline interpreter, so any multiline code constructions didn’t work.
            I’m not sure people using something like that today, but I want to be safe. 😀

          • anonymlol

            Thanks, fixed it.

  • VanishingKira

    TO Love-ru Darknes 2nd batch soon I hope…I pray…volume 7 alone would be fine as well…

  • Raiden

    Alright, was waiting for this. Thanks.

    On a sidenote, anyone knows someone who subbed the specials?

  • Rokudaime

    Thanks. Also, loled hard and loud at ix covering all the traditional annoying questions that these kinds of release posts tend to get. X’D Good stuff (won’t deny that I’ve been guilty of asking all these questions in the past myself though).

  • VannM

    dunno if this is typo or intentional, but;

    on the stick, its Tatemikazuchi–

    but the subs itself its Takemikazuchi–

    which one is it?

  • EleGiggle

    fak… somehow forgot that you released this and watched some shitty subs I found on nyaa

  • Takeshi

    Will you sub Overlord II BDs when they’re out?

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