Tomoyo After English Edition on Greenlight on Steam!

The highly anticipated release of the English Edition of Tomoyo After is coming very soon!
It’s now on Greenlight on Steam, so please go and vote for it!

14 comments to Tomoyo After English Edition on Greenlight on Steam!

  • Rokudaime

    Great! ^^ Though I haven’t even started on Clannad yet lol (still waiting for my physical copy of the English version). 😛

  • Voting for a game you’ve already finished~

  • It’s great to see all the visual novels get official releases!

  • K-ris

    Although great things are happening I still have to wonder.. Why doesn’t Steam cater to adult games? 100% sure they will remove the perverse contents. Which in some cases really destroy the story line (Grisaia no Kajitsu).

  • Hito

    because heaven forbid parents actually do any parenting, it’s all the big bad company’s fault their kids do drugs, bully, shoot up schools, etc etc (fyi, games/music/etc dont ‘make’ kids do any of the above)

    there are age warnings in place already for a reason, but steam/other companies can only do so much, if the parents give the kids their cc# (or their own) or buy it for them without looking at it closely, its their own fault

    with the above in mind, steam could be removing the ‘perverse content’ solely so they can sell the games to a broader audience, tho would be nice if there was a pg-13 and MA version, just in case a fan wants to get something as close to the original as possible

    • Mirage

      Actually if it was because they wanted to “sell the games to a broader audience” it could be excused a bit but it’s not even that. There’s games they sell censored that have actual 18+ versions being sold by companies like JAST independently. The real reason they don’t do it is their pig-headed “values”, which is the same reason every brick-and-mortar game store have an active ban on 18+ games (which is what essentially killed the NA 18+ games market back in the day).

  • HaloGuy

    Am I the only one who stills wants to see “Kotomi After”?
    Because Kotomi = Best girl ever! Just saying my thoughts though.

  • Toire Joou-sama

    Does it have that horrible Engrish song like the anime did?

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