Tsukushi Mates - Chapter 01-10

Tsukushi Mates

29/10 Update: Added chapter 10. Also decided to make a torrent every 10 chapters.

Edit: Redone all pages with waifu2x, looks much better now!

[17:50] <&mogu> anyone want to do a shoujo-ai webcomic about a loli high schooler who is so adorable she captures all the other girls’ hearts

^ Yes.

Source for this was 975px which I’ve upscaled since it was so hard to read, feel free to grab the originals instead! I also pondered desaturating the colour but left it as the author released it in the end. No torrent or XDCC releases for this, for now. If/When it ends I’ll batch it all together and add them. Currently it is roughly a 3 day release cycle per page, so expect fairly regular updates.


  • TL: mogu
  • Photoshoppy stuff: ixlone
  • QCs: odinigh, Femto Zeta, heyman, Maus, Dasuu, Chech, guest1, Shiro, Irie Naoki

Manga: [Doki] Tsukushi Mates – Chapter 01-10 [C2BB6698].zip

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