Joukamachi no Dandelion – 08

Care to see slightly more?

I’m honestly amazed at how well this show balances its enormous cast of main characters.


Satou-san agrees with me that Kanade is scary

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17 comments to Joukamachi no Dandelion – 08

  • NotTrap

    Woo thanks doki!

  • Corno4

    I agree, but this is also getting juxtaposed against To-LoveRU which is pretty good at not balancing its large cast

  • R1CK_D0M

    hey kanade is best

  • someone

    I think the “honey come” in the ED is actually supposed to be “honeycomb.” Hanikamu is honeycomb in Japanese, and a honeycomb also seems thematically relevant for the series.

    • Pikminiman

      As much as I would have preferred “honey comb” as the TL for the ED, we know for fact that it is “honey come”, since that’s the song’s title, as you can see it credited here:

      We also considered it being “honey come on”, which also would have made more sense in English than the official title, but we can’t argue with the official title.

      • YoshiChao

        Not saying you guys are wrong because I wouldn’t know whether you are or not so you’re probably right therefore, but do remember that way back in 2012-2013, Bloody Stream (the second Jojo OP) is never said in the OP even though everyone was convinced it said that. (It instead says Bloody Stone and Bloody Storm)

        • Pikminiman

          Read my message again. I linked to a screenshot from the ED itself that actually credits the song title as “Honey♥Come!!”, so it’s most definitely official.

          And if you’re still not convinced, this is the actual album art for the single:

  • someone

    Oh, it’s actually named that. Didn’t even notice.

  • Hello! I’m Satsuki from Seiyuuri! First of all, thanks for always subbing Dandelion in high quality /o/ I wait every week for your release before watching the anime.

    On another note, I got reminded that you scanlate New Game as well. But this isn’t about New Game, haha. Apparently in the Manga Time Kirara Miracle October 2015 issue, a special afureko manga will be released. This is a story about the seiyuu of dandelion and how their recording for episodes go by. Since we’re a seiyuu site a fan of the series (and fans of YuiKaori) we were thinking of ways to find scans for this chapter (once the magazine is out) so we can scanlate it.

    So we’re kind of hoping that maybe you might be interested in this (or might know where we will be able to get the raws). We can collab if you’d like to scanlate it as well.

    Again thanks for always subbing this awesome anime! /o/ Hoping for a reply! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

    • Pikminiman

      All right, starting with episode 09, I’ll release the endcards in the release posts. I’ll also retroactively release the endcards from 01-08. Most are quite lewd, but I guess that’s why people keep asking about them. Episode 09 honestly has my favorite one so far, so look forward to that.

  • KokoroDokiDoki



  • LiteAgent

    Really, really loving the series so far.

    Thanks for the episode!

  • Goran

    Wow, great ep. Agree that the balance is superb. Thanks for the subs. ^^

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