New Game - Chapter 19

<&mogu> TT is a dingo

<&jakeman95> OMG Aoba in a devil outfit so saucy!


<&jakeman95> That devil Aoba

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12 comments to New Game – Chapter 19

  • Jakeman95

    There are many a things I’d do to that devil Aoba… most of which would require an XXX rating.

  • Keima Kaname

    Thank you for the chapter.

  • LiteAgent

    Cool chapter. I wonder if we’ll see more of Devil Aoba?

  • RinzImpulse

    My mind is blank :3

  • Rokudaime

    Yes! Finally, more New Game! I love this manga! Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  • LiteAgent

    Ok posting this here… Not sure if it’s allowed but I thought it wouldn’t hurt.

    Looks like New Game >might< be getting an anime adaptation according to this (though it may or may not be a photoshop):

    Think it may be a bit early for an anime, since there's only 2 volumes available… Anyway, hope it happens in the near future.

    • mogu

      When I look it up, all I see is people passing around that exact same photo, and commenting it could be dubious. It’s such a popular series, that if one was announced, it wouldn’t be somewhere so obscure that there’s only a single photo. And they wouldn’t do it the week after comiket, they’d do it at comiket.

      This particular image seems dubious, but everyone knows it is just a matter of time, and there is likely to be an announcement in the next 6 months or so.

      And two volumes is not uncommon for 4koma anime adaptations. Many of them happen between two and three volumes.

      • LiteAgent

        Oh? I had no idea New Game was so popular that people would actually make fake anime announcements. I did think it was strange, but only because there was only 2 volumes… which is apparently not even that strange to begin with, ha ha.

        Anyway, thanks for the answer, and thanks for the scanlations.

        • mogu

          It is the first manga in ten years that has graced the cover of Kirara magazine without an anime adaptation. It has huge billboards all over Akihabara advertising volume 2 for a month before it released. There are already various sorts of official goods being sold for it. Bookstores put it on display next to series with actively airing anime series. 3 months after the latest volume release.

          Yeah, it’s pretty popular in Japan.

          • LiteAgent

            I guess that’s the kind of thing you can’t really realise unless you actually live in Japan.

            Glad to hear it’s popular. Really loving it so far.

  • Azusa Azuki

    Please seed. Thank you in advance.

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