PriPara - 50

PriPara – 50

Resist… the urge… to hijack… this post… TT!

TT here, specifically asked by two people to append this to the post:

<@jakeman95> Pikminiman, add to the release post “Expect some delays with the next few episodes due to this strange event called summer and people wanting to do things outside… and with friends… these people are weird.”

And Pikminiman failed/forgot. I have proof of this:

[02 13:16] <@jakeman95> Xan,can you add this to teh reslease post: ….
[02 13:18] <&{\an8}> TheThing|24-7  ^
[02 13:18] <&TheThing|24-7> Sure

So not a hijack… so no lewd pics this time :<

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