PriPara – 48

Tecmo Koei sent me an email, inviting me to go to their orientation in Osaka on July 9 for the possibility of getting a job interview. The airfare to Kansai right now is around 2000 bucks. Fuck you too, Tecmo Koei.

all i want at least from me is Alomagedon!!!!! – Jakeman95

P.S.: I guess you can say we got a 666 flipped backwards in the CRC…?

720p: [Doki] PriPara - 48 (1280x720 Hi10P AAC) [79991A7C].mkv

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480p: [Doki] PriPara - 48 (848x480 h264 AAC) [7D7C90F7].mkv

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25 comments to PriPara – 48

  • don

    Now you are just two episodes behind.

  • random

    any news on shinmai BD vol 3?

  • I don’t know if this was asked before since I don’t come here often and just use the torrent feeds since it’s easier that way, but do you guys plan on doing the second special of Angel Beats that just came out? I’m asking since you did the first one.

    Anyway Thanks for the episode.

  • Guest

    ZOMG that’s goatrae.pu! 😀
    You guys just made my day! 🙂

  • Price

    What’s the status on the remaining Akame ga Kill! BD volumes?

  • Midna

    Thank you very much!! you uploaded it in my birthday xD and the episode was very indicated!

  • You can add/edit padding characters and got some interesting CRC.

  • Femto Zeta

    I don’t watch the show, but these release pics are awesome

  • jimmy

    11:53: Hey, let her go!

    Hey, so funny story about Leona…

    • Kuzu

      We already addressed this in a previous episode’s release post.

      • jimmy

        After more minutes than I would have liked to spend, I found a comment thread on 44’s release post where one PriPara translator said female third-person pronouns were not their intentions and a VN Translator/TLC characterised Leona as a transsexual individual based on no evidence in the show (and another staff member gave something of a “yeah!” response). Something of an abstraction from “we”, “addressed” and “in a previous episode’s release post”, but whatever.

        Jakeman95: I used her at the autograph part as … I don’t believe it’s wide knowledge that Leona is actually a guy throughout PriPara.

        Right on, totally logical. Shion is much better informed, however, and knows that Leona is a boy.

        Mirei, Episode 18: You’re a boy? (男なの?)
        Leona: Yes. (はい)

        I have no issues with trans characters (or people, for that matter). If Leona identified as female, Dorothy would have stepped in and said something like “If Leona says she’s a girl, she’s a girl, all right?” and we would have been all clear. In the context of the show and Shion’s understanding of Leona, however, Leona is a (feminine) boy, simple as that.

        • krymsun00

          You are taking pronouns (and this show) way too seriously. But for the record, Leona is (as far as we know) the only boy in Pripara. On the official site it even says “For some reason(何故か)” he received a ticket. This suggests that at the very least a boy entering is rare. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s even against the rules since no others have made an appearance ever.
          Either way, he dresses as a girl (and tends to act like one) while he’s in there and people don’t know he’s a guy. So it would be weird if people went around referring to him as one.
          I don’t know or care if he’s a transsexual. That was a joke.

          • jimmy

            Thanks for the response. (Kuzu saying “we addressed this” becomes even more nonsensical upon reading it.)

            That’s a valid point, but Shion, who spoke that line, knows Leona better than that, and I can’t imagine she’d disguise her language to conceal Leona’s gender from a goat.

        • jakeman95

          This is probably more my fault. I still can’t fully believe that Leona is a boy in reality, especially with outfits, voice, ways of speaking, etc (he talks/acts/appears more feminine than Dorthy). There’s also the fact that for the first several episodes he’s in, I totally had it stuck in my head she, and it’s still hard to break (the only time you’d even know is the rare school outfit scenes or someone reminds others). Because of this, I naturally put her and not him.

          On that note, it’s really hard to determine which to use in translation anyway as such pronouns are rarely used in normal Japanese conversation so which is “correct” can be up in the air and other characters may be just as surprised and may jumble them about like I have. So, the “correct” word usage is questionable for use at best.

          So this basically boils down to: I failed at sticking to my own consistency and had I recognized it, I would have used him in that situation. However, due to a lapse, and maybe my moderate belief that he’s actually a she, I put her and it never got brought up.

          My plan is still, if I can keep to it, is to use he between the main 6 girls… 5 girls… yeah, 5 girls… and she for 3rd parties. Tho, I make no guarantees!

          • jimmy

            Thanks for the detailed reply. Translating the show into a language that uses pronouns a lot more and doesn’t have unobtrusive non-gendered ones just adds extra complications. Leona best girl – uh, best boy. Whatever. It rarely matters and the characters seem to forget most of the time, too, even outside PriPara.

            One of my favourite PriPara scenes is in S1 where Leona starts taking off Lala’s shirt to wipe her down when she’s sick and everyone’s like “What a top bloke” and takes several seconds to realise why they might not want to let that happen.

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