Henjyo - Hen na Jyoshi Kousei Amaguri Senko - Chapter 03

Henjyo – Hen na Jyoshi Kousei Amaguri Senko – Chapter 03

Much as I prefer DFC, I do like Senko’s tits. Let the semi porn commence.

Message from the translator:

Just to clear up something about the previous chapter, the Japanese hornet, aside from being gigantic, also has fairly strong venom. While only very rarely deadly (generally only with large numbers of stings), it IS still extremely painful and can require hospitalization. They were not just overreacting.

There shouldn’t be a note on the next release since this chapter is just masturbation and bathing. Nothing requiring explanation.

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36 comments to Henjyo – Hen na Jyoshi Kousei Amaguri Senko – Chapter 03

  • vipo

    Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! 🙂

  • DM1138

    Mr. Miyagi would be proud^^

  • AngelsVenom

    The best chapter. I really liked on 20 page her face which if i am not mistaken was very serious and kinda with murdering intentions(the quality isn’t very good i must say). And i was expecting her to say that she is not wearing any panties and his face was priceless. A couple of questions. Why is he complaining about soumen(you explained that you eat it in summer and it was June)? What is she reading on page 9(i can see the kanji yama, i don’t know the rest)?

    • mogu

      Summer officially starts at the end of June. Some people really care about that kind of thing.

      It seems to be called “Higan Yama” (or possibly “Higan-san”) but unlike the Futari Ecchi in chapter 1, it does not seem to be an actually existing manga. There’s one called “Higan-jima”, which a survival horror involving vampires, but I can’t be sure it is meant to be a reference to that.

      • AngelsVenom

        Oh i see thank you. Here it is from June to August but maybe it has something to do with the school in Japan, not sure. Btw from you are telling me they use the kanji yama(mountain) for the honorific title san, didn’t know that at all, thanks again.

        • mogu

          The official start of summer everywhere in the world is the summer solstice, which occurs between the 22nd and 24th of June.

          There is no kanji for the honorific. The kanji for mountain is just usually read “san” when part of a word. Or a mountain’s name. Person and place names tend to screw this rule up, though. For example, 富士山 would be read “Fujisan” for the famous mountain’s name, but as a person’s surname it would be read “Fujiyama”.

          • AngelsVenom

            Yeah totally forgot that the honorifics are written with hiragana. Also as Fujiyama is one word why it isn’t read san as it is part of a word as you say. If you wanna read it as yama shouldn’t it be Fuji yama or it is just an exception for surnames/names?

          • mogu

            Because “Fujisan” would sound strange as a name. And because names can be read however they damn well please. And because sometimes people create new words that don’t follow the rules and those words catch on and become standard.

          • AngelsVenom

            Ok, i see, thank you.

        • Japanese names are always in Japanese reading.

          San for 山(Mt.) is a chinese reading called on-yomi 音読み。 While its Japanese reading would be called a kun-yomi訓読み.

          So if someone’s name is 高山 it is not KOUSAN it is TAKAYAMA.

          Why are Japanese names in kun-yomoi? If it isn’t, then how could you call it Japanese? You might as well call it Chinese! So there you go.

          [odinigh edited this because it was annoying~]

  • Ero_Yatsu

    I don’t know why she’s shopping in a sukumizu, but the world could use more of that.

    • AngelsVenom

      +1. The thing is that she is wearing and old type sukumizu and not a new type and supposing that the manga is taking place in our time then she bought that sukumizu instead of getting it from the school in which i suppose they use the new type.

  • AngelsVenom

    Btw you have a mistake on the title according to google translate.I went here and i copped this 女子 to google translate and it gives me Joshi not Jyoshi and in that page we can also she that it is Henjo not Henjyo. About Chiko and Senko it is a mistake as those kanji 千子 are read Senko, not Chiko. Again all these things are according to google translate but i used the reading of the kanji and not the meaning which we all know, that google translate sucks in that department.

    • AngelsVenom

      So i did a little more research on this and i pressed chi on google translate and then i pressed the down arrow to find more writings of the romaji chi and on number 8 i found the kanji sen(one thousand) so we can assume that the kanji 千 it is also read chi except sen. I believe chi is the kunyomi reading and sen is the onyomi reading.

    • mogu

      We’ve never used “Chiko” and are not responsible for mangaupdate’s mistake.

      “jo” and “jyo” are both proper romanizations of じょ, and the manga itself actually uses both; one on the cover and the other on the pages between chapters.

      • AngelsVenom

        I didn’t said YOU have used the word chiko, i was talking about mangaupdates as i used it as an example for what i said. About jo and jyo yes you are correct and it is very strange that he uses both. But, in the title it isn’t used the じょ but this 女子 which i suppose it has only one reading as it is a word and not just one kanji by itself.

  • mogu

    Well, “jo” and “jyo” are not different readings. They are different ways of representing the exact same sound using the roman alphabet. Both are proper representations, just using different systems of romanization. Why the author uses both is unknown, but he probably didn’t think too deeply about it since both are perfectly natural to Japanese people.

    • AngelsVenom

      So both joshi and jyoshi are correct and it could be both Henjyo and Henjo?

      • It makes zero difference.

      • Japanese first names are a little trickier.

        for example my name is sora.

        but my kanji 空 can be read as
        kuu, aki ,noa and ron,kara
        (is not a name it is actally an expection for 空手=karate= empty fist.

        sen and chi can be used as first names or how we call it namae (name) as myouji is family name.

        so for 千  it’s really which sounds your parents gave you.
        千 by itself is usually Sen or Yuki of 千

        i mean you there can be 2 girls with that kanji and one can be called chi and other be called sen lol

      • AngelsVenom

        So we have no way to know the pronunciation of her name right? So how do we know that it is Senko and not Chiko?

      • it’s senko and whatever the heck kanji her parents gave her and that’s why her name is senko with that kanji.

        or can say that the author or whatever created this character wanted her name to be this kanji and this sound of it and so her name is senko lol.

        tip. this is why japanese names are written in hiragana. because unlike chinese , there too many freaking ways to say one kanji name <3

      • i personalty like teaching Japanese but not to the point as a job.

        by the way, it’s simple. if your parent gave you the name say “right”( i know this is weird bear with it)

        Are you going to write it as write ? no right lol

  • Anon

    Thank you for the chapter. This is an enjoyable story so far.

  • Rokudaime

    Thanks for the new chapter! Loving it! ^^

  • AngelsVenom

    How do you know the creator wanted to call her Senko and not Chiko and you don’t really explain why it is Senko and not Chiko and you said before that you can read it either Senko or Chiko and i ask what is the correct one in this situation. I suppose if someone asks the creator we can know the answer.

  • Master J

    This manga is amazing lmao! gj Doki sama

  • cookie

    Sorry to be a pain, but any work on the last ep. of Idolmaster? Also Re-Kan… today will be 3 eps. behind. If this has already been answered sorry but I don’t read all the posts. Just wondering because they keep saying on schedule…

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