Recruiting a translator

It’s time to recruit another translator for the following:

Short term projects: Some OVAs.
Long term projects: An airing show next season.

Experience in fansubbing not required, but proficiency in Japanese is.

Please email me at if you are interested and then come to

3 comments to Recruiting a translator

  • Ero_Yatsu

    No love for Mikan? Fuck you guys then, she’s mine. *abducts Mikan and runs away*

  • AKS

    Hmm… The name is “AKS” want to apply as a TL for a Long Term Project

    Experience – None… though have watched 300+ Series + Subbed One Piece for myself before

    Proficiency – “Currently studying for JLPT N3 had scored full marks in Listening part in N4 examination” If it helps

  • nic

    So that is Mikan? Damn dude pass her here.

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