Saki - Vol 1

Saki – Vol 1

I am unstalling Saki. We will continue using Makimaki’s scripts for eps we haven’t done yet, and using our old scripts as a base for the eps that we have done.

Also, we aren’t doing the BDs for this show but sticking to the DVDs because the BD quality is atrocious.


  • Script: SGKK-Doki/Makimaki
  • Typesetter: Orillion
  • Timer:: xMythycle
  • Encoder: anonymlol
  • QC: Kotomi

SD: [Doki] Saki – Vol 1 (848×480 h264 DVD AAC)

  • [Doki] Saki – 01 (848×480 h264 DVD AAC) [4763C2BA].mkv
  • [Doki] Saki – 02 (848×480 h264 DVD AAC) [C3732824].mkv

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