Outbreak Company – 04

Outbreak Company – 04


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21 comments to Outbreak Company – 04

  • Geese1

    Thanks for the episode!

  • SomeDudeOnTheNet

    \o/ Myuser fix for the week!

  • Zephiris

    I kinda started looking it up. I read how doki came up with the names, unfortunately they are the wrong ones. I guess its too late to change now but I can’t help but feel incredible frustrated reading wrongly spelled names 😛

    For me, its reason enough to drop doki and go for horriblesubs on this one. Which I kinda hate to do as I got countless animes subbed done by doki. But the name is killing me 🙂

    No hard feelings though, keep up the good work.

    • mangamuscle

      What is wrong with Anime-Koi subs? IMO Horriblesubs is plain horrible >_<

    • What are the “correct” names and on what basis are they “correct”?

      • sandoe41

        He is probably referring to Chapter 1 of the manga that recently came up on the manga websites, a few of the names are slightly different from yours (doesn’t make you wrong, just different).

    • “Wrongly spelled” according to who? I don’t think there’s an official romanization yet, and all three subtitle sources (check here) have different names for some of the characters. We’ll have to wait until an official romanization is announced in the anime, in the /raw/ manga, or on the official website.

      • NecDW4

        MAL, AP, ANN, and CR (the OFFICIAL one) all have them as Petralka and Myucel. that’s about as legit as you can get.

        • Not exactly.
          Official subs don’t always use the official character names. CR’s Natsu no Arashi comes to mind, and I think I recall various name changes in their horrible Devil Survivor 2 subs.
          Funimation pulled the same thing for their Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom subs. Instead of going with the romanizations from the official English-localized PC game, they came up with their own.
          MAL and AP are not official sources at all. They either go with whatever is listed on ANN, or whatever the fansubbers go with.
          I wouldn’t be surprised if ANN went with what CR has in order to remain consistent when it comes to “legal” subs.

          • NecDW4

            I asked CR directly in their forums how they go about deciding what they translate their names as, whether they translate themselves or work from a script they are given by the licensor. They are given scripts for almost all shows, that include the names of characters and places translated for them. In other words Petralka and Myucel are what they were told is the official translation by FEEL.

            “Some shows are done directly by the publisher (Naruto is an example of this.)
            Otherwise we are given copies of the script and master files to work off of.

            Script is pretty straight forward, it’s a text copy of the show.
            Master Files tend to include names of Characters, Places, etc that the Publisher wants us to use.” -CR

          • I know CR gets scripts for shows, but they’re sometimes incorrect in their own right. For example, take the show that airs right along side OBC: Infinite Stratos 2.
            Official romanization used in official merchandise: Lingyin Huang (src)
            Romanization used by TAN in S1: Rinin Fan (src)
            Romanization used by CR in S2: Lingyin Fang (src)
            In IS2’s case, either the script they were given had the incorrect name (again), or their translator chose to not use the official name.

          • NecDW4

            If the publisher says “Use these names” then that’s the end of the argument, those are the official names. Using a different show, from 2 different sources isn’t a valid argument in this case. If OBC were on say both CR and Hulu, and THEN there were 2 different spellings, that would be fine, but it isn’t.

          • How is that not a valid argument? By your logic, all three official name romanizations for that character are correct. After all, all three were provided by the publisher. That seems a bit silly, as it totally throws consistency out the window.
            [I used a different show (IS) because it’s the most recent example of official name romanizations differing.]

            Right now, the closest thing to official names we have for OBC characters is what CR has, but they should not be considered the be-all, end-all. If IS2 shows us anything, it’s that publishers sometimes can’t make up their mind on what name to use, and end up sending differing names.

            In fact, that shows us that there are many valid ways of romanizing character names. If publishers romanize the same name multiple ways, fansubbers can do the same.

          • NecDW4

            I SAID why it wasn’t a valid argument, as of right now there is only 1 OFFICIAL source, CR. If there were two legal sources like in the example you provided then it WOULD be, but that isn’t the case. It’s also possible that one of your two sources IS wrong and the other is “correct”, having not asked Hulu directly about it there’s no info on how they go about subtitling what’s on there. CR however said they used what the publisher said was the official names, they didn’t change anything.

            Your initial argument was “there isn’t an official romanization yet” to which i pointed out that YES there was. [doki] can use whatever they want for the names, but there IS a concrete, official correct spelling.

          • And in my original argument, I stated “We’ll have to wait until an official romanization is announced in the anime, in the /raw/ manga, or on the official website.” So far, none of those three (four actually, since I forgot to include merchandise) have been satisfied yet. All we have is what CR was provided, which may or may not be the romanization actually intended by the author/animation production committee.

            On the topic of IS, I forgot about this scene from S2’s OP sequence. I guess the publisher really can’t make up their mind. Two different romanizations of the same name in the same episode? Who signed off on that???

            Interestingly, according to Crunchyroll, TBS is the publisher for both OBC and IS2. If they’re sending incorrectly romanized names to CR for IS2… Yeah, you know where I’m going with this.

          • NecDW4

            So, if i’m understanding you correctly, what you’re looking for as an official source, is the name in print INSIDE the anime itself before you accept it, a’la Holo/”Korbo”? That’s a fair point i guess but that doesn’t de-legitimize Petralka/Myucel as currently accepted “official” translations. I’m not even saying that I might not change my mind on Petralka, there are a few places in S&W I think Funi dropped the ball, mostly the names of a few towns and the trading guild for example. In those cases the LN has final word, and if we get the LNs of OBC that will too, hell they might even come up with something WORSE than Petrarca.

            Given those examples from IS, Lingyin Huang would be the ultimate “correct” spelling, especially being that she’s from China. As far as TBS providing the translations for both shows, I have no idea why they would go with Fang over Huang when it’s obviously animated as Huang. I CAN see where you are going with your argument, but “they fucked up once so you can’t rely on the others” is still not a great argument.

    • Femto Zeta

      official source or gtfo

  • Rawr

    Thankyou for this 🙂

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