Happy 4th Birthday, Doki!

So 4 years have already passed since I started Doki… How time flies!

I would usually go on about how many shows/episodes we’ve done, how many files we’ve released, but that’s old now. If you want to see you could always go to AniDB πŸ˜›

I originally planned to do something for this year, but due to :reasons: I haven’t managed to. Never fear, Hanabi promises to do something exciting next year πŸ˜› Let’s just pretend that yesterday’s Pokemon release was intended for today πŸ™‚

I have almost completed the first year of my PhD, with two more years to go, so I don’t have much time to do much fansubbing anymore. But I am releasing the weekly airing shows this season and I also plan to finish Lucky Star before the end of the year, so let’s pray that the stars align!

As usual, a big thanks to all of you who donate to keep madoka going every month. The mousemat sales also went great. There should be enough funds to keep renewed for the next few decades and keep kotomi and yui going for 2 years! There are still a number of mousemats left in stock, so it’s not too late to grab one. The next time I get new stocks might be summer 2014.

A big shoutout to the active staff who keep Doki running, and thanks to all you guys out there for your support. May our success continue!

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