Ranma ½ (BD) - Box 1 (1-54)

[Doki] Ranma ½ Box 1

My first release post! xD


  • Includes episodes 1-54
  • This release uses ordered chapters.
  • Big files because of grain (hand-drawn anime), even though reduced
  • 1080p sometime in the future, when x265 is ready
  • Liberal subs in American English (because changing this means rewriting everything for 161 episodes, not gonna do that)


  • Original Subs: R1
  • TL/TLC: Termascur, altazure
  • Encode/(K-)Time/TS/Edit/QC: anonymlol

720p: [Doki] Ranma ½ – Box 1 (960×720 Hi10P BD FLAC)

Torrent | XDCC

480p: [Doki] Ranma ½ – Box 1 (640×480 h264 BD AAC)

Torrent | XDCC

202 comments to Ranma ½ (BD) – Box 1 (1-54)

  • Name

    How is box 2 going?

  • Not Name

    I was just wondering this these past few days. Can’t wait to watch more and someday finish this series.

  • Kohryu ZX

    I was wondering if you still planned to do the second Blu Ray box of the series?

  • Detroa

    Thank you for this release (even if I’m late).

    I noticed that there’s an issue in the audio: if you listen carefully, you can hear a duplicate audio playing early, like some kind of reversed echo, it’s especially noticeable in silent scenes followed by scenes with a lot of sound. Is there a way to fix this?

  • fireaza

    I’m noticing the same issue Detroa has. To clarify, during quiet scenes you can hear audio from around 2 seconds later being played at a quiet volume.

    It’s kinda like when you’re on the phone to someone who’s watching the same TV show you are. You can hear the audio from the TV you’re in front of but you can also hear the same audio in the background of the phone call, but due to the delay in the phone connection, it comes slightly later than what you’re hearing.

  • RandomDude

    I’m only downloading selected episodes and I noticed that episode 15 is actually episode 20, so I want to ask what episode no. is the actual episode 15 (Supposed to be shampoo’s debut).

  • dweeb


    After reading that, you will know why it’s different from what you are used to.

  • RandomDude

    Yup, no mistake there. It says episode 15 is “Enter Shampoo, the Gung-Ho Girl! I Put My Life in Your Hands” and yet my episode 15 is this: which is supposed to be episode 20, so again my question is what episode no. is the actual episode 15 in the torrent?

  • Ritsuka

    Thank you so much, I really liked this release!
    The V2 batch will contain the whole 161 episodes, or just boxes 1 and 2? Just asking this because as prrrrrfectionist I’m waiting for the episodes 35-37 to be fixed.
    Thanks again!

  • SnsL

    YAAAY! I just noticed today, but the box 2 is already out in 1080 with english subtitles! Was waiting infinitely for Doki to release it at least in 720 like box 1 but now I dont have to :pp and you other desperate people who come here every few days to check – you dont need to anymore, just search nyaa for ‘ranma bd’ and see what im talking about! cheers

    • It’s 2014 and you still check a website every few days for a new post? Try to be smart and google “rss reader”.

      And you didn’t wait “infinitely”… You waited two months since the raws came out, or maybe six months if you were waiting for it since we released our version. Take into consideration how long it takes to encode 162 episodes. And Doki isn’t just releasing the BDs with subtitles as is. They even let two TLCs look over them. After that everything needs to be muxed together which again takes some time.

      So what I really would like to know is… Are you going around and post this information on every site and in every IRC channel of groups who released Ranma Box 1? Or are you just rude on Doki’s site by advertising other releases?

    • anonymlol

      I had a look at it. Starved video, badly timed subs and even the episode titles are missing.

      • SnsL

        You forgot to mention that translation is waaay off many times in each episode, but I know japanese enough to understand it correctly from what they are saying…

  • RandomDude

    Can someone who already downloaded the whole thing please tell me what episode has the episode title of “Enter Shampoo, the Gung-Ho Girl! I Put My Life in Your Hands”. It says in the wiki that it is episode 15 and no mention there that it’s been reordered and yet my episode 15 is different.

  • SnsL

    Nah, I’ve been waiting 7 months since the BD box 2 first appeared in stores, because I got absolutely hooked after seeing the box 1 released by Doki. anonym even wrote that it will be out in a few months around that time so I waited…and waited – and when I or anybody tried to get any info on box 2 here, nobody ever answered. Kinda started to feel like waiting for a miracle to happen…since it’s free and you are doing it in your free time, I know I have no right to complain or be rude, so that is not how I meant that previous post. I just wanted to save people similar to me(if there are some) suffering from Ranma withdrawal to the extent where it’s mentally ‘painful’ to not see it here again. It’s everbody’s choice which release they are going to watch, I believe there are heaps of people who will rather wait for your ultra quality triple translation, I’m just humbly pointing another way for those who doesn’t want to anymore.

    • anonymlol

      Last BDMVs got uploaded around January/February. It takes a while for me to encode, time, add song lyrics, k-time, edit, qc, rewatch to check for mistakes/missing signs, make (ordered) chapters, etc.

      Keep in mind that there are 54(!) episodes per box. I’m working on it, but it’s impossible to give an ETA when there are so many episodes.

  • RandomDude

    Thank you very much

  • RandomDude

    Thank you very much! Really appreciate it.

  • Detroa

    How is that related to the show being very old? I have rips from older shows without that issue, even had some Ranma DVD rips without that issues years ago.

    • anonymlol

      Let me say it in this way: I can’t really reproduce it (or maybe I’m just not noticing it). There’s nothing I can do to fix it since I’m not really doing anything to the audio. If there’s a problem with it, it’s either on the source or something on your end.

  • Ritsuka

    It’s probably something with the source since I saw 2 other Ranma’s BD raws at Nyaa and I noticed it too. A good example of this happening is when you listen with headphones some seconds before Akane starts to scream at 12:33 (first episode). But mind it at all.
    Btw, I just loved your release! As someone who really enjoys quality and knows a bit of Japanese, I was thinking about correcting Ranma’s subs to match some BD raws, but I wasn’t thinking about re-translating everything since Viz’ subs aren’t all that bad. I was considering making small corrections here and there BUT I found your release and it’s amazing!
    I noticed the corrections since the first episode here and there, the subs timing are perfect and made in the same way as Commie usually does, and I simply loved the karaokes matching the original romaji in the OP/ED screens, and the songs with corrected Japanese matching translatons as I also tought about doing it.
    I don’t mind if your version have a filtered video, since the filters aren’t very noticeable and I didn’t like the fact that Ranma, even restored, have a LOT of grain.
    Now that I already gave up about doing the job that I said above, I will stick with your release because it’s exactly what I wanted!
    Great job guys! As I said before, I’m just waiting for the episodes 35-37 V2 and the next 2 boxes.
    There’s no need to rush, just don’t give up, please. I have a lot of respect with fansub working, since I also work with subs.

  • Ritsuka

    *But I DON’T mind it at all.


  • R U still working on Box 2?
    Please let me know
    I can wait, definitely
    as long as I know that U guys are still doing it?

  • SnsL

    You forgot to mention that translation is waaay off many times in each episode, but I know japanese enough to understand it correctly from what they are saying…

  • animedono

    5th Note
    “Liberal subs in American English (because changing this means rewriting everything for 161 episodes, not gonna do that)”
    source R1 Subs

  • EAS44

    Are these dual audio?

  • deanzel

    I have absolutely loved your release. While I’m not a fan of ordered chapters, you’re subs are BY FAR the best. I hope that you release Box 2 as I’ve almost finished watching your Box 1 and need more Ranma in HD.

  • Glom

    Did they cut the 2nd ending, “Equal Romance”, on Blurays? Or were you guys to cut it?

    • Typing that extra line into the script to cut the encode short and then trimming the audio to match makes much more sense than just leaving it as it is.

      If you get my drift.

  • broseidon

    I hate to be that guy but do you have any ETA on when more episodes will be released? It’s approaching 1 year territory and I’ve been stuck at episode 54 for the longest time because I only want to watch your guys’ amazing release. I’m sure everyone wouldn’t mind if you even released part of the boxes and not the rest of the episodes at once. Or I could help QC them for you 😉

  • deanzel

    anonymlol, anything new on this front?

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