Ranma ½ (BD) - Box 1 (1-54)

[Doki] Ranma ½ Box 1

My first release post! xD


  • Includes episodes 1-54
  • This release uses ordered chapters.
  • Big files because of grain (hand-drawn anime), even though reduced
  • 1080p sometime in the future, when x265 is ready
  • Liberal subs in American English (because changing this means rewriting everything for 161 episodes, not gonna do that)


  • Original Subs: R1
  • TL/TLC: Termascur, altazure
  • Encode/(K-)Time/TS/Edit/QC: anonymlol

720p: [Doki] Ranma ½ – Box 1 (960×720 Hi10P BD FLAC)

Torrent | XDCC

480p: [Doki] Ranma ½ – Box 1 (640×480 h264 BD AAC)

Torrent | XDCC

202 comments to Ranma ½ (BD) – Box 1 (1-54)

  • dk08

    Holy Shit thx u so much : )

    I wil be waiting for 1080p (^^)

    Yeaah I am first ^^

    But this is awesome guys

  • Ama

    holy crap. just thought about rewatching this. thx doki!

  • blackice85

    Oh wow, this is a nice surprise. I had been hoping a good group would pick the BD’s up.

  • 1.048596

    Damn you, just started rewatching this. Guess I’ll have to wait for your 1080p version then if it’s worth it. Had no idea there were even BDs around, this was a nice surprise indeed. Thanks!

  • Hime

    Been meaning to watch this now I don’t have to watch it in horrible quality.

  • Were the BDs remastered completely or just upscaled?

  • Lolis

    Thks … this is … man … incredible …

    I heard that the series Maison Ikkoku is also in BD … if possible and if it would make you guys too??

    Thks again

  • MoodForADay

    OMGOMG my childhood memureeeees!!!1!ONE!!!
    I know, nothing like nude Shampoo, female Ranma and Akane to groom a respectable citizen.

    Thanks, I’ll download the 720p version to re-watch; then re-watch again when the 1080p is out.

  • Eric

    Thank you very much but I will wait for the batch torrent.

  • ng

    >1080p sometime in the future, when x265 is ready

    Mind explaining why? Because of the theoretical “doubled” compression rate? That’s pretty much theory. If you already use very good (read: slow) x264 settings you won’t come anywhere close to 50% better compression. Additionally, the current implementations keep a i7 3770K busy (>50% load on avg) while playing such files.

    • You are comparing an encoder that has been optimized for years vs the reference encoder for H.265. x264 compresses many times better than the H.264 reference encoder and there is no reason to not expect that an encoder for H.265 will able to make the same gains (hence waiting for when x265 is ready).

      • ng

        Yes but as you said: it took them years. It will take years again to achieve the current level of optimization x264 already has. And at the same time, playback is (way) more complicated/challenging for the hardware until a higher level of optimization is achieved.

        Btw. x265 is a project started (and still maintained) by a single, Chinese developer. It has nothing to do with the x264 project or the people developing it. Recently there appeared another x265 project ( from some company. Unfortunately, both projects include a commercial license option. :/

        • The majority of x264’s large compression gains were years ago, so it does not need the same amount of time, but yes it is a year or two out before it is usable. Second, I was just using x265 as short hand for “some encoder ala x264”, I did not actually even know about the Chinese project. Lastly, I’m happy if either of them take off they have a commercial option, hopefully we won’t have to deal with discs being terrible looking at good bitrates and streams being bit-starved this time.

        • Nii!

          Note: the ‘Chinese guy’ has patches to the MultiCoreWare-based project on bitbucket, which is the only one anyone should be caring about at this point. The difference was largely in the version of the reference software they were using; the older one on googlecode was using, like, HM8.0 or something. MCW is using the finalized version (10 or 11, not sure).

          Also, the MCW project has the very tentative blessing of the x264 devs, as posted on Doom9.

          Not that this changes anything, since the decoder that smarter/OpenHEVC are working on hasn’t been merged into libavcodec yet, nor (to my knowledge) has the draft for placing HEVC into MP4 been officially approved, and it’s that methodology that the Matroska devs will be using to implement HEVC muxing on their end. I’d wager that HEVC being actually usable for practical encoding and easily-obtained decoding is still several months away (and it’ll probably still be dead slow; right now you’re lucky to break 5fps on a Haswell while encoding 1080p, if I remember correctly).

  • Rawr

    I can’t be the only one who saw this release post and immediately thought WOW.

    Thankyou Anonymlol and everyone else who worked on this.

  • Kucing

    When you said 161 episodes, I assume you only do the TV version, right?

  • Hirako21

    Too bad I wanted the 1080p version. Well downloading the 720p version. Greetings from Mexico 🙂

  • Hector

    Oh my God I love you guys. This is the greatest release you’ve ever done. You are the most spectacular, amazing, wonderful, perfect people to ever walk the Earth.

  • Bouncy

    Nice didn’t know Doki would be doing a classic haha tnx for the upload guys keep the good work

  • ep

    Are the Files already aviable on XDCC?

  • Ranma

    Thanks haven’t seen this completely. Too bad bout the liberal subs… it would be like watching a non-Doki show…

  • BonzeR

    I never knew that this show got BD release. Thank you so much for the release! Been searching for years.

  • akumabitch

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT THANKS MUCH! This is my favorite anime ever. I thank you from deep within my heart and fucking soul. Here, you can have it, do as you wish.

  • IchigoJam

    Absolutly awesome thx for that release!!!

  • milkmandan

    Gna be a long while before x265 🙁

  • tchoepa

    Don’t filter the 1080p release please. It’s supposed to be grainy.

    • Even

      I agree , the denoise filter used results in blotchy stills which are different in color frame to frame. The blotches end up flickering which is very ugly. MCTemporalDenoise or MCDT are options, but sadly they are only YV12 … Even when you can perfectly remove the noise, resulting in a perfect gradient, the colourspace of hi10p isn’t good enough to fully prevent banding. You would need Hi422P or even Hi444PP to encode it properly.

      Just leave the noise in untouched and let the files get a bit bigger.

      Consider a Remux release if you want to give us the best you can. /shrug.

      • Remux release… 7GB a file? lol

        • Even

          Well, I don’t see DDL as doable. Even a torrent would f**k up a lot of peopel’s computers as soon as they clicked on it and the space started to get allocated.
          But if you dumped them on usenet I certainly would appreciate the gesture and download them.
          Storage is cheap.
          If you see comfun in any incarnation on irc I’m sure he’d help.

          Having a 1gb 720p release , which would be 2gb for identical quality 1080p, quite a bit more if you keep the grain in, maybe up to 3gb then. I really wouldn’t mind the extra size knowing it wasn’t re-encoded and unfiltered.

    • Right-o

      I really wouldn’t mind it if the grain was kept in and the image detail be as close to the original as possible. I’m not a fan of filters. It doesn’t have to be a Remux like mentioned above but 2-3 gig per episode is acceptable I think.

    • Ouais

      Yes , no filtering please.

  • Elvin21

    Nice… This is a classic… Thanks! I hope I can find a new hard drve soon…

  • Fuko Ibuki

    Thanks a lot for Ranma. I hope that you guys will also do the movies if they get remastered.

  • zorrodood

    holy balls, everybody had the idea to rewatch this xD maybe it’s year of ranma or something

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