Final Notice: Selling Mousemats in August

I have some final updates of information regarding the mousemats. There will be two sizes: normal and large. The dimensions are as follows:

Normal: 240mm x 200mm x 3mm (Image dimensions should ideally be at least 2880×2400)
Large: 300mm x 230mm x 3mm (Image dimensions should ideally be at least 3600×2760)

I am guessing that the demand for normal sizes will be higher than the large sizes, so I will be stocking more of the normal sizes compared to the large sizes.

The mousemats are made of thick rubber/foam material, with a piece of fabric on top, most likely printed with dye sublimation. The print resolution is quite high, something like 300 dpi. I have obtained samples and I am very satisfied with them. I have taken some pictures, which are linked below. My camera isn’t a DSLR, so I can’t really get any higher quality pictures, but they look a lot nicer in real life.


I have gone through the comments in the previous post and have worked out what the most popular shows are: Clannad, Kanon, Railgun, OreImo, ToLOVERu, F/SN, Haruhi, Angel Beats, Little Busters and Air. For these shows, I will stock 4 generic designs. For other shows that people wanted but aren’t as popular, I’ll stock 2 designs or so.

Everything that is available for purchase will be updated on soon.

The only thing that isn’t finalised is the cost of the mousemats. The normal ones will be 6 or 7 GBP each, while the larger ones will be slightly more expensive, at 9 or 10 GBP each.

As it happens, I can also obtain other goods, such as cushions and pillows. If you are interested in these, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can get and I’ll update the post later.

If you have requested custom designs, please ensure that the resolutions of your images match the requirements. Please use imgur to upload your images if possible.

Please note that the postage charged on may not be accurate yet, because I haven’t entered the weight of the mousemats into the system. In any case, I am not back from China until August 1st, and I won’t be able to post anything until then.

I have updated with some cushions. Feel free to buy/reserve them if you like them. Even if you use Paypal to pay, I won’t be accepting the money until August. If there is sufficient interest, I’ll grab some more cushions over the next few days. More mousemats that I haven’t added to the shop yet!

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