Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. - 11

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. – 11


A line managed to get lost in cyberspace.
At 19.42: “No, there’s not really anything I want to know about.”

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17 comments to Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. – 11

  • Random

    Yukino was very kawaii in this episode.

  • Jakeman95

    I think Dys must be sick, cause he mistyped Yukino as Yui… cause we all lol know that Yukino is best girl in Yahari…

    • No, Yui is the best girl.

      • Jakeman95

        Man, what is up with people and their typos?
        Didn’t you see the poll, it ended with Yui in second… behind Yukino. xD

        • Dys

          There will be another poll when the show is over. I will put it up instead of the second DaL poll, which I no longer have any desire to make. We shall see who the true winner is then. It will be more comprehensive.

        • Termascur

          You mean that poll where 62% agreed that Yukino wasn’t best girl?

    • Heucuva

      Best for whom?

      As a general girlfriend material, I agree with Dys, Yui is much better suited. Yukino is too emotionally insecure for something like a relationship.

      For Hachiman? That’s a tougher one.

      If the point was to who would make a better match, I would have to think Yukino – they can, at least up to a point, be completely truthful to each another. Hachiman still can’t be honest to Yui – he feels too much of a need to “reset” anytime their relationship moves outside of his comfort zone. Also, Yukino does understand Hachiman’s motives a lot better than Yui.

      If, on the other hand, which would be better for him, Yui would certainly be more likely to help him out of his social angst/anxiety modes. While I believe Yukino could also do so, I don’t believe that she would have the patience that Yui would – Yukino would be more likely to end up frustrated.

      Anywho, that’s just my reading based on the 11 episodes. I have not read any of the light novels or the manga.

      • Jakeman95

        I would have to disagree. AS I see it, Yukino has helped him much more than Yui has; actually, I think teh teacher has done the most help by putting him in the situations; however, if Yukino wasn’t there, I really don’t see him “improving” as much as he has. Actually, I see them both helping each other out more than a certain other character with a 3 letter name…

        • Heucuva

          I agree with the point about the teacher – as the story instigator, she has done the most to drive Hachiman towards “social acceptability” (for some definition of “acceptability”).

          However, while Yukino does help Hachiman – it is in a way that would be considered socially awkward. More precisely, Yukino would help Hachiman – but in a way that reinforces his world view. Her actions, such as during Hayato-group and the festival committee incident, simply reinforces his way of thinking.

          I believe Yukino would be able to help Hachiman eventually, but only after Yui helps her. Which is why I don’t believe that Yukino is better for Hachiman, but just a better match.

          Yui, on the other hand, has shown more initiative, allowing herself to be publicly associated with Hachiman, forcing him to face social situations that he would otherwise deny or ignore (compare and contrast with Yukino during the birthday present shopping incident with Yui during the fireworks incident). Which is why I think Yui is better for Hachiman, at least in the sense of overcoming his social issues.

          Well, that’s assuming he is willing to…

  • Elvin21

    Thanks! Still Yukino is the best girl here… 🙂

  • Heucuva

    Hate to ask, but what are the chances of a patch to fix that one line of subtitle? 🙂

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