Chibi Devi - 50

Chibi Devi – 50

The big five-o! Thanks to Termascur for TL’ing again this week.

Nearly every week we talk Chibi philosophy – where it’s going, why it’s here, what it really means. This week:

<&Termascur|TL> I wonder if the whole show is just a way of saying, “don’t have a baby at 14 or nobody will love you”
<&teg> lol
<&teg> That’s so meta
<&teg> She has a flash back, turns out she’s a rape victim and her baby isn’t really a devil baby she just thinks it is coz she’s so fucked up by it all
<&Termascur|TL> the entire show is just her coping mechanism to deal with her depression. reality was written by urobuchi gen.
<&jakeman95> you should use those last couple lines here as your post message

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