Recruiting a translator (VN)

We are looking to get the Clannad project off and running, and for that, we’d like to recruit an extra translator. Your job will predominantly be checking the accuracy/validity of the existing translations, and working with the editors/TLCs. If you are interested in visual novels, please apply!

Experience in fansubbing not required, but proficiency in Japanese is.

Please email me at if you are interested, or if you want more information.

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  • ZdrytchX

    Just wondering, isn’t there already a clannad VN translated?

    • Bill

      There is, and Doki is going through it and improving it for readability and such. The translation is pretty rough in the existing patch.

    • The project was never completed. The previously released patches were largely translated but have some playback errors as well as significant portions (including most of After Story) which need TLC and Editing work done. The project, having been started by TheWaffleHouse and Sprocket-Hole Subs (aka Drama Club/Dango Daikazoku), was transferred to Baka-Tsuki and finally to Doki VN last year. The project has been worked on by several highly prominent members of the VN Translation/Fansub community, and the Doki VN staff is honored to have been tasked with finishing the job those individuals have started.

      You can refer to the transfer post and other project information here:

      Adding an TL to the VN Staff will allow the VN Department to better balance its resources between Clannad & Little Busters! so that both projects are completed as accurately and expeditiously as possible. While those working on these projects are devoted to their completion, unexpected real life events can arise which could potentially impede progress. The goal is to prepare for these unexpected events before they occur so that progress is as streamlined as possible.

      So… if there are any talented members of the community who want to be a part of one of the department’s Key projects, check us out. The work is challenging and requires a substantial time commitment, but those who stick with it find the process to be quite rewarding.

      Good luck to all the applicants! ^_^

  • All applicants must submit a complete translation of the following video to be considered:

  • Rawr

    Best of luck with your recruitment stuff. Hope you find someone soon.

  • dokifan

    @ Kuzu
    lol that video is as stupid as funny. even for a japanese, but if you don’t like rap then you will be disgusted by it and immediately lose interest in such content.

    i recommend you provide maybe a portion of the scenes or videos from the clannad project you want ppl to work on as sample materials for applicants to translate.

  • Réboy

    Do you guys need a grammar and spell checker?

    • Rokudaime

      That would be what a QC does, and Holo has already had a recruitment drive for that just recently.

      • Rawr

        I would imagine grammar skills would make the QCs job easier at least.

        Can’t imagine anyone would want some badly written translation work lol

        • Rawr

          Opps. Read his post wrong, thought he was wanting to translate lol

        • Rokudaime

          “I would imagine grammar skills would make the QCs job easier at least.”

          Checking the grammar is what a QC DOES, so good QC skills are essential for a QC, obviously. :-/

          • Rawr

            Lol, I was surprised how big of a mistake I made with that reply after writing, as you know I’ve been here years and this made me look silly 😛

            I blame tiredness. Anyway hope Holo had some luck with his recruitment.

          • Rokudaime

            Ye, I know. 😉 You gave me a wonderful opportunity to make a little fun of you though, so I couldn’t resist. 😛

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