Introducing - A new fansub comparison site

With the closure of ji-hi and subcompare, I am designing a new fansub comparison site. I have done the screenshots for Red Data Girl, but before I proceed, I want your feedback on the design of the site.

Ji-hi and subcompare used horizontal comparison (where you compare left and right). I have included a vertical mode (where you compare up and down). I want to know which one you prefer. I have also included a scroll assisting script called flickable(), which is on by default. You can choose to switch it off by changing the URL. I’d also like to know if flickable() should be kept, or removed.

Horizontal comparison and flickable() on [Default]

Vertical comparison and flickable() on

Vertical comparison and flickable() off

You may make comments here, or on the site itself!

Edit: Thank you for everyone’s comments. I will take them all into consideration and improve the site. Meanwhile, please continue leaving feedback!
Edit2: Added lightbox, grouped into sets of comparison shots. (Groups of 3 for RDG)

72 comments to Introducing – A new fansub comparison site

  • Christine

    *I mean vertical with flicker on.

  • Christine

    Something like this, you feel me?

  • Classic

    I prefer horizontal + flickable on. The text is easier to read when its side-by-side. The image sizes are good too and do not strain the eyes.

  • anonymous

    Awesome ^^ vertical is better

  • AAA

    Here’s a good site that reviews subgroups work on each anime:

  • Volture

    >make own subcomparison site
    >this shit comes
    >by fucking Doki
    Welp, GG me.

  • Patsuan

    This! This was very needed in this season abundant with multiple sub groups for every show. Great Idea!
    I also think Horizontal comparison works the best.
    Nice touch with the “Which group are you watching?” poll. Should help people decide who to choose

  • Urizithar

    Guys, you are great!

    I like vertical with flick most. It’s just easier to use for me. But honestly, either is good.

  • Rawr

    Sounds like a good little idea for people who care which group has the best edition of an episode, but I personally won’t use, I’m quite happy to just download random shows from Doki that interest me and watch..

  • Deva

    I’d like to see which one is good fansubs group in translating
    put aside the style of subs

  • For more than 3 comparisons I would much rather have the vertical one. I would like to be able to see every release without scrolling and I would be able to do that on my 1200×1920 monitor. (It also somehow seems more pleasing to my eyes compared to horizontal on my 1920×1200 monitor.)
    About flickable, I would rather just have left/right arrow keys do that. Flickable might make sense on a touch screen, but I’m on a desktop.

    I don’t think you can make one layout to fit them all. Do it more dynamically, use aspect ratio to decide between vertical/horizontal (or let it be a user choice) and use height/width to determine size of the images.
    If the images would become too small, you could consider having something like this to fall back on: jsFiddle (scrollbar not working, just a quick mockup)

    The main problem I see with the site is that this type of comparison is mostly useful for comparing typesetting, it is not that great for comparing the translation and pretty much useless for video quality.
    For comparing the translation I would like th raw text without the image. Similarly for video quality, I would like mouse-overs with full-resolution lossless images.
    So I think there is still much which can be improved, but everything have to start somewhere.

    • Rokudaime

      “The main problem I see with the site is that this type of comparison is mostly useful for comparing typesetting, it is not that great for comparing the translation”
      “For comparing the translation I would like the raw text without the image.”
      Why? This makes no sense to me. There is such a thing called context, which the accompanying image provides. Comparing the translations WITH the accompanying image is VASTLY better than comparing them WITHOUT the image. In many cases the translations won’t even make sense without the accompanying images, because they would be taken out of context.

  • Kel

    I like the idea of a fansub comparison site, but it seems a bit odd coming from a fansub group. Not exactly independent, they might think. Why did you decide to do this?

    • Rokudaime

      Why did he decide to do it? The reason is explained right there in the first sentence of the release post. -_- Because ji-hi and subcompare shut down, so there is a need for a new fansub comparison site.

      • Kel

        I understand that those are down, obviously. But is that it?

        • Rokudaime

          There was a need for a new fansub comparison site. Holo recognised this need, and as he works with fansubs, and is good at making sites and stuff like this, he probably figured he could be the one to provide it. So he did. What more reason do you need exactly? What’s the problem? That the initiative is coming from a fansub group? Why is that odd? Why is that a problem? Fansubbers that also do fansub comparisons is nothing new (, and it’s not a problem.

        • In addition to the reasons Roku gave, I like making websites and coding, and since I already made, by extension why not make It was always my intention to make something like this, I just never did because existing sites did the job, and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

          • Rawr

            You don’t need to justify yourself to anyone Holo, although that website honestly doesn’t interest me, it does sound like a great idea for those that would like such a resource and it’s nice of you to provide it for people, and I think everyone(Mostly) understands that.

            My first thought though was, won’t it be expensive? Guessing you’l need donations eventually lol

        • Kel

          Well, I was only asking. And you need not get upset. I’ve donated here before.

  • Fred C Dobbs

    Wow! The ‘Horizontal’ layout really looks nice! Thanks, and thanks for providing this much-needed service!

  • madmonk7

    I like the horizontal one best

  • Aaron

    Holo, I just wanna say thank you for this great site!

  • Horizontal, like Ji-Hi.

  • Miih~

    Cool, now this’d be very useful. Thank you for doing such a thing.

    I myself like the Default Horizontal the best. It’s easiest to compare between screenshots like that.

  • Sandy Wich's Boy

    This is a great idea, as long as you include ALL subbed anime from a season, and not just the comparisons for the series that Doki are doing.

    Horizontal mode, just the same as ji-hi and subcompare is definitely better. I can get 3 groups pics on screen at the same time that way, with vertical I can only get 2.

    Don’t care one way or other for flickable.

    I hope you are going to include the option to enable/disable groups in the chart like both ji-hi and subcompare had? This made it much easier to slowly eliminate groups while comparing until I got down to just the best ones to make a pick from.

  • Sandy Wich's Boy

    Sorry, ignore tha last paragraph in my previous comment, I just saw it at the top of the screen. Thanks!

  • Pelfmiest

    Horizontal and vertical each have pros and cons. Is there a way to make a checkbox for horizontal and vertical like you did with the flickable checkbox? If so, I think that would be the best way to go about it. Either way thanks for the site.

  • ShadowfoxEX

    Are you updating the site for summer 2013? No demands, but seems like a waste to have the site and not get started on it right away.

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