Date a Live - 01

Date a Live – 01

God fucking damn it.

A word from our sponsor, Vocalonation: Fantastic cosplay from the Anime Contents Expo
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EDIT: Oh, right. There are 2 lines of technobabble in the middle which have no subs. It’s not an accident, we just have no fucking idea what they’re saying.


  • TL: Vocalonation
  • Editor/QC: Dys
  • Encoding/Timing: ixlone
  • Typesetting: innocenat

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31 comments to Date a Live – 01

  • Dasuu -

    *touch*( ¬‿¬)

  • HaloGuy

    Yayyy!! I’ve been waiting for this 😀 😀

  • woods

    (and I think it’s Swedish (at least the part “tre, komma, fem” => “three, comma, five”)

  • Elvin21

    Yahoo! Thanks for the release!

  • fsgdfgt3

    FFF didn’t sub those lines either, so you weren’t the only ones stumped.

  • Yeah, that part definitely sounds Swedish, but I doubt about the rest. (Also notice it is “three point five”, since comma and full stop is used the other way around compared to English.)

    • Rokudaime

      “comma and full stop is used the other way around compared to English.”
      Um, no, us Scandinavians (at least Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes, as far as I know) use commas and periods in the same way as English speaking countries do, ie commas for partial stops in a sentence, and periods for full stops. But ye, if they’re saying “tre, komma, fem” in that order, then that means the number “3,5”. I’m Norwegian, but we Norwegians and Swedes understand each other almost perfectly, so I’m curious about what the rest of the technobabble is (I haven’t watched the episode, since I tend to wait for BD’s)…If it’s in Swedish as well, I’m sure I’d understand it.

      • Somebody

        watch it and give a translation if appropriate for the v2 or BDs

        • Rokudaime

          Give the me time frame in the episode for when the technobabble starts and finishes, and I’ll download the episode and watch just that scene, and see if I understand it. I’m not watching the whole episode.

          • Rokudaime

            Just had a look. I can only understand the “tre komma fem” (three point five) part that has already been mentioned…I don’t think the rest is Swedish. Sounds more like a weird mix of German and Japanese lol.

      • zorrodood

        he means that the english 3.5 would be 3,5 in europe

      • Rawr

        @but we Norwegians and Swedes understand each other almost perfectly

        Lol because you’re neighbours.

        • Rokudaime

          Ye, try using that logic with all the rest of the World’s countries that are neighbours with each other but don’t understand each other. 😉 It doesn’t work like that most of the time Rawr. Finland is a neighbour of Norway and Sweden as well, but they speak an entirely different language, that comes from a different language family. The reason Norwegians, Swedes, and Danes understand each other is because all 3 languages derives from Old Norse, which they spoke around a 1000 years ago, during the age of the Vikings.

          • In french-canada part we use 3,5 but in the rest of North America they’d use 3.5 😐 at this point it’s not even a neighborhood problem it’s internal conflict xD

  • Vocalonation

    Well that clears up some things lol.

    I speak a few languages, but no European languages besides English.

  • Rokudaime

    *touches* ;3

  • yoyo

    I will wait for the BD -1080P

  • Not realy major but placing “Near Danny’s” there might throw some a bit off.

  • Relgoshan


    But will watch at least one more ep before deciding whether to drop.

  • Rokudaime

    I completely forgot to say: It’s good to see you back in active action again Dys! 😀

  • Kucing

    Text in Kotori’s shoe not translated

  • yoshi

    so doki will doing this project from now on?

  • Name (required)

    Thank you for the release!

    But shouldn´t it be “kill it” rather than “kill them” at 18:07 considering that the previous line only talks about a single spirit?

  • deadman80

    I just checked the LN and that scene wasn’t in the book.. So no easy help there.

    Given that the ship’s name, “Ratatoskr,” is Old Norse, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more dialog in the same language (or at least attempted to be in the same language.)

    Good luck translating Norse time-space technobabble spoken with Japanese accents XD

    • deadman80

      *Ratatoskr = Organization, not the ship ^^;;; Oops. The ship’s name, “Fraxinus” (which is the fancy name for an ash tree) is also related to norse myth according to wikipedia since Yggdrasil is apparently an ash tree…

      Also, I’m betting that “3,5” is correct, not “3.5”.. They are most likely talking about the disturbance in time-space caused by Tohka’s emergence, so high chance the number is a set of spatial coordinates or the frequency range of the foreshock, rather than a single decimal number.

  • Swejinn

    im from sweden, its swedish, although very distorted.
    “contriella aura avu yotorimme skalv, intensitetto folto shigelsa tori conma fein” (series version)
    kontrollera area av ytrymme skalv, intensitet följt signal tre komma fem.(swedish)
    in english, Register area of the quake, intensity followed signal three comma five.
    that is the closest translation i can conjure up from these studdered lyrics.

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