Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 2nd A's (Blu-Ray)

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 2nd A's

It only took us a week, but here it is!

I have provided 2 subtitle streams in the releases. Default has the 2 insert songs subbed. The alternate sub track is for those who prefer insert songs unsubbed. ED1 and ED2 are subbed in both tracks.


  • TL – official script
  • TLC – kb_z
  • Timer – Ixlone
  • K-Timer – Holo/meneldal
  • Editor – Jakeman95
  • Encoder – Holo
  • Typesetter – meneldal
  • Songs TLC – kb_z/Termascur
  • Songs Edit – Jakeman95
  • QC – Holo
  • Project Leader – Holo

Hopefully we’ll be doing this for Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 3rd in 2015!

1080p: [Doki] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [0AE8CFE8].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

720p: [Doki] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s (1280×720 Hi10P BD FLAC) [0C91C12C].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

480p: [Doki] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [3E267084].mkv

Torrent | XDCC

115 comments to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 2nd A’s (Blu-Ray)

  • yoyo

    what the chance that after that version you will make a ” BSS with 10 bit encoding ” version? maybe it is a litle heavier but the scenes’s sharpness of the BSS make it worthwhile – and for movie like this – it is perfect

  • rupus

    Not bad. Pretty much a worse version of A’s with better animation. The biggest issue I have with it is that they didn’t do that super cheesy role call when they were fighting Nacht.

    • LostLogia4

      Well, they did pulled off their aria back in A’s, this time around they replace the cheesy calls with flights. If anything, well… I’ll miss the “city-sized Starlight Breaker”, Dark Starlight Breaker with black Mid-Childan circle, anyone? And Eternal Coffin’s aria as well.

    • Rawr

      It’s amazing what a budget can do for a series. The final battle with Nachtwal was actually a million times better than in the series, infact the thing itself looked much more threatening and more something that lives up the the hype it received lol

  • Magicpower

    Idk if it’s too late to note a typo and if someone will see it but I just watched the movie and noticed.
    1:10:56 – “An unit”, “A unit”?

    • Rokudaime

      Noticed your “?” at the end, so I interpret that to mean that you are not 100% sure it’s actually an error? In that case I can confirm that it is. It should indeed be “A unit”.

  • D5

    for 1080p…
    why re-encode?
    what is the original resolution of the RAW video?
    i hope its not up-scale encoding.

  • yurixy

    Thanks for this release DOKI I love you guys!!!
    Now waiting for 3rd MOVIE =)

  • TheKindlyOne

    You said Tuesday, but it’s now Thursday 4th April 2013, and the 1080p encode still isn’t up yet.


  • yoyo

    waiting for 1080P – I’am hoping that you will release it soon 🙂

  • yurixy

    Just a remark about the 720p. It looks better than a lot of 1080p releases I see out there. Kudos to who encoded this amazingly high definition 720p here.

  • yoyo

    According to the length of the third series – I guess the third film will be release in two parts

  • How did I miss this post?

    I even had people over last night and we watched the Horrible_Subs version. Sheesh. I really should have checked again.

    Well, thanks one million for the hard work.

  • luyten

    Aw, I was waiting your 1080p version but I’ve already watched the BD that I received yesterday!!!

  • Humph!

    There is a dialogue that is less comfortable to read. Although in practice it’s funny.
    “Honestly, I just want you to talk with me”
    Huh? I responded
    “I also wanted to apologise about your hat”
    “Because I’m a good girl”
    DANG! I think my passion is lost for a moment.
    Is it original dialogue from Japanese?

  • Barukyrean

    I’ve been curious….why did you type “Divine Buster” as “Dibine Buster”? I know in Japanese they don’t have the letter “v” so they use the letter “b” in it’s place, But Raising Heart actually says “Divine Buster”.

    • Where did I write Dibine?

      • Barukyrean

        in this movie at 16 minutes and 15 seconds in. Raising Heart’s formatted Text I definately see it say “Dibine”. I believe that was also in the first movie too.

    • Rokudaime

      Barukyrean, they don’t have the letter “v”, but they do have the sound (in “kawaii” for instance), so no, they do not pronounce v’s as b’s. There is no need for them to do so. It’s not like with “l” and “r” where they have trouble distinguishing them, they have both the sound for “v” and for “b” in their language, use both actively, and they know the difference.

      • Barukyrean

        I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear. I meant in their alphabet there’s no letter v so whenever there’s a foreign word that has the letter v in it, it usually gets replaced by the katakana syllabry equivalent of that word (Valkyrie -> Barukyuri). And I’m not sure what you mean by there’s a “v” sound in “kawaii”. There’s a definate “w” sound, but not a “v”. Anyways SOME actors/actress do actually make the “b” sound in place of the “v” sound, just like how some actors/actress chooses to voice the “u” in “desu” while others don’t. If you think about it the “v” sound is just a softer phonetic of the “b” sound.

        • Rokudaime

          Ok, now I get it. Also:
          “And I’m not sure what you mean by there’s a ‘v’ sound in ‘kawaii’. There’s a definate ‘w’ sound, but not a ‘v’.”
          Sorry, that was a case of me briefly forgetting about the fact that “w” and “v” are pronounced differently in English, since we were talking about a different language (Japanese). I’m Norwegian you see, and in Norwegian we pronounce “v” and “w” the same way, and mostly only use “w” in loanwords from other languages, especially German (like “wolkswagen” or “wienersnitzel”). 😛 We’re structured to perceive foreign words and sounds in our own language. So when I hear “kawaii” I hear a Norwegian “v” sound in there, while you hear an English “w” sound. 😉 Of course, we were talking in English, so saying there was a “v” sound in there in that context was wrong. A bit of a slip on my side. 😛

  • yoyo

    I just saw the movie- the series a lot better – and they took off so much action from the start and from the end 🙁

    but the effects were nice

  • Ryder

    can i request for the subs only? i have already downloaded one without the sub before, sorry.

    • yoyo

      I don’t think those sub will be good for your file- the encode won’t be the same- if you understand what i mean…. sorry for my bad english

  • Fuyuki

    Finally brought myself to watch this pretty good =33. Only translation errors I caught was 1:46:28. Thunder Blast? I think it’s suppose to be: 疾風迅雷(Shippūjinrai).

    疾風 – Hurricane
    迅雷 – Thunderclap

    =33 Just a little note.

  • tsuna123

    Somebody please seed 720p

  • Ev0_MiRaClE

    Just asking, would you guys mind subs the Lyrical Party IV?

  • Ev0_MiRaClE Nanoha’s TV series 1st, 2nd and 3rd season get Blu-ray boxes which will release on 1/10/2014(1st season), 5/11/2014(2nd season), 3/12/2014(3rd season). Any chance Doki might sub this?

  • Hououin

    Thanks a lot for Movie 1st and second 😀
    Will you sub the BD’s of season 1-3 that Ev0_MiRaClE mentioned?

  • Kyouma

    @Holo Are there any new infos about movie 3 yet? Did it even air already?

  • elly

    hi. i lost the one i download before so i want to redownload them. the seed for the 720p torrent is 0, so i want to get them through xdcc. but when i check the bot, they don’t have it. any chance that you guys can add the 2nd movie to xdcc?

  • darkpaladin

    will you be releasing the Reflection (3rd) movie as well as Detonation (4th)?

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