AKB0048 ( NONAME ) - Kibou Ni Tsuite [PV]

AKB0048 ( NONAME ) - Kibou Ni Tsuite

Updated to a v2 (patch for v3). My bad.


  • Encoder: anonymlol
  • TL/Editor/kfx: jakeman95
  • K-Timer: xMythycle
  • QC: odinigh

SD: [Doki] AKB0048 ( NONAME ) – Kibou Ni Tsuite_v2 (848×480 h264 FLAC) [C53BD44E].mkv

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SD: [Doki] AKB0048 ( NONAME ) – Kibou Ni Tsuite_v2 (848×480 Hi10P FLAC) [56954928].mkv

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SD: [Doki] AKB0048 ( NONAME ) – Kibou Ni Tsuite_v2 (848×480 Hi444P FLAC) [EA7C114C].mkv

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48 comments to AKB0048 ( NONAME ) – Kibou Ni Tsuite [PV]

  • sandoe41

    Too many misspelled words, needs to be redone

  • Meneldal

    Laggy kara is the best!

  • erez

    Hi444P? what is that?

  • Tornado15550

    I was able to play Hi444P with no issues using LAV Video decoder, AC3 Filter, FFDSHOW audio decoder, and xy-VS Filter.
    Basically, no changes were made, and this proves that Hi444P playback is possible with a Hi10P playback config as well.
    So why not make this the standard (instead of Hi10P)?
    Lower file size = good, right?

    • Meneldal

      Main issue is that it makes x264 crash when you try to filter it (because you need to use avisynth so 32-bit and you go easily over 4GB RAM)
      And also because there’s always fags complaining their shitty computers/phones/tabs can’t play it.

  • There’s absolutely no point to using hi444pp unless there’s chroma to preserve that would otherwise be lost in a downscale. Since it appears the source is 480p due to the lack of higher resolution versions, this hi444pp doesn’t offer any benefit from the normal hi10p since no additional chroma was available to be preserved. Not to mention your use of FLAC on all versions…

  • dymitr

    are you guys going to do Blood C: Last Dark?!

    • Why does your username sound familiar?

      • dymitr

        Great way to avoid the question =P

        I don’t know…can be many reasons.
        Maybe it reminds you of the god DEMETER where my name is derived from… Maybe you’ve seen me on MFC… or perhaps that long long ago I was a doki-staff member for a short while.
        Can be any of the above or more.
        Personally I think it is because my name sounds awesome. Awesome names are always remembered ;D

        • Ah, that was it. You used to be a member.
          A member that we all miss oh so very much.

          If I say “Yes, we are doing that movie”, will you stop asking?

          If I say “No, we aren’t doing that movie”, will I get a similar result?

          • dymitr

            Pretty much 😉

            Since I will know whether I can wait for your version.
            If not, I’ll use another respectable fansubs version.
            Though for completeness sake I would prefer yours…though that doesn’t mean it would be more accurate. I’ve seen the workings up close so I know how easy doki is with tlc. But the result as a whole tends to be a good piece of work.

            Also, could you use any more sarcasm in that line.
            Geez, Having done both I know I prefer to be a leech…is a far more enjoyable lifestyle.
            I honestly don’t miss being a staff-member. I’ve plenty of obligations outside of my free-time usage,I don’t need them inside it as well.

            Getting things for free without having to spend a drop of sweat rocks =3

  • Is there a proper way to render Hi444P? Using Kawaii Codec Pack (MPC-HC+MadVR+etc.), it says h.264, 10 bit, 4:4:4 -> RGB32, 8 bit, RGB o.O

    • Meneldal

      Most of the screens and protocols used to connect the computer to the screen don’t support something better than RGB32 so like 10-bit, you won’t get something better at the end for that part but you can get a better chroma if you’re not outputting 4:2:0 to the screen.

  • Rokudaime

    Sooo…..Does this mean we’re going to see a move from 10-bit to, what do you call this, 444-bit? :-/ Just like with the move from 8-bit to 10-bit I mean? Well, as long as I can still play it fine, and the quality is still good, it doesn’t really matter to me what a video is encoded in.

  • Relgoshan

    Yeah kinda funny. There’s a whole ~4% difference in file size between 4:4:4 Hi10p and the classic 8-bit. All versions play easily in VLC in power save mode. However the 8-bit (which is nearly the same size and looks almost identical) has three strong advantages.

    1) It plays with ~1% CPU and my laptop’s fan stays off.
    2) It plays smoothly on my phone’s 2nd screen without lagging the browser on the main screen.
    3) Both my old netbooks laugh and jump all over it.

    Now I think there’s an advantage to be had if phones get updated hardware decoding, because you could push very small files on them with excellent quality using the higher spec. But on the computer it still seems like a specwise pissing contest to adopt “the new thing”. Considering I can build an FX-8350 recoding box for less than 500usd, I guess it does not matter if you just go with 4:4:4 on everything tho.

    • Rokudaime

      Dude, the space saved may be small for each file, but once you have Terrabytes worth of anime on your harddrives, the difference becomes really noticable. Thinking about it like that, the advantage is actually HUGE. :-/ Also, although it’s slight, 10-bit actually gives better quality in many cases. I imagine it’s the same with this new thing.

      • Relgoshan

        I guess this music video just seems like a bad test case to me. There is an 8bit 4:2:0, 10bit 4:2:0 and 10bit 4:4:4. All quality based encodes and with lossless audio. The enhanced chroma is good for rescales and large gradient fills. This is not a rescale nor does it have much scenery where banding would be easily noticed.

        Now for shrinking DVDs and even moreso BDs for archiving, the 10bit 4:2:0 or 4:4:4 will allow reducing and downscaling video by a wider margin with less quality loss…it just won’t play on most portable media devices. At prices well under 100usd per terabyte of storage, the real advantage of shrinking is in phones and tablets with tens of GB storage. And in laptops with SSDs. But a few percent smaller file is not a great advantage, and if it does not play or only barely plays it is useless.

        …is there a software for x264 coding that allows manual specification of keyframes and such?

        • Tornado15550

          Well, players cant play 4:4:4 right now, but they will at some point in time, right (software updates, etc.)?
          I agree with Rokudaime. I would rather update to the newer format as the saved space adds up rather quickly.

        • Meneldal

          First x264 is already an encoding software, the format is H.264.
          x264 allows you to change the maximum number of frames between two non-scenecut iframes (up to infinite) and also the scenecut sensibility, though it doesn’t allow you to manually specify what you want for keyframes.

          • DarAR92

            x264 allows you to manually specify the keyframes. You have to use –qpfile “something.qpf” in your command line. The qpf file is a list of keyframes*. For example, if you want a keyframe in the frame 1000 and 2000 you have to put this in the qpf file:
            1000 K
            2000 K

            This is useful when you use ordered chapters.

            *x264 actually allows you to manually enter also B-frames, I-frames and P-frames in the qpf file.

    • Meneldal

      The small difference in file size is mostly because the audio takes a big part in the filesize cause it’s low res. You can get usually 10-15% file reduction for the video and when you have a lot of animes it can save up a lot of space

      • Relgoshan

        You make a good point. So if someone is archiving, and also willing to take on lossier audio…10-15% efficiency is a decent payout. I had forgotten just how much FLAC can balloon a file, moreso if it has more than stereo audio.

        As to the encoding answer thanks for that too. There are still some DVDs that look great because everything could be hand tuned…but I suppose x264’s automatics are improved quite a lot.

  • elmaton04

    Once again, anime sub groups are always ahead of the “Professionals” in using the latest encoding technology. I can’t believe 8 bit is still use on all digital download stores.

    • Meneldal

      Technically, if you look at real “professionals” that know their stuff, they have 4:2:2 10-bit recording and broadcast since a few years ( )
      Main problem is that hardware manufacturers don’t want to make something more complicated that could play 10-bit because they can’t sell it for much more (cause most people don’t know much about 10-bit stuff) and it costs more.

      • Relgoshan

        Well….increasing complexity in hardware logic is a pain. And the guys that develop 10bit hardware first will want to make an issue of patents. That being said it could still be a substantial bandwidth saver, which is popular with anyone who’s got a big data center.

        Then we have that lag in screen evolution, there are way too many crappy flat panels this long after the first 1080p screen….? I suppose again quality has not won over economy.

        Hardware acceleration and screen quality aside, at least most of the new consoles should have enough CPU power to do a 10bit stream if the demand is there.

  • Jakeman95

    If anyone be interested, here is a patch for an original version with the original KFX: v3 Patch

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