DDL Situation

Dear User,

We regret to inform you that your DepositFiles user account has been disabled subject to Cl. 8.2 of Depositfiles User Agreement for violation of Subclause 3.1.(i) of the User Agreement i.e. repeating copyright infringement.

If you believe the accusation to be false, please contact Depositfiles support team to resolve the issue. However be warned that the alleged copyright owners may be informed of your claims to their alleged rights, which, if untrue or misleading, will lead to legal prosecution from such copyright owners.

Yours sincerely,
Depositfiles Team

Please wait for us to re-consider the situation.

[19:38] We have had… hotfile, MU, bitshare, FS, DF, something starting with N
[19:38] And been burned by so many of them

Thing is, we are discussing whether it’s even worth the effort to use DDLs. We’ve made something like £36 out of DF over the past 5-6 months, which is a waste of time, not even enough to cover the money for the premium.

Fact of the matter is, I think it is too much of a coincidence that our account was terminated on the exact day that we released the new summer shows. We have a feeling that some fags out there are reporting our uploads (no names will be mentioned, they know who they are). Why are they doing this? Jealousy, probably.

But anyway, if we use another host, the same thing could happen again, so it becomes a waste of time.

I may consider upping the donations for a cheap celeron server to host our own DDLs, but that’s discussion for another day.

Update: IronWarrior has kindly decided to fund a DDL server for Doki. This means that I can make 1 TB of data available for DDL. I can’t make our entire archives available, as it exceeds 1TB. I will prioritise airing shows and Key BDs for DDL. If anyone else is kind enough to fund another server, then that brings the total to 2TB, and I think that is about enough to cover every file we have ever released.

However, this service will not be publicly available. As suggested by noodle, it will be made available via the forums only, and registeration will be compulsory before you get view the download links. The server is 100 Mbits, and I do not plan on capping the downloads, so you could get up to 12 MB/s speeds.

If another kind soul would like to fund another ddl server, please email me or discuss with me on IRC. It would cost £16.80 per month. (

155 comments to DDL Situation

  • HaloGuy

    As long as torrent is alive, I’m good. I hope those faggots don’t kill torrent too >_<'

    • Since torrents are non-centralized, they will be pretty hard to kill. I have NEVER had a good experience with DDL sites. And, at least here in the Northeastern U.S. using Verizon FiOS, DDL’s cant BEGIN to touch Torrent speeds.

      I often get DL rates of 3 to 4 MBs per second (Mega BITS not Mega BYTES… still goddamn fast. A 350MB file usually drops in about 4 to 6 minutes)

    • LostLogia4

      Excuse me, but megabits per second are shortened into mbps, MB/s is for megabyte per second. And assuming your time is correct, my math indicates that your torrent runs at average speed of approximately 10 megabits per second.

      That aside, I do agree that torrents are A LOT faster than

      I DLed Sankarea batch at Internet cafe and it finished well within 20 minute or so (at 20mbps or 2.5MB/s, they actually have 60mbps bandwidth, so no bandwidth lagging). My seedbox can’t really reach that speed even with HTTP tbh.

    • LostLogia4

      Oops, forgot to finish the sentence

      *That aside, I do agree that torrents are A LOT faster than most file hosting sites. For some reason though, Mediafire is kind of an exception to the “crawling download speed”, at least when I use Internet Download Manager. Then again, you can’t entrust these kinda files to them anyway.

    • Rokudaime

      They’ll have their work cut out if they try lol. Just look at what happened with Piratebay. After the lawsuit, it ended up in the hands of even worse pirates, and is still running strong. ; )

      • Rawr

        Lol they blocked it in the UK, luckily someone posted an alternative link on a news website of all places that works just fine. Don’t know what il’d do without my Once Upon a Time 🙁

  • LazyTiger

    Torrent and XDCC are enough. By the way: Any progress with the RSS support for the tracker?

    • LazyTiger

      Oh I could also help coding one, depending on the system. In most times, I just do something quick and dirty 😀

      Just contact me at the given address.

  • Myfistus

    I smell a “communist” conspiracy…

    Anyways, I know there are those who use ddl, and there were even times when I didn’t have money to pay my Internetz bill and had to rely on the campus’s free wireless (which bans your computer for using torrents, I never tried XDCC for fear that might get me banned too) so I know how useful ddls are.

    BUT if you think your wasting precious money, time, and patience on these DDLs that inevitably ban you, then I would rather you just forget about them so you can spend more time not getting screwed over by these sites just to get a measly 30 something dollars, and work on anime instead 😉

    • Index

      Not free…… NNNOOOO D:

      • Rawr


        I agree, no offense to people who like the service, I just can’t see myself paying to download something that was free on the internet anyway :/ Not that money is an issue or anything.

        Though I hadn’t heard of it before now, upon googling it I guess its a good service for people who want stuff like now. It just isn’t something il’d want to pay 15-20 dollars a month to use.

        I’m happy with torrents anyway, upon going on like 2 websites for my fansubs, Doki and Nyaa thats all I need 😛

      • LostLogia4

        Arigato desu.
        This REALLY saves me from paying more than I need to. Banzai for whoever created this site.

      • eternalrains

        Crappy speeds (2 mbit), 25 GB/month cap, but it’s free. If you can’t find it off XDCC, torrent, or DDL, you might have to look around Usenet sometime.

    • TheAmassama

      YES! Usenet is the answer to all! But all episodes are already uploaded to usenet about 1 hour after the torrent is up. Check

  • Elvin21

    Just wondering why would those who is reporting. Is it from a group or something?… I hope you can get an alternative for those who prefers DDL. For now, got to stick to the two modes of getting shows..

  • CafSentryGnome

    Is an ftp server and option? when you download from a ftp server using a client like filezilla the download can be restartable so it doesn’t matter if the connection dies

    • An FTP server may or may not be a good idea, but resumed downloads are in no way limited to FTP. Torrents and XDCC are resumable, as well as Web DDLs from several filehosts.

    • anon

      Why would you need FileZilla to *download* from a FTP server?

    • LostLogia4

      Because Filezilla is an FTP client. Strictly speaking, it doesn’t have to be Filezilla (there are so many FTP clients out there), but Filezilla would likely to be the first (and sometimes the only) FTP client most people will use.

      You can even access an FTP site via a web browser simply by preceding the hostname or domain name with “ftp://”, minus the quotation marks, but then you’ll be limited to download only in the web browser itself.

      • Meneldal

        you can use directly either windows explorer (windows vista or newer) or use the old command line that still works perfectly.

  • Scouten

    sadly mediafire is really the last decent DDL site but the file size really hurts it. i always prefer DDL as its consistent speed is much nicer than the fluctuations you can get on torrents.

    • LostLogia4

      Mediafire would go bankrupt to lift the filesize limit. To solve the throughput fluctuations, you can always buy a seedbox, I would recommend you to buy 1Gbps shared seedboxes if you have 20Mbps bandwidth or more if like to download everything in a hurry (or simply loves seeing huge bandwidth at play). You can download your files via FTP from there, which offers comparable speed to DDL, unless if it was throttled.

      Or you can just switch over to Usenet and forgoes the torrents altogether.

  • Tatsuki

    Have you guys tried PutLocker? They seem to be one of the better DDLs right now. 3 mb/s & 15+ concurrent downloads FTW (non-premium member).

  • Anderson

    why dont you guys use FileFactory some of the fansub groups are using FF

    • LostLogia4

      Read the entire content of the article. In layman’s term, they’ll get banned off file hosting sites (they tried many, all had run away to save their ass) if they act so recklessly.

    • Rawr

      Basically it’s like a domino effect, when one file hosting website falls the others fall in sequence.

      Ultimately a long term solution is needed, thus the post Holo made.

      • Holo it’s the £13.99 one that I’d need.

        • Rawr

          In my honest opinion, if you want to go that route the only solution would be raising the donation threshold, but even then there’s no guarentee of hitting the required amount per month which puts you in an awkward situation.

          Ultimately you know most people, myself included support whatever decision you make, and most of the non staff regulars who come here come for the torrents anyway. So if you decide to abandon the DDL for now until things improve or a cheaper solution is found you know everyone here mostly will again support you.

          I would say go torrents/XDCC only for now but thats just my opinion. It seems like the smartest and the least risk option. And revisit the issue in the future.

        • LostLogia4

          The best way I can donate for now is to reserve some space and bandwidth in my seedbox for Doki’s fansubs. That said, it would be just another seed in the swarm, because I only had a cheap one, really.

  • Anderson

    ohh try peeje share its fast and free

  • KarL

    I have written a quick guide to download via IRC using Firefox and ChatZilla extension. I have put it on my server on:

    It should be usable for most people and feedback welcomed.

    • Rawr

      I think that’s pretty good, so I guess IRC has lots of programs that you can use right? As you named Chatzilla as an example. Sounds confusing but that simplifies things at least.

  • nokou

    Why would some one wanna do that.. Dirty Bastt..
    no i wont type that, I agree with Rawr.. go torrents and XDCC

  • Spinarakk

    Just want to say that I don’t personally use DDLs and don’t really care about the future of DDLs and that everyone should rightfully learn how to use torrents or XDCC.

    Though I do care greatly about the past DDLs cause when Megaupload died, a little piece in me died as I know that Megaupload has some very old anime done by good fansubbers out there that I haven’t downloaded yet.

    Nowadays all I can find are crappy dvd .srt rips of those old animes which sucks.

  • Null_Shock

    DDLs suck…I really do not know why people use them, that is my opinion anyway.

    I am amazed that their are still people who do not know how to use torrents….or at least can’t figure out how to…

  • By custom DDLs, do you mean you’re gonna use some custom/free filehosting script, or just direct http links?

  • Danyo

    I just read about the server, 12mb/s seems very promising, I might actually use it over torrents then since it’ll let me almost hit my download speed ^^

  • Rawr

    Although I don’t use DDL, let me be the first non staff member to say thankyou Ironwarrior for your kindness towards others by funding the server.

    And the forum idea is a good one, it’l encourage people to join and make the community grow 😛

  • Zart

    100 Mbps will blow in a second… DDL server needs a gigabit port…

  • kenjiharima

    Sorry to hear about the DDL issue. I’m a big user of DDLs. Used to be a Torrent user but seeding issues, speed and limited availability made me switch.

    Why not try something like Cap DDL speed for normal users and uncap for those who donates. At least it’ll help fund the server/etc. Also may be a good rape prevention measure.. heh.

    I’d rather give my money to the subbers than the filehosters any day.

    • Holo

      That’s why I’m not making it available on the blog. You have to sign up on the forums to use it, and I can monitor usage of the server this way.

      • Rawr

        Makes sense. Would encourage people to sign up and join the community too.

        Though a 3 post rule to access it would be better lol.

  • nonameentered

    As long as you will be offering DDL-stuff via XDCC I’m happy 🙂

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