Persona 4 the Animation (BD) – Vol 1

Persona 4 the Animation - Vol 1

Backlog. Backlog! BACKLOG!


  • QC: odinigh
  • Encoder: Seeker1458


There were also audio commentaries on the BDs, which have been included as a secondary track

1080p: [Doki] Persona 4 the Animation – 01 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [F19C4D85].mkv

Torrent |XDCC

720p: [Doki] Persona 4 the Animation – 01 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [B595F88D].mkv

Torrent |XDCC

480p: [Doki] Persona 4 the Animation – 01 (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [9BBEDBBB].mkv

Torrent |XDCC

65 comments to Persona 4 the Animation (BD) – Vol 1

  • Dexter

    You incorrectly labeled audio tracks in 1080p

  • RRRb50

    I will stick with you guys since you upload 480p ver. for slow internet users like me

    i never seen any BD release with 480p

    which is why i hate BD

  • srhdevina

    Big thanks for uploading the BD version of this anime in 480p! I’ll be waiting for another BD release in 480p! 😀

  • elmaton04

    I never watched this anime before, but do you have to play the game in order to enjoy this or understand it?

    • Rawr

      I would say play the game first, not required but you’d appreciate the anime more.

      I’ld rather see the twists and turns be unveiled via the game instead of the anime, the game is fun and knowing what happens prior is less fun.

      Where as if you’ve played the game first, the anime is more enjoyable.

      At least in my opinion anyway, pick up a PS2 or a Vita(For Persona 4 The Golden at the end of the year).

  • enymous

    It’s the normal episode or the extend?

    • Rawr

      There’s an extended episode? Anyway this episode is 28 minutes and 24 seconds long, whatever that means to you. Hope that helps.

  • RRRb50

    Ahh! can you assume that when the next volume will be subbed

    just thought that i might check it then

  • Derpar

    At 15:41 of the ep. Did Chie actually say…

    sa ka ya no musume san
    sa ke ya no musume san
    sa ka na no musume san

    About konnishi-sempai when she’s speaking with narukami-kun…
    Have tried listening to it again and again…
    And still not clear with what I’ve heard…
    Have played the game a few years ago…
    So… A bit iffy about the term used…
    Could also be the reason why I’m somewhat hearing ” sa ke ya ” or somewhat ” sa ka na ” on there…

    Please clarify…

  • ConvertEncodeR

    Firstly… Thanks for the release… 😉

    Can anyone recommend a good converter or video encoding software for a beginner like myself… 😀
    Have recently found XviD4PSP which I DLed last month… And its been working fine …until this ep. of yers… 🙁
    I keep getting this ERROR from just opening the file…
    And nothing else happens afterwards…
    Only wanted to convert your release to mp4 or avi format for very obvious reasons… 🙁

    Thirdly… This software worked fine with Doki’s other releases like : Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka OF THE DEAD, SANKAREA, Guilty CROWN, and Kowarekake no Orgel as well as others… 😉
    Don’t really know much about encoding and such…
    Therefore, I don’t know the meaning of the error message…
    Oh! And I’m using K-Lite codec pack 8 for my viewing… 😀
    Please help…

    • RRRb50

      Use Handbrake simple or High Profile for better compression
      its simple if you want to play them on PC
      if you want to convert for PSP,iPhone,Android
      i can give you some settings

    • If you have K-lite 8, it should be able to play anything we release just fine.

      For any recoding of our releases, I would recommend:

      Xmedia Recode

      It’s simple enough to use and it can do in\out to many formats.

      Encode the release again, or into any other format, you’re pretty much destroying the quality.

      Dunno why you’d want to recode the release, but ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

      • ConvertEncodeR

        I understand full well that the quality will suffer…
        And I’m sure that others understand as well that o0ne’s own pc isn’t always available for your viewing pleasures…

        Thanks for the recommendation…
        I’ll be trying it for awhile…

        Thanks again… 😀

      • ConvertEncodeR

        Okay… Have already tried Xmedia Recode… And…
        Even it won’t open this [Doki] Persona 4 the Animation – 01 mkv file…
        Though unlike XviD4PSP… It does not show any error messages… Just tries to load the file and then …nothing…
        No options to make tweaks nor adjustments in bitrate at all…
        Somewhat like… Nothing was opened from the start…

        It did open the latest release of Kore wa Zombie though… 😉
        Is there no other option aside from HandBrake…?

  • P4

    it seems like chapter timing for OP&ED is abit off and maybe also part B is but is not that noticeable.
    Anyway thanks for the release and keep up the good work! 😀

  • Unknown

    Sorry to bother you guys but could you do v2 for 720p!? Because somehow I find a few lines timing a bit off! Like the start moment,

    Fare thee well, until we meet again.

    You can split the lines of
    until we meet again,
    Fare thee well

    Please correct me if I’m wrong!

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